Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pray they don't take you ALIVE!!!

5th edition DE codex

Incubi (top)
Warrior, archeon  (2nd) 
wyches, special character (3rd)
jetbike, raider (bottom)

Pics from Games Day UK 2010. I am totally mesmerized by the new DE. Heck fantasy, I found my new focus and going to buy the new 5th ed DE  whole range! I will focus on DE 1st, paint them up WOOT! no more "Afrika korp" models :) 
I'm going to be very broke, so... WILL WORK FOR 5th edtion DE models!!! lololol 
slave to DE models :D

Pictures taken from warseer forum
and bell of lost souls forum

Oh and this wkend  I played 2 games of fantasy against (krom). Batrep and some pictures can be found in Krom's blog at this link.
I was using my same WE list from the previous months.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally an update

Had not been updating my blog for awhile :) but still involved in the hobby. I started playing 8th edition WH fantasy this few weeks.  Had not fully read the 8th edition rule book yet, just some sections. Also waiting for discounts before getting the small 8th ed rule book (easier to read) from the island of blood boxset.

Fantasy games I played these few wks
VC (me) vs LM (Grimloq) 1k game - VC massacred 0 models left
WE (me) vs HE (Enrgie) 2k game - WE massacred 0 models left
some pictures of the game in below link.

Skaven(me) + HE(Krom) vs DE(Jaeroler) + OK (The beardy one) -  Island of blood alliance won by
3100+ : 1600+ VP

The plague furnace is mad! Anything it touch it kills, the furnace is like an unstoppable disease train.
1)Big ASF black guards - charge by it and kill off the black guards.
2)Ogres with tyrant - charge tyrant with ogres and ran them down.
3)lead blechers - charge lead blechers and chase them down.
4)Slave giant - charge by it and unbreakable furnace survived till end game.

I like the model alot and the furnace performance in the game really inspire me to build it up and paint it. I think its only weakness is purple sun LOL, with no initiative its basically a free frag for purple sun.

This video reminds me of purple sun

With Dark eldar schedule for release in november and planning to buy 1 island of blood, I am going to be so broke. Going to eat bread for many months to save up for the plastic crack gw releasing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fantasy batrep 2250 WE vs HE

got purple sun? :)
Had my 1st actual game of (1vs1) 8th Warhammer Fantasy today. I was using WE as this is my only army I had actual models built to hit 2250 pts. I played against Krom HE. His list posted in his blog here.

We played pitch battle since we are still not very familiar with 8th ed rules.

Victory points
1480 : 1982

Victory to the HE.

Highlights of the game
-Treeman ancient got hit by IF purple sun and died in turn 1. Purple sun continue to kill 2 more dryads and 3 more glade guards in its path of destruction.
-2 wild riders having survived 2xRBTs shooting, charge 1 of the RBT and got cut down by RBT crews...
-A dryads unit charge sword masters and broke them, fleeing solo sword master flee through a unit of archers panicking them and both ran off table. (pansy elves!)
-2 HE great eagles charge a Spellsinger and with some crazy luck and 5+ regen manage to survive for 2 turns.
-A unit of 20 eternal guard was charged by a unit of phoenix guard with lvl 4 wiz and noble bsb. Eternal guard lost combat but had more ranks than phoenix guard. Steadfast on 8, roll 10 for break... & flee 7... (NO!!!)
Phoenix guard pursuit 12...

After game thoughts:
Purple Sun of Xereus = INSANE!!!
I forgotten my dryads, treekin and wildriders have fear during the game. Not that it matters a lot with the fear nerf in 8th ed.
Big cheap units still the way to go and expensive units going MSU to prevent getting 1 shot by magic or artillery.

Will continue to build & magnetize and paint my VC to prepare for the next game.
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