Sunday, May 22, 2011

GW price increase and cheapo psyfle dreadnought

Yes GW increasing price again! woooooo! Effect on us is small since we are banned  cant buy from cheap overseas retailers (UK) after 1st June.

This month we will be increasing the price of some of our products. This price change will take effect from May 28th.


Complete list of items increasing in price here:

Since FW is the only place that sells "left handed" autocannon and costing £7.20 each. 2 autocannons would cost £14.4 exclude shipping which is 15% for ROW, total £16.56. After browsing dakka dakka forums, a thread suggest using Aegis defence lines interceptor autocannon, which cost £12+ in Maelstrom Games. Its plastic, "free" Aegis def lines and its £4 cheaper than FW, what a deal! Below are some pictures of the Aegis defence line autocannon on GK dreadnought. Also magnetize the autocannons.

GK vs BA 1750 normal batrep

Finally got to play against Krom after a few months I think. Krom was using his BA lamenters, I will be using GK.
List below

BA list
Librarian, Shield, sword of Sanguinius 
4 assault squad, all with melta gun and sgt combi melta, 4 razorback heavy flamer 
2 furioso librarian dreadnought, wings and shield, 2 drop pod
1 assault squad, melta gun sgt combi melta, drop pod
2 devastator squad, 4 missiles each

GK list
GK GM, orbital strike

10*Purifier, 4* psycannon, 6*halberd, Rhino
Vindicare assassin 

5*Terminators, 1*hammer, 4*halberd, master crafted
10*GKSS, rhino
8*GKSS, psycannon

dreadnought, 2*TL autocannon, psybolt 
Nemesis DK, Greatsword  
5*Interceptors, psycannon 

Mission: annihilation
Deployment: pitch battle
GK give scout to terminators and 8 men GKSS (should have gave them counter atk... lesson learnt)
No BA units thirsty.

GK Turn 1
-GM managed to wreck a razorback on opening salvo, pinning the assault marines that came out.
-Psyfle dread manage to kill 3 devastators and panic them off table.
-Purifiers move to centre table disembarked from rhino and fired at another razorback, exploding it.
-Terminators follow behind purifiers.
-vindicare assassin fired at 3rd razorback but shield of sang deflect the round.
-GKSS in rhino reposition, 8 men GKSS move forward in a line. Both cast warp quake.
-DK move forward...

BA Turn 1
-2 Furioso drop pods came down and furioso pop smoke. (both was 1"-2" away from GKSS warp quake range)
-Devastators shot at dreadknight, DK pass armour saves.
-2 heavy flamer razorbacks move forward to flame purifiers, flamers killed 2 purifiers (lol?).
-1 assault marines squads disembark and 1 assault marine squad without transport move forward and melta and combi melta terminators and purifiers, taking out 1 terminator.
-Mephiston flew forward, fleet and charge the 4 terminators, killing 2 terminators and took a wound in return. (should have activated force wep instead of casting hammerhand). 2 Terminators stay in combat :(

GK Turn 2
-GM orbital strike missed, interceptors psycannon manage to pent razorback but shield again deflect the shot.
-8 purifiers with 4 psycannon shot at 1 assault marines squad, killing 4, the lone marine panic and flee.
-psyfle dread move further back to shoot at 1 of the furioso side armour, exploding it.
-DK decided to smash a drop pod and blow it up, the explosion killed a terminator fighting with Mephiston...
-8 men GKSS move forward cast warp quake and got perils. Shot at devastators, killing 2. Devastators Panic passed.
-Vindicare shot at razorback and shield deflect the shot again.
-GKSS in rhino move forward to centre of table and cast warp quake.
-Mephiston make short work of the lone terminator and consol towards purifiers.

BA Turn 2
-Empty razorback & Razorback with librarian move towards 8 (7 now) men GKSS.
-Assualt marine drop pod came down and scatter into GKSS in rhino warp quake zone, the assault marines and drop pod suffered mishap and vanish into the warp.
-2 assault marines squad shot meltas at purifiers, killing 1.
-Mephiston plasma pistol killed another purifier.
-Devastators shot at pysfle dread, shaking it.
-Furioso cast wings and charge GM with interceptors, wounding GM once. GM with interceptor pass LD.
-Mephiston and 1 assault marine squad combine charge purifiers, Mephiston 1 man show wiping out the purifiers, consol towards DK.

GK Turn 3
-DK move towards furioso to save GM and interceptors but was still 10" away...
-Psyfle dread fortitude was psychic hooded... psyfle dread decided to charge drop pod to get easy KP but cant glance.
-GKSS disembarked from rhino and shot at 1 assault marines squad, wiping them out.
-2 GK rhinos killed the lone assault marine that panic off when shot by purifiers in turn 2.
-Vindicare shot at Mephiston, wounding the "lord of Cheese  death" (Mephiston down to 2 wounds).
- 7 men GKSS shot at devastators again, killing 1. The 2 devastators pass LD.
-Furioso fluff atks, dealing 0 wounds to GM and interceptors.

BA Turn 3
- 2 razorbacks flame the 7 men GKSS killing 1.
- Librarian with assault marines disembarked and shot at same GKSS, killing another 1. Lib and assault marine charge same GKSS and kill 2. GKSS fluff atks but pass LD.
- 2 devastators shot at vindicare wounding the assassin once and vindicare rolled 1 for cover save...
- 2 assault marine squad in centre move towards 10men GKSS and shot them, killing 1. Same assault marines combine charge GKSS, assault marines killed 6 GKSS in return 4 BA died. GKSS pass LD.
-Mephiston charge DK and wounded DK 3 times and activated force weapon killing it before DK can strike back. Mephiston consol towards pysfle dread.
-Furioso fluff atks again...

GK Turn 4
-psyfle dread shot at Mephiston, dealing 4 wounds but "lord of cheese death" save 3/4 (down to last wound).
-2 rhinos shot at devastators, devastators saved all wounds.
-GKSS combat with assault marines continue with both sides killing 2.
-3 GKSS aimed the librarian and killed him using nemesis force weapon. Simultaneous atks wiped the GKSS out.
-Furioso killed 2 interceptors. GM stay in combat.

BA Turn 4
-Mephiston charge psyfle dread, blowing it up easily.
-Furioso wound GM once. GM stay in combat.
-Assault marines finished off the lone GKSS in return 1 BA assault marine died.
-Furioso fluff atks yet again.
-2 Devastators shot GK rhino, stunning it.

GK Turn 5
-Rhino shot at the 2 devastators and couldnt kill them off.
-Furioso kill 1 interceptor.

BA Turn 5
-Mephiston flew in to help furioso, easily killing GM and 2 interceptors.
-Devastators fluff their shots.
-Suriving 3 assault marines in centre move nearer to rhino and manage to immob it with melta.

Game ended on turn 5, due to time constraint.

GK : BA - 9 : 9

End game thoughts
If we had carried on the game, I would have lost either by 1 KP or getting tabled as I only have 2 rhinos left while Krom have 2 devastators and a melta gunner near the 2 rhinos (1 immobilized).
I had used Mephiston in my earlier BA games and found him incredible, basically a 1 man army. Today is the 1st time I had played against him and Mephiston is really "lord of death". It is very fast and basically anything it hits dies. Truly scary and priority 1 to kill it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

SCREWED! well at least for people outside EU...

This rumoured had been circulating for awhile now on warseer forums.

Our greatest fear had come after confirmation by Mr Rob Lane from Maelstrom Games that UK (northern Europe) retailers can only sell GW stuffs to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom 

source here:

I'm afraid it is bad news. This is all you need to know in a nutshell: independent retailers supplied from GW Northern Europe cannot sell GW products outside the EU, plus countries like Norway and Switzerland. I will be posting a list of all the countries we will be allowed to sell GW products to on a news article on our website shortly.

I will refrain from commenting about GW's decision, but suffice to say that I am very sad for all of you Rest of the World customers - and for our own business, of course. However, we're offering you an 18% off UK RRP voucher for all Games Workshop products until the 30th of May - check out our webstore for details.

I would like to thank you all for your support, now and in the future. And remember - the wargaming world does not revolve around Games Workshop's products, so I'll still be seeing you all for our very own BaneLegions as well as Hordes and Warmachine and suchlike!


Rob Lane
MD, Maelstrom Games

source here:

1 piece of good news is Maelstrom games offering 18% discount from today till 31st May 2011 on all GW products, well last chance to get all the stuffs you ever hope of getting cheaper. 

Goodbye 18% UK RRP Voucher
But it's a cracking goodbye! From today until midnight (GMT) on the 30th of May all our customers will be able to use a 18% off UK RRP discount voucher code on Games Workshop products only, so you stock up on all of those items you'll need for your Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 or Lord of the Rings armies - and of course all your paints and brushes!

The voucher will work on pre-orders and, crucially, you'll still earn Moneyback - although tiered discounts are disabled when using a voucher of course.

Your voucher code is: GW-ROW 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Another weekend another 40k session. Got to play against Beardy One BA again with my FINESSE! Dark Eldar lol. Beardy One was going to join a local tourney and needed to play-test his BA list, we decided to play a mission from the tournament.

Mission: Land Grab
Annihilation: The player with the most Kill Points as defined in
the Warhammer 40K rulebook (pg 91) at the end of the game
achieves this mission objective.

Battlefield Control: The player that controls the most table
quarters at the end of the game achieves this mission objective. 
To control a table quarter there must be a Scoring Unit in the
table quarter at the end of the game and the quarter must not
be contested. A table quarter is contested if there are enemy
units present (any unit, whether scoring or not). A unit may
only control or contest ONE table quarter at a time. If a unit is 
spread between multiple table quarters, the unit is considered
to control or contest the table quarter containing a MAJORITY
of that unit. If this is unclear, then randomly determine which
table quarter that unit is controlling or contesting.

Lead by Example: A player achieves this mission objective by
having a model from an HQ unit within 6” of the tactical marker
at the center of the table at the end of the game. Both players 
can achieve this mission objective.

Highlights of the game
-3 Beastmaster, 4 razorwing birds, 5 khymera and 5 wyches charge a 10men assault marine + a 10men tactical marine. Was not able to kill them off and a counter-charge by a DC squad with angry librarian + surviving mehreenzs manage to decimate beast squad and needing insane courage, beast squad + wyches promptly flee  real space (back to the webway)
-Haemonculus open(shot) dark gate at a BA rhino with assault marines and roll 1 for damage, the dark tentacles shaking the rhino, unable to drag it down into the darkness.
-Archon with 2 incubi charge a 5men terminator squad and lose combat by 1. Treacherous Archon survived the combat but decided to flee, was eventually blast apart by autocannon. 

I decided to call it on turn 5 as I only have 10 warriors left and have no chance of winning.

Annihilation - BA 14: DE 1
Battlefield Control - BA 3: DE 0
Lead by Example - BA 0: DE 0

BA win with 2 mission objectives!

Got to apologize to Krom that he came but did not play again due to time constraint. 

Credits and mission taken from here.

Got some Game Science dice from Grimcron over at
Used them for this game and quite impress by the results, even spread of results and I have never pass so many 4+ cover saves before. Reason why my big beast squad with wyches could not wiped out the 10+10 marines was I switch back to my "cursed" dice due to the massive amt of attacks. Dice blaming FTW!

Game Science Dice (1,2,3,3,4,4,4,5,6,6)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Injured Punk Dark Eldar

Inspired by gaming buddy Skanwy painting logs over at the Ward Save ( I decided to paint something small also.

While watching GE2011 on the TV for the whole night, painted up an objective marker I named "Injured Punk Dark Eldar".

The idea started when gaming buddy Jaeroler mentioned that the old DE warriors look very "punk-ish". With this I  took an old DE warrior, chop it up, green stuffs here and there, stick some pointy stuffs and not forgetting our favourite skull decoration and done.

Came up with some fluff for this objective.
The injured punk DE a true born belonging to a noble house. Shot by bolters, right arm blown off, left hand slice by bolter round and same round exploded in the gut. The Kabal left him behind after an unsuccessful real space raid.
The noble house Archon demand his rescue and return to the regenerative chambers of Commorragh. 
Imperial wants to capture and "interrogate" him or burn/kill it.
Chaos just wants to eat his soul. 
Necrons need some flayed skin to wear. 
Orks SMASH puny eldar. 

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