Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skaven wave 2

Releasing in the month of January, Skaven wave 2 incoming! Plastic HPA lovely!!! but the price of £30 kind of steep for me and I will just get 1. Will be getting the doom flayer , Ikit claw and Tretch also. The magic cards and uniform heraldry book are also in my buy list if my wallet make it's armour save from the damage.

With rumours of Blood Angels wave 2 releasing in Feb, I'm thinking whether to save some cash for it...

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas hehehe

Kind of late greeting here :)  Received my order from Darksphere just in time for Christmas.

Always wanted a skyshield

Played my 1st  40k game today against Krom after a 5 month hiatus. Using my BA against  Krom 5th edition Dark eldar. We rolled spear-head: annihilation, game end on turn 7 with Dark Eldar winning 14 : 9 KP.

After game thoughts
Very interesting game, 5th edition Dark Eldar allow lots of variety for different style of play. Beastmasters are the sleeper unit in the codex. IMO most competitive DE list will include them. In the FA slot and very cheap for huge amount of wounds. Rending and good wound allocation, they can take out marines with ease and even survive ID shots/attacks.

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