Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painted Terrain Update

Back to updating the blog after a long hiatus. Besides actively seeking employment during these period and finding out the answer to number of basketballs that can fit in a room... I also did some painting. A piece of terrain I bought many years ago, Amera block ruin.

The terrain can be use for 40k and Malifaux which the gaming group had been playing alot recently.

One of the sides

I "stip" the surfaces of the ruin using some left over paint from house painting to create texture on the smooth plastic surface, making dry brushing easier later. After, I primed the whole building black with some cheap flat black paint. The base coat was painted with GW Adeptus Battle grey and later drybrush with Vallejo Model Color Light grey. Next was spraying the terrain with Gunze Sangyo Mr Super Clear flat and dusting the whole surface with Mig pigment concrete and sealed with Mig pigment fixer. 

How to "stip" the surface to create concrete like texture using house paint.

I textured the floors using Coat d'arms Brushscape dark earth which is a kind of texture paint. The beams were plastic frames cut out from sprues. The floors were kind of weak even when splash with a large amount of plastic glue, so I decided to strengthen the floors using the plastic frames. Metal miniatures won't have problems standing on it.     

The beams were painted with GW dwarf bronze and wash with diluted Vallejo Game Color Verdigris.
The ground were dark brown (Coat d'arms Brushscape dark earth) dry-brush with Vallejo Game Color Ghost grey, spray with Gunze Sangyo Mr Super Clear flat, lastly dust with Mig pigment concrete and sealed with Mig pigment fixer.

The other side

Free hand and decal

I tried free hand some heretical graffiti to make the terrain more interesting using Vallejo Model color flat red. Created the streaks to make it look like some heretic wrote it with his mutilated bloody hands. 

The chaos sign is from a CSM decal. Using Gunze Sangyo Mr Mark softer - a decal solution, the decal adhere well to the surface did not gave any problems and looks perfect. 

Next I would be painting the Dreadstone Blight or my Dark Eldar army or my Malifaux crew... so many stuffs to paint lol...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Game of Thrones LCG

Just a blog post on what the gaming group have bought to avoid duplicate buys.

Core set

Lords of Winter
Lions on the Rock
King of storm
Kings of the sea
Princes of the Sun

Chapter packs

A Clash of Arms
Ancient Enemies
Epic Battles

Brotherhood without Banners
Illyrio's Gift
Ritual of Rhillor
A song of Silence
Mountains of the Moon
Dreadfort Betrayal

A Time of Ravens
A change of Seasons
The winds of Winter
Refugees of War
Scattered Armies

Defenders of the north
A King in the North

A Tale of Champions
Tourney for the Hand
The Grand Melee
On Dangerous Grounds

To be updated...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

TK vs OK 2.5k Pitched Battle

Had my first second game against 8th edition Ogre Kingdoms during the weekend. Playing against Beardy Ones's "Ogres rush" Ogre kingdoms.
First game was against Krom's "Fatties" OK. Mission was blood and glory and TK lost on OK turn 4, when  TK fortitude reduced to 3.  No battle report as I can't remember much of the game...

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
TK magic: Light and Nek
OK magic: Death and Maw
OK went first


*Note there is a sabretusk that I forgotten to create in Battle chronicler. Its deployed to the right the Iron Guts.

OK turn 1

  • Everything move foward except scrap launcher.

  • Soul blight cast on Skeleton warriors unit.
  • Caress of Laniph cast on liche priest and inflict 1 wound. 

  • Scrap Laucher was on target and kill 17 skeleton warriors.

 TK turn 1

  • Ushabtis, N.sphinx move to forest(normal). Chariot move forward on flank.

  • Burning gaze and light of death went off and kill 1 man eater and wounding another. Man eaters pass panic...

  • Archers fluff and SSC scatter 10" off Gnoblars. 

 OK turn 2

  • Mourn Fang charge chariots and suffer a dangerous terrain wound.
  • Maneaters charge SSC.
  • Sabretusk move in front of Ushabtis.
  • Everything move forward except scrap launcher.

  • Bjuna on Hierophant dispelled. 
  • Soul blight scrolled by dispel scroll. 

  • Scarp Launcher was on target again... killing 14 skeleton warriors. 

Close combat
  • Maneaters easily wiped the SSC and overran forward.
  • Mournfang rolled 12 impact hits on 4D3... inflicting 11 wounds on chariot. Chariot crumple. Mournfang reform to face N.sphinx.

 TK turn 2

  • Ushabtis charge sabretusk.
  • Skeleton warriors with Tomb king charge Ogres horde and fail charge on rolls of 1,1...
  • N.sphinx charge Ogres horde and fail charge on rolls of 1,1,3...
  • Tomb guards and Necro knights charge Gnoblars.
  • Archers swift reform to face Maneaters. 

  • Light of death fail to cast on rolls of 1,2...
  • Banishment dispelled. 
  • Burning Gaze kill 1 man eater, Man eaters pass panic.
  • Big smiting went off and buff ushabtis, archers, skeleton warriors. 

  • Archers kill 1 Man Eater. Man eaters pass panic...

Close combat
  • Ushabtis make short work of sabretusks and reform to face Iron guts.
  • Gnoblars manage to kill 2 tomb guards.
  • Necro knights and Tomb guards kill a total of 12 gnoblars. Steadfast gnoblars pass break test. 

 OK turn 3

  • Ogres horde charge skeleton warriors.
  • Mourn fang charge N.sphinx.
  • Iron guts charge ushabtis.
  • Man eaters charge casket of souls. 
  • Scrap launcher move forward.

  • +1 T cast on Iron guts.

  • Scrap Launcher kill 5-6 archers.

Close combat
  • Ushabtis inflict 7 wounds on Iron guts, Iron guts inflict 10 wounds. Ushabti crumple from CR. Iron guts reform to face the combat in centre.
  • 2 surviving Man eaters thrash the casket and was caught in the explosion. Explosion kill 1 Man eater and wound another. Man eater overran into archers.(*shown in last picture)
  • Ogre horde kill 30 skeleton warriors!!??! and bruiser wound Tomb king in challenge. TK side inflict 5 miserable unsaved wounds and lost combat by a whopping 28!!! All skeleton warriors crumple, leaving the Tomb king forever alone :( 
  • Necro knights and Tomb guards kill enough gnoblars (bully gnoblars!) to break stead fast and make the little creatures flee. Necro knights reform to face mourn fang and TG reform to face ogre horde. 
  • Mourn fang smash the N.sphinx before it could strike, overran forward towards archers.   

 TK turn 3

  • Necro knights charge rear of mourn fang.
  • TG charge flank of Ogre horde.

  • Desiccation cast on Mournfang.
  • Protection cast on archers. 

Close combat
  • Necro knights won combat by 3 but inspiring presence and hold your ground prevent mournfang from breaking...
  • Tomb guard and Tomb King won combat by 1 against Ogre horde, Ogre horde easily pass break test with general LD and BSB rerolls. Ogre horde combat reform to face Tomb guard. 
  • Solo Man eater kill the Hierophant, inflicting 4 wounds.(*shown below) 

 OK turn 4

  • Scrap launcher charge Necro knights. 
  • Gnoblars rally.
  • Iron guts move forward towards centre. 

  • Soul blight cast on Necro knights.

Close combat
  • Ogre horde easily wipe out the tomb guards and Tomb king.
  • Scrap launcher impact hits kill 2 Necro knights... Last Necro knight was easily destroyed. 

We decided to call it here as I only have a unit of archers left and Hierophant dead.

Victory to Ogres! 

I BLAME THE DICE!!! they shall BURN!!! failing charge on double ones and swift stride?!?! wtfbbq? Wind of magic averaging 5 per TK turn, "Banner of sorcery" 1-2 PD all turns except once creating 3 PD and channeling 0 PD through out the game... Fail to cast Light of death (bound lvl 5) on 2 dice?!?!

I think my strategy was good, tar-pitting the Ogre horde with skeleton warriors and N.sphinx to assassinate  mage/bsb/gen. The SW and N.sphinx will be supported by flanking ushabtis. Ushabtis will kill the dog and overran to fight another free CC round.
Tomb guards + necro knights will get stuck in combat for at least a round due to steadfast gnoblars but will likely win combat on OK turn, allowing them to reform and charge the ogre horde on my turn.
Epic fluff rolling lost me the game... mostly. I did made some bad mistakes by moving the chariots forward too much  and feeding them to mournfang and not deploying to counter the scout man eaters which wreck havoc in my back lines. Destroying all my support units.

Time to rewrite the list. Tomb guards, Ushabtis (too bad I love the models) are going out.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k batrep Battle for the Pass

Wooot! Another weekend another Fantasy game. Played 2 games in 1 day. Once against 8th edition OK another against DE. The OK battle report will come later as I don't have the OK player - Krom's OK list (cant create the units in battle chronicler).  

Using my TK against Jaeroler DE. He wrote a "Funky" list and wanted to test it. I'm using the same list in the previous game.  

Mission: Battle for the Pass (rolled)
TK magic: Nek and Light
DE magic: Shadow
TK went 1st (roll off)


TK camp in a corner with fast elements protecting the flanks. 
Shades scout bravely in front of chariots. 

The mysterious river is raging torrent - Dangerous terrain and +3 int for models moving over and inside it. 
Both mysterious forest turned out to be normal forest - in front of Necro knights and Repeater crossbow elves. 

TK turn 1

  • Necro Knights, chariots and ushabtis move forward. Ushabti suffer a wound from dangerous terrain.

  • Light of death went off killing 3 spears elves in SE1.

  • Chariots and archers all shot at shades, killing enough to panic them.
  • Screaming skull scatter off the Spear elves unit 2. 

DE turn 1

  • All DE units move forward.
  • Shades needing insane courage (below 25%) to rally, continue to flee.

  • DE sorcerer manage to cast boosted Miasma on skeleton warriors unit. 
  • DE sorcerer fail to cast Withering by 1. 
  • 5+ ward saves from cauldron given to SE1. 

  • DE Repeater bows kill 4 skeleton warriors and inflict a wound on chariot. 

TK turn 2

  • N.sphinx charge DE chariot 1.
  • Necro Knights move into the forest, suffering a wound from Dangerous terrain.

  • Boosted protection was scrolled.
  • Speed of light dispelled. 
  • Smiting successfully cast on archers.  

  • Archers shot at Cold one knights and kill 1.
  • Chariots shot at the fleeing shades, a single shade survive. 
  • SSC scatter off again. 

Close Combat
  • N.sphinx and Cold one chariot couldn't wound each other... Cold one chariot pass break test. 

DE turn 2

  • Spear elves 1 charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 8 wounds from dangerous terrain (raging torrent).
  • Cold one knights charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 2 wounds from dangerous terrain.
  • Hydra charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 1 wound from dangerous terrrain. 
  • Spear Elves 2, Cauldron and RxB1*  move forward to the melee battle.  (*not shown in picture)
  • Shades continue fleeing. 

  • DE lvl 4 sorcerer IF miasma on 4D6 and rolled power drain for miscast. Losing 3 wizard levels and miasma, enfeebling and mindrazor and remaining power dice.
  • 5+ ward saves from cauldron given to CoK unit. 

  • Repeater crossbows dealt 1 wound to TK chariot. 
  • Cold one chariot 2 fluff shooting. 

Close Combat
  • N.Sphinx fluff 4 normal attacks but heroic killing blow the chariot, reforming to face the Cold one knights. 
  • The combine DE units kill 24 skeleton warriors, in return Skeletons and Tomb king kill 6 spears elves and wounded the hydra once. Losing combat by 17, 40 skeletons + Tomb king remain. 

TK turn 3

  • Ushabtis charge the flank of Cold one knights, rolling just high enough. Suffering 3 wounds from dangerous terrain. 
  • Tomb guards charge the front of cold one knights.
  • N.sphinx charge the rear of Cold one knights.

  • Rolling high for winds of magic and "TK's Banner of sorcery" getting max power dice.
  • Total magic domination as DE sorcerer was weaken to lvl 1 in previous turn miscast.
  • Boosted protection and smiting went off. Recoving 6 skeleton warriors,1 ushabti and 1 chariot wound. 

  • SSC was on target and panic off Spear elves unit 2. (poor LD rolling by Jaeroler, rolling 12 and 10 with inspiring presence and hold your ground) 
  • Chariots with smiting shot the repeater crossbows (RxB1) and panic them off as well. 

Close Combat
  • DE units kill a total of 8 skeleton warriors and 2 tomb guards. 
  • N.sphinx, ushabtis and tomb guards wiped the CoK unit including the general. 
  • Hydra took 2 wounds from skeleton warriors. 
  • 5-6 spear elves die to tomb king and skeletons. 
  • All 3 DE units needing insane courage to stay in combat broke and flee. 

DE turn 3

Jaeroler conceded the game at this point as the bulk of his army was dead.

Victory to Tomb Kings!

Click link below for end game conclusion.

Friday, October 7, 2011

TK vs HE 2.5k Batrep

Battle report done using Battle Chronicler available to download and use (free to use software) at this link

Using my TK against Enrgie HE. Acutal game pictures are available here:

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
HE magic: life and high
TK magic: Nek and Light
HE went 1st


As shown above

 HE turn 1

  • Everything move forward.
  • HE archmage IF dwellers on Skeleton warriors, killing 37 of them. Rolling Dimensional cascade and suffering 1 wound but did not get suck into warp. :( 8 white lions killed by the magical explosion. 
 TK turn 1

  • Chariot charge eagle which flee.
  • Rest of the units move forward.
  • Light of death kill 2 spear elves in SE3.  
  • N.Sphinx buff with cursed blade. 
  • Archers fluff and SSC scatter. 

 HE turn 2

  • Swordmasters and eagle failed charged against Necro Knights rolling poorly.
  • Eagle rallied.

  • Ruby Ring burn some Tomb guards. 
  • Throne of vines was cast with IF and miscast ignore. 
  • Arch mage regrow some white lions. 
 TK turn 2

  • N.sphinx charge Spear elves.
  • Necro Knights charge Swordmasters.
  • Rest of units move forward.

  • Winds of magic was poor (4 PD...) only manage to cast pha protection N.sphinx. 

  • SSC was on target and kill 10 Spear elves in SE2. 

Close combat
  • SwordMaster dealt 8 wounds to Necro knights, Necro knights struck back and killed 2. Remaining Necro Knight crumple.
  • N.sphinx fluff and kill 2 spear elves, receiving a wound in return. Steadfast elves stay in combat. 

  HE turn 3

  • Eagle failed charge against casket.
  • White lions charge into skeleton warriors.
  • Eagle 2 move to redirect chariots.

  • Flesh to stone cast on White lions, TK rolled short of 1 to dispel... 
  • Flame of phoenix cast on Skeleton archers, killing 6 archers. 

Close combat
  • White lions slaughter tons of skeletons, arch mage declare challenge which was accepted by Tomb king. Arch mage with folariath's robe and Talisman of Saphery negate Tomb king attacks (close list).
  • 25 Skeleton warriors remained in combat after unstable.  
  • N.sphinx fluff again, combat draw.
TK turn 3

  • Chariots charge eagle 2.
  • Tomb guards charge Spear elves 3.

  • Liche priest failed to roll IF for Birona time warp, allowing the HE to dispel the augment. 

  • Archer wound 2 swordmasters but armour save them.  

Close combat
  • Chariot kill eagle and overran forward after failing restraint. 
  • N.sphinx broke the spear elves and reform to face the ushabti.
  • White lions kill 21 skeleton warriors, the rest of undead crumple to dust.

  HE turn 4

  • Swordmasters and spear elves unit 2 charge Tomb guard.
  • Eagle 1 fail charge against casket again.
  • White lions charge the flank of ushabtis.

  • Flame of Phoneix continued to burn 8 skeleton archers.
  • Arch mage regrow some white lions back and cast shield of saphery on spear elves unit 3. 

Close combat
  • Tomb guards was no match for the swordmasters and was wiped. 
  • White lions slaughter 4 ushabits, ushabits fluff rolls and kill 3 white lions. Ushabti crumple from CR.  

TK turn 4

  • Chariots and N.sphinx combine charge the white lions.
  • Archers move backwards.
  • Spear elves unit 2 overran forward. 

  • Hierophant rolled 26 for Big dessication on white lions unit, HE with 4 dispel dice manage to roll IF dispel... 

  • SSC misfire and took a wound , couldn't fire this or next turn. 

Close combat
  • Impact hits from chariot kill 5 white lions. 
  • ASF white lions kill all the chariots, N.sphinx fluff again and crumple from CR. 
  HE turn 5

  • Swordmasters charge Skeleton archers with Hierophant.
  • Eagle charge casket of souls.
  • He archmage fluff rolls and couldn't cast.
  • Flame of phoenix dispelled. 

Close combat
  • Eagle inflict a wound on casket and got kill by the remaining casket crews.
  • Swordmasters easily slaughter the archers and Hierophant die to unstable. 
  • SSC crumple from Hierophant death. 

TK turn 5

  • Light of death does nothing

Game end
Victory to the HE! (pansies

With only a casket left on turn 5, there is no way I could win this. Conceded the game on TK turn 5. Looking back I realized my battle lines were in a complete mess when I was doing the batrep, no wonder I got massacred badly. Forgetting my own rules and lousy dice rolls (0 IF!!!) don't help either. Units leaving/separating from the buff zone of hierophant, units doing their own solo charge or moving around aimlessly/wrongly out of charge arc of enemy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

TK vs HE pictures

Pictures taken from a game with long time gaming buddy Enrgie over at a newly open LGS - Battle Bunker.
Had not played against Enrgie for quite awhile. Spent almost the whole day playing and talking/discussing about Warhammer fantasy, who can guess there are so much to talk about Warhammer Fantasy lol. 

Pictures are not in order due to uploading sequence. 

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
HE went 1st

Casket left on HE turn 5...

White lions after finishing off the chariots and N.sphinx

TK chariot + N.sphinx combine charge! too bad 6D6 + lvl 4 = 26 boosted desiccation on white lions was dispelled by the HE with just 4D6 rolling IF dispel... 

Hungry white lions eyeing the TK chariots

Tomb guard getting flank by Swordmasters = very very bad

Bad move resulting Ushabti getting flanked...

Hungry white lions

Swordmasters > Necropolis knights
Bad play number 1* (3 necropolis knights != 3 death company spezze mehrines)

After Pansies turn 1

50 wet lions down to 42...

1st turn IF dwellers on BRAVE skeleton warriors! (37 died)

sexy arms?

Game start! (nice watch)

Pansies deployment

Crumbling lalala
Bad play number 3* (forgetting Tomb king has "My Will be Done")

Necro Knights down

BRAVE skeletons Anvil vs Wet lions Death Star
Bad play number 2* (notice the ushabtis and Tomb guard were moved too far up... resulting in the counter-charge units unable to flank the white lions)

Turn 3 or 4

Epic fluff by Tomb King... rolling 1,1,1,2,2 for to hit... missing all...

TK had 0 models left on turn 6.

Victory to the High Elves! (pansies)

Monday, September 19, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k Batrep round 3

Fantasy game again! This time is against Jaeroler Dark Elves. I'm using the same lists as past games except taking out Prince Apophas and replacing him with 1 Scorpion and adding an Ushabti (previous list was 2494). Jaeroler had created another new Dark Elves list after losing badly against Dwarfs and High Elves. No exact list posted (lazy to type lol...) but the deployment picture will give you a rough idea of the units/list.

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
TK go 1st.
TK magic: Light and Nek
DE magic: Shadow


  • Necropolis Knights and Scorpion entombed. 

TK turn 1

  • Necrosphinx and chariot charge shades.
  • Shades flee but was caught by necrosphinx. Chariot fail charge.

  • Cursed blade cast on Necrosphinx boosting the killing blow to 5s.

  • SSC scatter off hydra and fail to wound.

DE turn 1

  • Everything move forward.
  • DE chariot 2 fail stupid test and cant charge necrosphinx.
  • Corsair charge Necrosphinx.

  • Mindrazor scrolled with dispel scroll. 
  • Cauldron gave 5+ ward to Corsairs. 

Close combat
  • Corsair managed to wound Necrosphinx once, sphinx dealt 3 wounds back. Corsair win by 1, animated construct no wounds taken by sphinx. 

TK turn 2
  • TK chariots charge hydra 2.
  • All unit that can move, move forward.
  • Necropolis knights appear behind Spear elves unit 2 with lvl 4 sorcerer. 
  • Scorpion scatter in front of 2 DE chariots...

  • Light of death went off but no wounds caused with good rolls from DE.

  • SSC was on target and took 3 wounds off hydra 1.
  • Shooting from archers took 4th wound from same hydra.

Close combat
  • Necrosphinx kill 2 corsairs and combat draw. 
  • TK chariots impact hits dealt 3 wounds but was wiped by hydra numerous attacks. 

DE turn 2
  • 2 DE chariots charge the tomb scorpion that scatter in front of them.
  • Chariot 2 charge into the necrosphinx / corsair combat.
  • Everything move forward.
  • Spear elves unit 2 reform to face the Necro knights. 

  • Pit of shades went off and kill 1 necro knight. 
  • Cauldron give 5+ ward to corsairs.

  • 1 wound hydra (H1) flame the archers and kill 4 archers. 

Close combat
  • Necrosphinx kill 3 corsairs, DE chariot 2 fluff. Corsairs pass break test. 
  • Tomb scorpion finished off by impact hits from 2 DE chariots. Chariots 3,4 overran forward. 

TK turn 3

  • Necro knights charge spear elves unit 2.
  • Skeleton warriors unit 1 charge Spear elves unit 1. 
  • Skeleton warriors unit 2 charge DE chariot 3 but DE elect to flee, redirect fail.
  • Ushabti charge DE chariot 4 but DE elect to flee, redirect fail. 

  • Birona time warp dispelled with IF dispel.
  • Light of death went off but couldn't finished off the 2 wounds hydra (H2). 

  • Archers took last wound off hydra 1. 
  • SSC scatter off hydra 2. 

Close combat
  • Corsair and chariot 2 broke from combat with N.sphinx and sphinx caught chariot 2. 
  • Necro knights kill 5 spear elves, spear elves pass break test.
  • Spear elves unit 1 won combat by 1 but spear champion died in challenge with tomb king. 

  DE turn 3
  • DE chariots 3,4 rally. 
  • Hydra 2 charge TK archers, stand and shoot fluff. 
  • Cauldron move nearer to combat in centre. 
  • Fleeing corsair flee 3", still in game. 

  • Mindrazor dispelled with a roll of 27, just beating it. 
  • +1 atk given to spear elves unit 1. 

Close combat
  • Spear elves unit 2 broke from combat with necropolis knights and was chased down.
  • Hydra 2 easily wipe the archers off, Hierophant took 2 wound and Liche priest took 1 from unstable. 
  • Spear elves unit 1 won combat by 4. Tomb king took 2 wounds from challenge with dread lord. 

TK turn 4
  • Ushabtis and Skeleton warriors 2 charge spear elves unit 1.
  • N.Sphinx reform to face centre combat. 
  • Necro knights reform to face centre combat. 
  • Hierophant drunk healing pot to regain the lost wounds. 

  • Birona time warp dispelled with IF dispel again!

  • SSC misfire and couldn't fire next turn.

Close combat
  • Hierophant and liche priest smash by hydra (H2), SSC die to the Hierophant death effect.
  • Tomb king kill by DE dreadlord  in challenge. Steadfast Spear elves unit 1 pass break test. 

  DE turn 4
  • Both DE chariots charge skeleton warriors unit 2.
  • Hydra 2 (H2) move towards casket of souls.

  • 5+ ward given to spear elves unit 1. 

Close combat
  • Without TK WS, skeleton warriors 1 suffer horrendous casualties. 
  • Impact hits and chariots kill quite a number of skeleton warriors in unit 2.
  • Ushabtis continued to fluff to hit. 
  • TK lost combat and more undead crumble. 

TK turn 5
  • N.Sphinx charge rear of spear elves unit 1.
  • Necro knights move towards centre.

  • Light of death finally kill off hydra... (dealing 6 wounds after regen saves wtf...)

Close combat
  • Stead fast spear elves unit 1 pass break test.
  • Both DE chariot 3,4 also pass break test with general LD and BSB rerolls.

  DE turn 5
  • DE chariot 3 out of combat with skeletons and charge the ushabtis.

  • 5+ ward given to spear elves.

Close combat
  • N.sphinx and ushabti epic fluff, dealing 3 wounds total. 
  • Spear elves went nuts and with impact hit from DE chariot 3 and *Dread lord hitting ushabtis. TK lost combat by 9 and all crumble. 

*Note: Dread lord/characters could only use "make way" during start of combat. A mistake was made by Jaeroler as he used "make way" to move his Dread lord to engage the ushabtis after the spear elves kill off the skeleton warriors unit 1. 

TK turn 6

  • Necropolis Knights fail charge... rolling 5,1,1...

  • Light of death went off but the superior DE LD with BSB and general prevent any wounds.

  DE turn 6

  • DE chariot 4 and Spear elves unit with BSB and Dreadlord charged the Necropolis knight.

Close combat
  • The 2 units easily wiped the Necropolis knights.

Game End.

VP difference: 1106
Victory to Dark Elves! 

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