Sunday, June 27, 2010

BT vs IG 1k / BA vs BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Another week end, played 2 games today. 1st game was against Beardy One trying his IG while I try Black templars. Both of us playing our armies for the 1st time.
2nd game was against Skanwy using his theme sanguinary guard BA list, Skanwy was back from Australia for his break and my 1st game with him since last year. I will be using my old BA list.

1st game
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5
Objectives: BT-IG

2nd game
Mission: seize ground (no!!!)
Deployment: Dawn of war (LOL!)
objectives: 3

Game end on turn 6
Objectives: BA(mephiston)-BA(Dante)
Victory to BA(Dante)

Click below for armies lists and game highlights

Saturday, June 19, 2010

BA vs SW/BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Had 2 games with Krom today. 1st game was against his drop pod dreadnought + TWC list. 2nd game was against his BA 6 dreadnoughts list. I will be using my same BA list that was used against IG few days ago, switching my death company dreadnought with a furioso dreadnought as I cant take a death company dreadnought without taking death company squad. (A mistake in my old list which was pointed out by Krom)

1st game
Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 5
SW wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on turn 4 as BA had 2 fleeing assault squads with no chance to rally and a lone terminator +  LRR and a Librarian + rhino left.


Victory to SW

2nd game
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of war (lol... I roll 3 sixes in a row)
BA(mephiston) wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on BA(dreadnought) turn 5 as Krom needed to leave.

BA(mephiston) : BA (dreadnoughts)

Victory to BA(mephiston)

Click below for BA(mephiston) list and some highlights.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Warhammer fantasy 8th edition

Just received an email from GW, 8th edition fantasy goodies are available for pre-order. So much shiny new stuffs, even the new templates are shiny! CR counters, charge arc indicator, compass just to name a few. Must resisttttt the shiniesssssss.

Here is the link for the pre-order stuffs.


DE vs SW 1.75k/ BA vs IG 1.75k normal mission batrep

Played 2 games today after a week of rest. 1st game was against Krom's SW. He change his list to a more mechanize army with 5 razorbacks, 2 LS, 2 dreadnoughts, 3 units of missile long fangs, 1 unit of TWC and wolf lord on TW with cannon fodder wolves.

2nd game was against Jaeroler's IG. He change his usual mechanize list to an infantry list , his new list posted at his blog.

1st game
Mission: Captured and control
Deployment: pitch battle
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 6.
0: 1

Victory to the SW.

2nd game
Mission: Capture and control (dice gods are fickle)
Deployment: pitch battle (yes again...)
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5.

Victory to the BA.

2nd game fluff from the traitors perspective on Jaeroler blog.
2nd game  turn overview here.

Click below for DE & BA list and highlights of game.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Enrgie started Tale of 6 armies 3wks ago to encourage us to paint our armies. After the success of Tale of 6 armies 1st challenge. Tale of  6 armies: Spearhead was started, participants had to commit 1 vehicle/walker/MC and completely built + paint it before 21st June 2010.

Here is my committed vehicle the drop pod.

Click the link below for more pictures and some tools I used.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tale of six gamers

Guess I'm probably a week late with my entry for the tale of six gamers. Promised to paint up ten space marines scouts by sunday. Accomplished that but was prevented from posting them online by a faulty internet connection. Only managed to get it repaired yesterday.

Anyways, here's my SM scouts, tried to build them up in line with my '300' Blood Angels successor chapter (hope I don't incur any copyright issues here).

They're actually two units of five each led by a sergeant. One squad is armed with bolters while the other is more offensive minded and armed with bolt pistols and close combat weapons

Squad 1 armed with bolt pistols and CCW Squad 2 with bolters

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Did not complete my 9+1 models for the Tale of 6 armies event organized by Enrgie. I just managed to basecoat the models and half paint a test model.  I will continue to work on them and post the finished models pictures once they are done. 
I blame distractions, like "Battlefield bad company 2", "CSI",  "mousehunt" and my constant slacking for not meeting the date line. Anyway I painted other stuffs with pictures. Click the link below

Friday, June 4, 2010

BA VS IG (1.75k) normal mission batrep

Played a game today. Testing a new list or rather units and configurations that I never try before.

Mission: Annihilation 
Deployment: Dawn of War (LOL)

Got to apologize to Krom that he came without playing. The traitors IG were rolling 100+ dice for each squad shooting phase...

Pictures and more detailed batrep can be found here in Jaeroler blog.

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