Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog New Name + weekend 40k

I decided to change the blog name to "Floor Gaming" since we had been war-gaming on the floor since 6th edition Warhammer fantasy.  Crawling and sitting cross-legged gaming for hours, using floor tiles as battleground borders. The floor tiles are no longer in used as we had the gaming board now but still gaming on the floor hahaha.

Had a game with Jaeroler psyker IG list here.  I was using my old BA list here.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Spearhead

Victory to the traitor guards.
Jaeroler newest quote - "Death to the false Emperor, long live the Queen"

-BA had a 1 arm furioso dreadnought left on turn 7.

I think that sums up the battle hahaha, I seriously need to change my BA list to include more objectives sitters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


WOOT! CAPS FTW lol... After getting influence by Skanwy over at the ward save, I decided to start a Black Templar army too LOL. Fanatical power armour zealots oh yes!

I have enough marines to build both  BA and BT armies,  but I dont have enough vehicles for both... unless I buy more vehicles lol... (red razorback in a BT army looks wrong) Anyway will decide the colours of the vehicles later, while I assemble the marines 1st.

Here is the LE Emperor Champion I won in Ebay and just received it today.

Monday, July 12, 2010

40k battle mission 3k game

Had a 2vs2 3k game last sat. We decided to play battle missions for something different. Each player will bring 1.5k.
After some dice rolling, it was Blood Angels + Black Templars vs Chaos marines + IG. Emperor's finest combining to kill the traitors.

Mission: Preemptive strike

Victory to the Imperium
Imperium : Traitors
 29 : 18

Here are some pictures from the game. No batrep as I was sleepy and distracted by enrgie setting up a 2nd table for another game.

Emperor's Finest surge towards the traitors

Daemon prince vs death company (DP got killed)

  Emperor champion and crusaders bullying traitor guardmen

It was a fun game with many fun stuffs happening every turn. Dante got smashed by a chaos marine champion power fist, failing his iron halo twice (wahahaha). Neophytes again bear the brunt of the shooting and their sacrifices allow the templars to close into CC. Mephiston was pinned by ratlings and psykers. (not sure if mephiston dead in the end) 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Orks vs BT normal mission batrep 1.5k

Warboss "Crazy-Squig" feel a need to launch a miniature waaagh raiding party on the eastern fringe of the lush agri world - Riau  . The Orks were running rampage in a sub-urban settlement, looting + slaughtering. The humans last cry for help was intercepted by the Black Templars - "The Mandarsa Crusade". A small strike force consisting mainly of Templars and bikes, the Templars answer the call and landed on the outskirt of the settlement.

Objectives of the Black Templars are
-Secure a zone for reinforcements and supplies.
-Capturing the centre administratum ruin to gather intel and gain vantage point over the orks forces.
-Recover any artifacts from a ruined manufactorum.

Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: 3

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