Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dante's gold bars

Had some hobby time today and decided to start with something small. Primed 20 plague monks and painted up an objective for 40k.

Present to you Dante's gold bars :)

Its something I always wanted to do after ID-ing Dante numerous times with melta. Finally finished it today.

-Gold bars airbrushed with gaia notes star bright gold.
-Skull and Imperial eagle painted with VGC bonewhite, wash with devlan mud and dry brushed with bonewhite again.
-Gnd texture was vallejo black lava, painted with adeptus battlegrey and wash with badab black and drybrush with VGC ghostly grey.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today, I decided to try HE in a 2250 fantasy game. My opponent is none other than our resident slaan player (Grimloq) .

Why use the pansy HE you may ask?
ans: If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. - Sun Tze

LOL anyway I lose again... HE killed a grand total of 2 units of 10 skinks and 1 unit of chamelon skinks. Game ended on turn 4 with HE having 4 RBTs and some archers left....

Fun stuffs
-Teclics failed to cast purple sun due to slaan ability of discarding rolls of 6s on PDs. (WTF PWN!)
-Lvl 2 mage cast pendulum twice, both rolling short for distance to slaan and once fail to cast big pendulum on 6PD... (DICE, thou forsaken me yet again)
-Teclics got 1 shot by IF dwellers in turn 1. (*face palm*) 
-Lvl 2 mage get a str6  IF wound due to slaan cupped hands, turning into frog in subsequent turn and dying to dwellers. (when turning into frog is not enough)

Close combat
-22 sperm elves charge 20 saurus, elves dealt 0 wounds and broke. Saurus pursuit 12, elves flee an incredible 4.
-11 phoenix guards vs 16 Toughness 8 temple guard. (slaan total magic domination with hex and augment)

-5 salamanders went around flaming sword masters, pansy ASF masters decided to FLEE! with just 4 casualties!
(ASF = Always SURE FLEE!!!)

It was a fun game nonetheless, learned more of HE after using them today. Expecting my 100 battles without loss soon hehe. 
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