Saturday, April 11, 2009

WH fantasy WE vs chaos mortals & brets alliance (2k)

1st attempt at battle report lol...

WE army list:

Treeman ancient (gen)
nettlings, cluster of radiance

Noble BSB
oaken armour

spell singer lvl 2
Dispel scroll, cal stave

Alter noble
great wep, light ar,shield, helm of hunt, doom arrow

glade guard x 10
glade guard x 10

glade riders x 5

dryads x 9
dryads x 9

wild riders x 5
full command
banner of dwindling

Treekin x 3

wardancer x8

Total: 2k

Chaos army list: (not really sure goes something like this)

troll king
troll x 3

chaos knights x 5
chaos knights x 5

maruaders horseman x5

chaos lvl 2 wizard

Total: 1k

Bret army list: (not really sure)

pld general

pld bsb

knights of the realm x 8

questing knights x 8

knights errant x 9
errantry banner

Total: 1k

What the board almost looked like after turn one for both side. The chaos white bases are proxy troll king and trolls. 2x5 black bases on the upper left are chaos knights. The grey movement tray are maruader horseman x 5.

The painted knights on the left are knight errant, centre is questing knights, on the top right is KOTR.
The unholy alliance of chaos and brets decide to adopt a pincer movement to crush the WE with the troll king and trolls holding the centre.

Treeman ancient "tree-surf" right infront to confront the trolls with IF tree singing.

Chaos knight trying to close the pincer move after catching the glade riders attempting a bait&flee move, but got too close to glade guards and was shot and fail their panic check and ran on turn 2.


chaos knights rolling result for 3D6 flee lol.

Treekin march move up to stop the knights errant before the brets can do their combine charges. Knights errant was too eager and charge in.

waywatchers moving up to kill the chaos wizard, scoring 3 killing blows

Spell singer moving in closing to cast some fury of forest... which was dispel easily

Treeman ancient charged the trollking + trolls unit (bad move which I will regret later)

Wild riders combine charge with alter noble and wardancers, on the right flank to foil the closing pincer move.

Treekin failed their break test but managed to outrun the eager knights errant, on the left flank, the marauder horseman did a flanking charge on the glade guard.

while the other chaos knights unit manage to survived an IF fury of forest.

After many intense rounds of close combat which i forgotten to take photos. The troll king unit manage to chase down the treeman ancient after using his weird D6 str 5 thingy and subsequently slam into the wild riders unit which overun too near the advancing troll king unit.

With dryads reinforcement the troll king unit still did not break and wither down the wild riders and dryads with help from the surviving knight errants. The chaos knight unit after finishing off the 2nd glade guard unit overrun into the noble bsb but lucky for me it was the last turn and I manage to save some vp. The fleeing chaos knights on turn 2 manage to pass their panic check on turn 5 and march forward to grab some table quarters.

Result after VP calculation: solid victory for chaos mortal & brets (unholy alliance)

Final thoughts: The game started well for me with the treeman ancient locking the troll king unit in place and the wardancer + wild riders + alter noble manage to cut down 2 big block of brets knights. The glade guard managed to panic 1 of the chaos knights units (scary stuffs). Killing the chaos wizard with my waywatchers was sweet.

Every thing went down hill after the treeman ancient lose combat and break, the waywatchers was panic off table ( failing their rally 3 times with LD 8...) and the troll king unit over-running into the wild riders. Unable to kill off the knights errant unit fast enough which was in my deployment zone allow the chaos knights to swing to my unit flanks and break them easily. If the knight errants was killed fast enough, I could free up more units to help in the dead lock combat with the troll king units.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Painted models

Skaven stormvermin test model... very dark I need to learn how to use my camera...

Plague monk test model. Same very dark photo should switch on the table lamp before taking photo...

Dryads test models without the details

plague censer bearer test model


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

1st post

This blog is about the various GW or PP games I played with friends or picked up games. Will also show some of my recent purchases, collections, painted models and also my painting progress.
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