Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hungry Ratman + S&M elves??

A month without an update here lololol. Blog is still alive. Had been playing 8th edition WH fantasy during the period of absence. Using my ultimate proxy skaven army (dice + movement tray + empty bases)  against the pansy HE and Ogres mostly.

Conclusion from the games:
Steadfast rocks! Clanrats took a head on collusion charge from a beefed up ogre bulls unit with butcher thrown in and manage to hold combat! Not once had my clanrats hold combat when charged by a "speeding train" (ogre charge) in 7th edition. Parry also did wonders for the clanrats.

Vermin lord was extremely disappointing for its point cost. It was cut down by 6 white lions in 1 round of CC and electrocuted by my doom wheel in another game (lol). Never taking it again... maybe for points filler if playing larger games.

Thats all for fantasy, now onto 40k! Got my Dark Eldar 5th edition codex!  The new plastic dark eldar are absolutely stunning. GW plastic miniatures are really top-notched. Just when I thought the new death company and sanguinary guard were beautiful, GW outperformed themselves again with the new DE plastics

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