Wednesday, December 23, 2009

40k Planetstrike DE vs SM 1k

Tried a planetstrike game last wk. My 1st planetstrike game and barely know the planetstrike rules. Went into the battle like a headless Archon.

We decided to go with the 1st mission (planetfall) and 1 objective as both me and my opponent are new to planetstrike and using this game to learn the new stuffs.

The game was played with actual models, though no photos were taken as my camera was on loan to a friend. Trying out a new format of battle report.

Attacker - Dark eldar
Atk Stratagem - Dawn assault
Defender - Space marine (vanilla marines)
Def Stratagem - Power generator
Planetstrike mission - Planetfall
Objective: 1 bastion

Pedro kantro Darnath Lysander was the HQ.

Pre game map.

Defender (SM)
-Deploy 1 unit of 6 scouts in the ruins.
-1 unit of 5 terminators behind the aegis def lines.
-pedro + captain + 1 unit of 5 terminators deploy inside the bastion.
-1 unit of 10 tactical marines with rhino in reserve.

Attacker (DE)
- Roll 4 firestorm
- Aiming the scouts, non hit... all scatter the perimeter outside the ruins....

Unlucky pre-game rolls for me... onto DE turn 1.

DE (turn 1)
-Raider park at edge of ruins. Archon+incubi dismount 2" into ruins and charge into the scouts inside the ruins.
-scouts easily decapitated.
-talos Deepstrike and charge the terminators.(error here, misread the shock&awe rule)
-talos deal 2 wounds but was saved by terminators invul, in return ate alot of pfs.
-Dawn assault in effect, cant see anything in the dark...
-need a 4 for dawn assault to end, I roll a 4... (will be shot to bits by SM next turn)

SM (turn 1)
-rhino reserve came from atk table edge, flame + shot the warriors and they panic off
-1 warrior + 1incubi die from mass storm bolters, cyclone missile, intercepter gun, h.bolter

DE (turn 2)
-Archon retinue embark and raider flatout towards aegis def line.
-2nd warr sq Dark lance the bastion, no dmg.
-ravager shaken rhino and killed 3 tactical marines.
-Jetbike enter play from table edge and charge into terminators, killing 1 and losing 1.

SM (turn 2)
-Tactical marines embark and rhino pop smoke.
-Terminiators PFs jetbikes to bloody pulp.
-Mass fire from bastion cause 2 pen, 1 glance on raider. Cover sv both pen. Glancing cause wep (dark lance) destroyed.
-rhino hunter killer missile miss ravager.

DE (turn 3)
-ravager + 2nd warr sq fire at rhino only shaken it. ( damn smoke cover sv!!)
-3rd warr sq come in from reserve.
-archon + incubi assault terminators wiping them out and conslidate behind aegis def line.

SM (turn 3)
-tactical marines dismount and flame+bolter the DE warr sq killing 8, but warr sq(left 2 guys) pass their morale!
-concentrate firepower from bastion+SM did not do any dmg to archon and incubi.

DE (turn 4)
-archon+incubi embark raider to hide.
-3rd warr sq dark lance bastion, no dmg.
-ravager + 2nd warr sq killed 5 marines, tactical marines pass morale also!

SM (turn 4)
-bastion+SM+rhino concentrate firepower on 3rd warr sq, killing 7 and panic them off table.
-2 tactical marine assault 2nd warr sq killing them easily.

DE (turn 5)
-ravager killed the remaining tactical marines.
-raider move to capture bastion. (objective)

SM (turn 5)
-bastion+SM+rhino fired on raider, exploding it... 1 incubi died in the explosion.
-A "5" is rolled, game goes to turn 6...

DE (turn 6)
-ravager shaken the rhino again!
-archon stunned the bastion with his agonizer.

SM (turn 6)
-SM HQ+terminators leave bastion and assault the archon.
-Archon and incubi killed 2 terminators.
-Archon failed 2+ invul save and died.... smashed to bits by PFs.
-incubi cut down by pedro and captain.
-A "4" rolled, game goes to turn 7.

DE (turn 7)
-ravager last ditch effort to kill off the terminators, all wounds saved by invul.

SM (turn 7)
-Mass fire power from everything the SM had shot at the ravager, wrecking it.
-DE tabled!

Game ends

End game thoughts
long live the corpse emperor!! hehehe

I was too hasty with my HQ raider, rushing it forward solo too early and exposing it to unnecessary risk. I should also bring more raider squads to rush in during turn 5 onwards. Hiding them behind ruins if they came in early during the game. Using warrior squads on foot were just too slow and they end up getting slaughter. Bad mistake not using DE advantage of mobility.
Back to drawing board with new list.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Crater Terrain Painting

Finally got time to do some painting. Decide to go with terrain painting to test some technique I read.

Using Tamiya enamel paint to create a wash. Around 2:1 black:brown (X1:XF64)

Spraying the crater white.

After the white had dried. Wash the whole piece with enamel wash.

Blast craters, with little details difficult for the wash to flow around...

moonscape drying in process

Almost done, left drybrushing some pale grey blue on the edges
before spraying some matt varnish on it.

After highlighting with pale grey blue. (vallejo MC)

Another piece with more brown (Tamiya XF 64) in the wash.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

40k battle: CSM 1.5k vs IG + DA (1k + 500)

Imperium turn 1 movement phase.

Deathwing deepstrike and immob the khorne berzerkers rhino.

Khorne Berzerkers disembark the immobilized rhino to charge the deathwing terminators. (ignore the Mpoc figures...)

Orks proxy as guards.

On turn 5, CSM held 2 objectives to Imperium 0 objective. Game continued to turn 6 and CSM held 1 objective to Imperium 1 objective. Game goes to turn 7 and CSM held 0 while Imperium held 1.

From win -> draw -> defeat for the CSM ... just because of the turn dice roll lol...

1-0 win for the Imperium.

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st forgeworld purchase

Bought the FW khorne berzerkers conversion and the IA modele masterclass book vol 1.

It arrived after 10days of payment, normal airmail, no express shipping. The khorne conversions parts are very detail! Its really amazing, big thumbs up for FW.

40k CSM vs Deathwing + ultra marines (1500)

Mission: annihilation
deployment: pitch battle
pt: csm 1.5k, deathwing 1k + ultra marines 500

The battlefield @ turn 2.

2 squads of deathwing terminators preparing to unlease hell on the berzerkers and chaos terminators.

Emperor finest KP: 5
win for deathwing + ultra marines!

Highlights of battle:

Deep striking chaos termins , roll 3 "get hot" (doubles 1s x 3) when firing at the deathwing termins...

Daemon prince charge belial and his bodyguards and got cut down.

Chaos marines mass bolters rapid fire killed scouts and belial.

Death wing termins with cyclone launcher blowing up the vindicator and rhino 1 shot them each time. (6 pen 6 destroyed)


This game was an intro game for our new 40k player using ultra marines. Anyway a fun game, enjoying myself with 40k after a long absence. Some funny moments and my khorne berzerkers had officially earn the title of "scouts killer". Wiping out eldar rangers 1st time I brought them and again here cutting marine scouts like butter.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy busy busy

Been a while since I updated this blog lol... busy with mainly school work... Managed to play 2 fantasy games and 2 40k games during this period of absence.

WE vs VC (2k) massacre lost for WE
WE vs OK-gnoblar army(2k) draw

Anyway for the above games, i accidentally short-change myself and brought a 1803 pt army as I forgotten that I have treekins inside my list... (sleepy and messy handwriting to blame LOL) Playing at handicap sucks!

CSM vs orks (1750), lost for CSM
CSM (nurgle 1750 + undivided 1000) vs eldar + DA (2750) 2v2 match, win for team CSM

For the orks game, my CSM got beaten bad... playing against the runner-up (40k tourney category) of SPORE CON 2009. Quite an eye opener for my 3rd 5th ed 40k game hahaha.

The DA player had the worst dice rolling luck I ever seen, losing a whole termi squad in 1st turn due to mishap and failing 2+ sv like no tml. With the DA out of the picture early in the game, eldar stand no chance against the combine CSM.

Bought mostly 40k terrains for my little gaming group 40k games, or fantasy games if they need some grim darkness cross-over love. (no pics... maybe in future updates)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer on 28mm miniatures

I always prime my models using Nippon flat white spray paint or 'Red fox' flat black acrylic spray paint. Problem encountered using these 2 budget spray paints are I had a hard time painting on my base coat. I solved the problem by using thicker and more coats for my base coat which result in the models looking quite thick with paint even before I start with other colours.

I never believe in using primer paints for 28mm miniatures since they are quite small, any model casting imperfections can be easily painted over or repair using green stuff. I always think primers are use for finding errors (holes/improper sanded mold lines etc...), covering the errors and undercoat, for bigger models. Also primer paints sold by miniature companies are very expensive...

Anyway I went reading about primers again and found it helps in paint adhesive. So I decided to try priming some of my GW miniatures with primer paint I have which are intended for gundam models.

Mr. surfacer 1000 (bottle version)
Mr. Retarder mild, added into thinner+paint mixture to prevent it from drying too fast when the paint leave the airbrush.
Mr Color Thinner 400mL. Lacquer based thinner, for lacquer based paints like the Mr. color series.

Below are some of the minis I primed using Mr. Surfacer 1000, consist of metal and plastic minis.

Skaven Globerdier (metal)

Right: Primed Ork slugga (both plastic) Left: Un-prime Ork slugga

Chaos termi ( plastic)

Kaya's pet (metal)

Will update again with pictures of the skaven globerdier once I paint him up. Hope I can get some decent shots of the painted model...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jumping into DE

Not much update this month...

Following my comp MB dying, my graphic card (8800GTS) decided to die as well. It died at the right time also... 1mth after the 2yrs warranty ended (nice timing)... without warranty it became a very expensive piece of paper weight (cost me S$425, 2yrs ago). Bought a cheapo ATI 4350 for $58 to tide me over until I got cash to get a decent graphic card.

Jumping into DE

I always like armies that can move very fast, have bits of everything -shooting/assault and I prefer very offensive armies. Single out Dark eldar/eldar/nids.
Wanted to go with eldar at 1st but after calculating the $$$ cost, it was even more expensive than expanding my current ork army. Nids was slighty less expensive as compared to eldar but been assault orientated I drop nids as well. DE fulfil all the requirements and I decided to jump into DE.

Bought 2 DE battleforce, a talos, 3 blisters of incubi, and traded 4 succubus/wyches.

Need 2 more boxes of ravagers , a raider and box of de corsairs for wyches conversion. I could field a 1.5k+ army.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local 40k tournament

Attended a local 40k tournament held on 25th July 09 at the private house of the organizer. There were 14 players and prizes were awarded to the top 3. The players are allow 2 army lists, which they need to select 1 before the start of every game.
Using swiss system every player will play a total of 3 games, earning up to 25 VP per game (total: 75) . They will also be judged on their painting and WYSIWYG also 25 VP for a grand total of 100 VP - for determining top 3 places.

Below are the pics for the event.

I did not took part in the tournament as I did not have a 1750 40k army during that time. Anyway the event was a success, ending at around 7pm. The 1st place had 81 VP, while the 2nd & 3rd had 64, 63 respectively. The top 3 prizes are vouchers to a local miniatures webstore.
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