Monday, August 22, 2011

TK VS HE 2.5k batrep

Finally got to play against Krom, our resident pansy High Elves player. To cut the long story short, I'm using TK again with a slight change to my list to test some new units and I handicap 54 pts @2446. We rolled for random mission in the rule book and TK rolled to deploy 1st.

Mission: Dawn Attack
Deployment on D6: 1s on left flank, 2s on right, 3-5 centre, 6 anywhere within 12".
TK goes 1st.


Picture speak for itself. Impassible = Impassable* LOL spelling.

TK turn 1

Most TK unit move forwards. 
Ushabti and Necro knights both failed difficult terrain suffering a wound each from the venom thicket. 
Light of death from casket failed to do any wounds to silver helms as they roll 9. 

HE turn 1

All HE units move forward except the RBT. 
Throne of vines was cast and white lions buffed with flesh to stone. 
HE Archers and RBT killed some skeletons warriors and archers. 

TK turn 2

TK chariots charged silver helms, Necro knight also declared charge on silver helms but failed charge by 1". Prince Apophas fly to another forest to get soft cover.

Hierophant IF big smiting and rolled detonation for miscast killing some archers, Hierophant ward save prevent the detonation wound. 
Thrones of vines was dispelled.

Impact hits from chariots killed 2 silver helms. 
TK BSB on chariot refuse challenge and went behind.  
Silver helms killed 3 chariots. 
TK crews killed another 2 silver helms. 
Losing combat another chariot died to unstable. 

HE turn 2

1 Eagle fly nearer to Hierophant, another eagle declare charge on Skeleton archers, but fail charge. 
White lions charged the flank of necro knights. 
Fearing assassination lvl 4 HE mage move to join sword master unit. 
Spear elves move forward slightly to threaten chariot flanks. 

Throne of vines was scrolled. 
Lvl 4 wizard cast awakening of the woods on Prince Apophas dealing 3 wounds. 
Same wizard cast shield of thorns on silver helms killing 1 chariot. 

White lions easily wiped the necro knights and overrun 4" forward. 
TK BSB on chariot smashed by HE hero. 

TK turn 3

Ushabtis and TK with skeleton warriors charged the rear of white lions. 
30 skeleton warriors on the swift reform to face the eagles. 
Prince Apophas charged sword master unit. 

Hierophant IF smiting again, rolling detonation which killed some archers and wound the Hierophant. 
Light of death was scrolled by HE. 

White lions killed 2 ushabtis and 4 skeletons. 
Ushabtis  killed 5 white lions, Tomb king accepted challenge and overkill champion by 2. 
Skeletons killed 3 white lions. 
Stubborn white lions rolled 7 for break test and combat reform to face the TK units.  
Sword master issue challenge to prince Apophas which could not be refused. Swordmaster deal 2 wounds to prince, Apophas made 1 regen save, the remaining 1 wound killing it. Exploding beetles kill 1 sword master...

HE turn 3

Sword master charged the flank of  skeleton warriors unit. 
Both eagles charged Hierophant archer unit. 
Silver helms move towards casket of souls. 

HE magic was ineffective as the wind of magic was weak (doubles ones). 

Casket shrug off shooting from HE.

White lions kill 1 ushabti and 7 skeletons. 
Swordmasters kill 13 skeletons. 
Ushabtis kill 5 white lions, Tomb king kill 3 white lions. Skeletons kill 2 white lions. 
Sword master saved 2 wounds from skeleton attacks.  
Losing combat by 12, ushabtis wiped due to unstable. 
14 Skeletons left with Tomb king stuck in combat with white lions and sword masters. Eagles managed to kill hierophant and some archers. In return archers kill 1 eagle. 

We decided to call it here, as the winner is obvious. 

Victory to HE (damn pansies)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buying direct & Bargain hunting

Found a local online book store which started recently. Call NOQ Store it is a online local book store based in SG. With delivery charges of S$5 for any amount of books and cheaper than retail price, its my latest place to get all warhammer fluff. The books are even cheaper than buying from Maelstrom. They have a membership system where you can get more discount but comes with a fee. Worth it if you buy alot of first hand books.   

Bought 2 books during the store promotion where they have free delivery for a week. 1st book was the new Nagash Immortal for S$9.50 with tax which is around £4.70, almost 50% cheaper than the actual retail. The 2nd book was Gotrek & Felix 2nd omnibus for S$15+ (£7.50) slightly cheaper than retail. These 2 will last me for awhile as I still have HH: Age of darkness, HH: Battle for Abyss :( , Grey seer Thanquol, Vampire wars & Gotrek & Felix 1st omnibus to read. 

Below is my 2nd direct order from UKGW online store, and YES they do shipped overseas even though they block UK retailers selling their product from doing it...

I have some gaming buddies that can't quit the GW plastic/resin crack addiction lol. I'm writing a brief guide on buying from UKGW direct online store. Click the link below

Sunday, August 14, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k Fantasy batrep round 2

Another fantasy batrep against Jaeroler Dark elves again lol. Since I'm (usually) the 2nd half gamer, and Jaeroler can usually play both 1st and 2nd halves. I end up playing against him most of the time. Will try switching to playing 1st half against Beardy One Dwarfs, once we settled on a date for the grudge match which goes back many years...

Fresh from our defeat at the hands of the pansy (NO CHEESE!!!) High Elves  (2.5+2.5k vs 2.5k+2.5k) game. The two evil suspicious allied forces (me: TK, Jaeroler: DE ) will be fighting against each other in this game.

Pitch battle was rolled...
DE went 1st.

*Note: Dark Elves lvl 4 sorcerer have sacrificial dagger which kept killing the 100 spear elves every turn to generate power dice. I didn't record how many Jaeroler kill every turn but not enough to induce panic.

Not every spells cast were recorded, dispelled spells were also not taken down. Only spells that affected the game were taken down.


click on picture to get the exact units deployed

DE turn 1

DE everything move forward. Lv 4 & 3 Sorcerers casted several death spells, but the big soul blight and big purple sun were the important ones that affected the game during turn 1.

TK turn 1

Big Purple Sun collapsed on itself. TK move several units back and casted small soul blight at one DE unit. Archers killing a few spear elves. Chariot move forward to prepare to threaten DE flanks if they charged. 

DE turn 2

Most DE units move forward slightly. Hydra 2 move forward to threaten TK chariot flanks. 
Crossbows from chariots killed 3 skeletons. 
DE sorcerer tried to assassinate hierophant by casting Carass of  Laniph dealing 2 wounds to it, just 1 wound from killing it.

TK turn 2

TK frontal units declared charged on DE chariots 1, 3 and spear elves. Due to extreme ranges all failed charge except for TK chariot which needed modest rolls but epic crap rolling, it also failed charge. 
Sepulchral stalkers failed to come in. 
Hierophant cast smiting on Tomb King bsb unit healing back the 3 skeletons lost last turn. Hierophant drank healing potion to recover all wounds lost. 

DE turn 3

DE chariot 1,2,3 and spear elves combined charged TK + BSB skeleton unit. Hydra 2 charged the flank of TK chariots. 
Sorcerers unit and hydra 1 moved forward. DE lvl 4 sorcerer IF big soul blight affecting all frontal TK units. Rolling detonation for miscast which killed 9 spear elves and wound lvl 3 sorcerer. Sorcerer then cast doom and darkness and spirit leech on ushabtis killing 1. 
Hydra 2 proceed to wipe TK chariot. 
Combine charge in the centre killed off 13 skeletons, BSB was killed by DE hero. DE winning combat by 18, TK unit unstable left 19 skeletons + Tomb king. 

TK turn 3

Ushabtis and Necrolite colossus charged the flank of chariot 1. 30 skeletons charged chariot 3. Warsphinx failed charge. 
Hierophant cast big smiting on all TK units engage in combat. 
Archers swift reform to get LOS to hydra 2.  
Sepulchral stalkers came in behind hydra 2 and dealt two wounds to it. Casket of souls dealt two wounds to hydra 2, archers two wounds on hydra 2 were saved. Just one wound from killing it.  
Ushabti affected by soul blight could not finished off chariot 1, colossus kill off chariot 1. 
Tomb king challenge DE hero and heroic killing blow it with destroyer of eternalities. 
Needing insane courage for the chariots, both surviving chariot 2,3 flee. Skeleton warriors on left pursue but short of 2" to catch either chariot. 
Ushabti and colossus overran into the spear elves which pass breaktest due to steadfast. 

DE turn 4

Both chariot 2, 3 rallied. 
Sorcerer cast small purple sun and it hit necrolite colossus. Needing 1 to pass the initiative test necrolite colossus proceed to roll 1!!! 
Big soul blight was cast and it debuff all TK units in combat. 
TK challenged spear elves champion and over kill it by 2. 
Hydra 1 charged the rear of ushabti and killed 4 ushabtis. The remaining ushabti kill 2 spear elves. 
Colossus fluff all attacks but T.stomp killed 4 elves. 
3 skeleton warriors die to spear elves. 
TK lost CR by 10+ and all crumble due to unstable. TK curse rolled poorly and 1 spear elf died to it. 

TK turn 4

Warsphinx charge hydra 1. Skeleton warriors charged chariot 3.
Purple Sun went into "life is cheap" mode and contact 6 elves, killing 2. 
Hierophant cast smiting on warsphinx.
Archers swift reform back to face front. Sepulchral stalkers shot and killed off hydra 2. 
Skeleton warriors won combat through CR and chariot 3 ran off. 
Warsphinx dealt 6 wounds to hydra 1 and hydra saved 4 of them on 5s-6s...  Warsphinx lost 2 wounds to return attacks. 

DE turn 5

Purple sun move into contact with both the hydra 1 and warsphinx, amazingly both monsters with Initiative two and one respectively passed their I test and dodge it  LOL!
Warsphinx fluff attacks and lost combat by 2, warsphinx down to 1 wound.  
Chariot 3 rallied. 
Sorcerer used doom and darkness, fate of bjuna and caress of laniph to assassinate hierophant dealing 3 wounds. 
Unstable rolls killed 2 skeleton warriors. Stalemate combat between skeleton warriors and chariot 2. 

TK turn 5

Purple Sun shuffle between the hydra and warsphinx again, both monsters solidify into crystal this time. Chariot 2 lost combat by CR and flee off table. 
Sepulchral stalkers move nearer to spear elves but just out of range for shooting attack. 
Archers wounds on spear elves were saved.  

DE turn 6

Purple Sun shuffled around. 
Sorcerer unit move forward to get in range of all death spells. 
DE spear elves charged sepulchral stalkers easily killing them with CR unstable. 
Casket of Souls was killed by Carass of  Laniph. 
Chariot 3 charged skeleton warriors but could not finished off the warriors. 

TK turn 6

TK archers shot at the spear elves, but could not caused panic. The TK skeleton warriors suddenly went nuts and saved 2 wounds and dealt 3 wounds back to chariot, killing it. Purple Sun shuffled around.

Game end

DE VP: 2475
TK VP: 700-800 

DE victory!

click below for end game thoughts

More Ogre Kingdom pictures

Mournfang Cavalry

Hunter with Blood Vulture

Bragg the Gutsman



Credits to Hragged over at 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ogre Kingdom Sneak preview pictures!!!

New big monster (ox + mammoth?)

??? (stone horn?)

Looks wicked!

Big cannon thing  Iron Blaster

New scrap launcher (I think)

Plastic Rhinox riders WOOT! Sabertusk Riders

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