Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jokaero Spam and Interior of Stormraven

Was reading a forum and someone wrote a list with 50 Jokaeros and Corteaz at 1850 pts lol... With each Jokaero RRP at £7.70, 50 will cost 7.7*50 = £385!!!! LOL 

Ok no more M$ paintbrush edits lol... onto the hobby front.

Some pictures of the stormraven interior that I painted just for fun... After closing and gluing the top hatch, most of the details not visible anymore...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hobby purchases

Its that time again, not miniatures though... just hobby related stuffs. 

Trying out a flat black primer slightly more expensive than the "red fox" ones I always buy, and daler rowney budget brushes. Contain a 10/0 brush for edge highlights, not sure if they are the ones recommended by Skanwy over at Ward save.

Went to Daiso and bought some cheap terrain materials, 4 pieces of mdf for $2 and 28 pieces of round, 3 pieces of rectangle plastic grid for fences and flooring. Total = $6. Could not find the type of clay I saw at another Daiso...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blood of Martyrs battle report

Played a small 1k game against Beardy One in the weekend. We went with BA battle mission "Blood of Martyrs" publish in WD 374.

BA list (not accurate)
10 assault marines, sgt PF
6 Death company, bolters, rhino
5 assault marines, no JP, flamer, rhino
1 attack bike, multi melta
1 attack bike, multi melta
1 priest JP

DE list
archon, huskblade, drugs, soul trap, shadow field
5 Incubi, champion, demi klaives, raider DL
4 true born , 4 shredders
20 warriors, 2 DL, champion
10 wyches, razor flails, hydra gaunlets, champion, haywire nades, raider DL
1 ravager, 3 DL, fickerfield, night shield

-The BA score 1 point for every normal unit that escape from the battle in turn 4 onwards.
-BA also score 1 point for every "martyrs" unit (DC stuffs, and blood thirst units) that get killed.
-End game, a D6+1 would be roll and if the result is lesser/equal than the BA score, BA wins.

BA auto get 1st turn and 1 attack bike suffer from blood thirst.

BA must deployment everything on table, 6" from the centre of table. Most BA unit cluster together.
DE reserve everything

Turn 1
-Blood thirst attack bike, assault marines rhino move to the left flank near a ruin.
-Normal attack bike + DC rhino move forward near a tank trap.
-Sanguinor + JP priest + 10 assault marines decided to jump into a ruin 1 to get cover saves. 5 assault marines + priest crash into the ruin killing themselves... LOL WTFBBQ pwn Sanguinor also crash taking a wound from the ruins... (freaking hilarious for both me and beardy one)

Turn 2
-5 assault marines disembark and walk into ruin 1.
-Only Archon + incubi with raider came in from long table edge near the normal attack bike + DC rhino.
-Raider shot the assault marine rhino stunning it.
-Archon + incubi charged the lone normal attack bike and archon easily slaughter the bike crews getting a pain token. Archon and incubi consol into the tank traps.

Turn 3
-Blood thirst attack bike multi-melta and bolter the archon unit, shadow field and incubi warsuit saving all 3 wounds.
-Rhino with 6 DC, flame and shot the archon unit, again shadow field and incubi warsuit saved all wounds.
-Sanguinor fly down from ruins (pass Dangerous this time lol) to charge the archon unit. Archon manage to deal an unsaved wound on Sanguinor but Eternal warrior protect him from ID. Sanguinor struck back and killed 3 Incubis, Sanguinor proceed to save all wounds from the remaining Incubi attacks.  Losing by 2, archon decided to flee! (Beardy one gave the dark eldar a new nickname -> HUM-dar)
-Ravager came in and shot the assault marines rhino, shaking it twice lol....
-warriors and true born came in but range and heavy weapon prevented them from shooting.
-Wep-less raider tank shocked the 5 assault marines, killing 1 marine who tried to death or glory.

Turn 4 
-Remaining 4 JP assault marines, fly off the table to escape.
-Empty assault marine rhino flat out to escape.
-DC rhino move next to the assault marines, the DC disembarked and ran nearer to the DE warriors.
-Assault marines embarked into the DC rhino.
-Blood thirst attack bike shot the archon raider and wreck it.
-Sanguinor move nearer to table edge, 2-3" from "escaping".
-Wyches came in with raider near sanguinor and charge sanguinor. Raider DL missed sanguinor. Sanguinor struck 1st and only kill 2 wyches. Wyches struck back and dealt too many wounds for the 1 wound Sanguinor to save, killing the ectoplasm blood angel.
-Warriors and trueborn move away from the incoming death coy.
-Ravager shot the rhino with 4 assault marines and rolled "snake eyes" for armour pen...

BA: 2 point

Turn 5
-Assault marines in rhino flat out to escape.
-DC bolter the warriors and killed 2.
-DC charge into warriors and killed 12, making them flee almost off table.
-Blood thirst attack bike shot the wych raider and missed.
-Warriors flee off table.
-wyches embark on raider and move away from the blood-craze biker.
-ravager flatout to escape the incoming DC.
-trueborn continue to move away from the psycho death coy.

BA: 4 point

Turn 6
-blood-thirst biker shot down the wych raider.
-DC mass bolters trueborn to death.
-surviving ravager flatout to keep out of reach of the "martyrs" stuffs (Death coy and blood thirst biker)

Game end on turn 6.

BA: 4 points
Needing a 4 for DE win, I rolled a 5 winning the game.

End game thoughts:
Pretty funny game, from BA crashing into ruins and trying to run away from the psycho/blood crazed units. Made a mistake to reserve everything, should have deployed the ravager to take advantage of its range and shoot down all the BA transport  making it harder for them to escape.

1st game with 5th edition DE, and I feel they are still very fast and deadly. Speed to escape and move to advantageous positions, deadly fire/close combat powers to deal with almost everything. Absolutely love this book, this book also have other very interesting units/toys to try and could make a huge variety of  lists.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knights GW pictures

Army shot

plastic GK strike squad

plastic GK terminators

RELOAD!!! dakka dakka LOL
Mech GK

Pre-order is up on GW official site, online stores will take awhile I think. Go pre-order noW! lololol

Grey Knights wave 1 prices!

The First wave has been confirmed!

Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP

Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set -£20.50 RRp

Can be built as;

* A Grey Knight Squad
* Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)
* Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.
* Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70

(Paladins are two wounded ws5 terminators with apothecaries)

Lord Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP

(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)

Castellan Crowe – £10.25

(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)

Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP

An awesome space monkey!

Credits to

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Batrep 1750 BA vs UM

Played a game this week against Beardy One Ultra marines.  Had not played 40k against Beardy One for a few months due to busy schedule. A last minute organized game and we decided to play standard missions. I was using the same list I used last week.  No pictures taken just a summary of the game.

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead


Ultra marine list ( not accurate)
Korsarro khan (ah-khan)
10 tac marines with flamer, missile, rhino
10 tac marines with flamer, missile, rhino
9 assault marines, rhino (unknown wargear)
5 Devastator with 4 missile
5 scouts all snipers with tellion
7 bikes + 1 attack bike, sgt pf
thunder fire cannon

BA list
Epistolary, fear of darkness, shield
Furioso, frag cannon, melta blood fist, drop pod
Sanguinary priest, JP
9 death coy, hand flamer, PF, PW
DC dreadnought, magna grapple, blood talons
10 assault marines, melta x2 , PF
5 assault marines, razorback, lascannon, TL plasma gun
Baal predator, flamestorm cannon
5 Vanguard veteran, JPx5, PF
Storm raven , TL multi melta, TL lascannon, EA

Beardy One got first turn and seize initiative by BA not successful.

Devastators in ruins 1. Scouts and thunder fire in ruins 2.
Storm raven with DC dread and DC and chaplain behind ruins.

Turn 1 SM
-SM devastators shot the stormraven with 4 missiles scoring 3 Pen and blow it up, killing 2 Death coy in the process.
-Thunder fire cannon open up and killed 3 more death coy.
-Sniper scouts with Tellion manage to inflict 1 wound on chaplain and kill 1 more death coy.
Turn 1 BA
-BA furioso came down with drop pod in between devastators and scouts ruins, shot melta gun but miss the thunderfire.
-DC dread decided to move 2" and 1" for DT and run/fleet rolls...

Turn 2 SM
-10 tac marines , 9 assault marines with Tigurius both with rhinos outflank near position of surviving 3 DC and DC dreadnought.
-The outflanking marines in rhinos fire out using missiles/bolters/storm bolters and Tigurius used vortex, bad rolls only stunned the DC dreadnought which it ignore.
-Scouts and thunder fire cannon killed the remaining 3 DC marines and chaplain.
-SM devastators managed to stun furioso.
Turn 2 BA
-10 BA assault marines with priest DoA down near the 2 outflanking SM rhinos, 2 melta guns wrecked the SM assault marines rhino.
-baal predator outflank in from the left behind the SM assault marine rhino, flamed the disembarked SM assault marines, killing 7 and wounding Tigurius.
-Vanguard DoA down near SM scouts and thunder fire ruins 2, shot their bolt pistols and killed 1 scout.
-ANGRY DC dreadnought missed both its melta and magna grappler shots, charged the remaining outflanking rhino, blew up the SM tac marines rhino and the pansy tac marines decided to flee.
-Furioso launch smoke.

Turn 3 SM
-Korsarro Khan with bikers outflank also on the left just below the DC dreadnought, shot the DC dread destroying 1 melta gun blood talon.
-2nd SM tac marine squad came in from reserve and shot the Vanguard near the scouts, killing 4 veterans, Vanguard sgt pass morale!
-Scouts and thunderfire and fleeing tac marines fire into the 10 BA assault marines with priest, killing the priest, sgt and 3 marines.
-Devastators wreck the baal predator.
Turn 3 BA
-Razorback with epistolary and 5 assault marines came in and shot ah-khan and gang with lascannon and plasma, wounding atk bike.
-DC dreadnought charged into khan and bikers, killing 3 bikes, khan pass LD.
-Furioso climb up the ruins and frag cannon the scouts, killing 3.
-Vanguard sgt JP into ruins and charged the scouts, "falcon punching" Tellion and the remaining 2 scouts.
-Surviving 6 BA assault marines charged Tigurius and 2 SM assault marines, killing them.

Turn 4 SM
-Fleeing SM tac marines flee off table due to 6" within BA assault marines.
-Mass bolters from 2nd tac marines, tear apart the vanguard sgt avenging Tellion and the scouts.
-DC dreadnought killed 1 bike, khan pass LD again.
-Thunderfire cannon killed 2 more BA assault marines.
-Furioso get shaken by devastators.
Turn 4 BA
-DC dreadnought kill 2 more bikers.
-Razorback lascannon 2nd SM tac marine rhino and wrecked it.
-Furioso charged thunderfire cannon, killing both crew and machine.

Turn 5 SM
-Devastators immobilized furioso.
-2nd SM tac marines mass bolters the 4 BA assault marines, wiping them.
-Khan managed to immobilized DC dreadnought with krak nade. DC dread kill atk bike.
Turn 5 BA
-DC dread fluff atks and Khan hit and run to escape combat.
-Ineffective shooting by all BA units.

Game continued to turn 7 with both sides fluffing shooting, wounding etc and range prevented some shootings.
8 : 8

BA have 2 immobilized dreadnoughts left and 1 razorback with epistolary and 5 assault marines.
SM have 1 squad of tac marines and 1 devastator squad and 1 biker and Kosarro khan.

End game thoughts
Was lucky to have a draw in this game. BA would be massacred again if not for Beardy One outflanking to my DC dreadnought. A mistake which nearly cost him this game. He was unlucky late game for not destroying the immobilized furioso which could win him the game.  If he had waited for me to reach his lines, like what Krom and Jaeroler did with their SW and IG in my previous games using the same list. It would be a turkey shoot for his ultra marines since my list dont have much long range and AT stuffs.

I want to play dark eldar so can be both shooty (eat lance DANTE!) and killy (Incubi + beasts of doom)
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