Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Salty 花生 Game

Had a good 6th 40k game against Enrgie (nids) over at Anything but Ones blog spot.

Khorne by nooblar (deviant art)
Go over to  for the battle report.

I got tabled though hahaha. My first tabled game in 6th 40k. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Resin... good

Back to blogging after a 9 month hiatus. Busy with work... Playing mostly Fantasy, Malifaux, L5R CCG during these period.

with the release of 40k 6th edition, the gaming group is back to playing 40k. Had my first game last week against jaeroler IG with my dark eldar. I think we played the night fight rule wrongly (night fight for whole game) and my army was hiding in the cover of darkness shooting the grunts easily with night version. won the game (crusade) 7-5, if we had played the night fight rule properly I could have lost, even tabled as the night fight cover save really help my army.

Anyway with the impending release of new chaos marine codex (my first 40k army) I can go back to playing my favourite army.

With some spare cash I decided to buy something from forge world that I always wanted for many years.
Chaos Warhound 2810

The loot!
chaos warhound, hell blade, decimator, and their weapons. Recent forge world order also came with a horus heresy  pin badge.
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