Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skaven wave 2

Releasing in the month of January, Skaven wave 2 incoming! Plastic HPA lovely!!! but the price of £30 kind of steep for me and I will just get 1. Will be getting the doom flayer , Ikit claw and Tretch also. The magic cards and uniform heraldry book are also in my buy list if my wallet make it's armour save from the damage.

With rumours of Blood Angels wave 2 releasing in Feb, I'm thinking whether to save some cash for it...

pics taken from 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas hehehe

Kind of late greeting here :)  Received my order from Darksphere just in time for Christmas.

Always wanted a skyshield

Played my 1st  40k game today against Krom after a 5 month hiatus. Using my BA against  Krom 5th edition Dark eldar. We rolled spear-head: annihilation, game end on turn 7 with Dark Eldar winning 14 : 9 KP.

After game thoughts
Very interesting game, 5th edition Dark Eldar allow lots of variety for different style of play. Beastmasters are the sleeper unit in the codex. IMO most competitive DE list will include them. In the FA slot and very cheap for huge amount of wounds. Rending and good wound allocation, they can take out marines with ease and even survive ID shots/attacks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hungry Ratman + S&M elves??

A month without an update here lololol. Blog is still alive. Had been playing 8th edition WH fantasy during the period of absence. Using my ultimate proxy skaven army (dice + movement tray + empty bases)  against the pansy HE and Ogres mostly.

Conclusion from the games:
Steadfast rocks! Clanrats took a head on collusion charge from a beefed up ogre bulls unit with butcher thrown in and manage to hold combat! Not once had my clanrats hold combat when charged by a "speeding train" (ogre charge) in 7th edition. Parry also did wonders for the clanrats.

Vermin lord was extremely disappointing for its point cost. It was cut down by 6 white lions in 1 round of CC and electrocuted by my doom wheel in another game (lol). Never taking it again... maybe for points filler if playing larger games.

Thats all for fantasy, now onto 40k! Got my Dark Eldar 5th edition codex!  The new plastic dark eldar are absolutely stunning. GW plastic miniatures are really top-notched. Just when I thought the new death company and sanguinary guard were beautiful, GW outperformed themselves again with the new DE plastics

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dante's gold bars

Had some hobby time today and decided to start with something small. Primed 20 plague monks and painted up an objective for 40k.

Present to you Dante's gold bars :)

Its something I always wanted to do after ID-ing Dante numerous times with melta. Finally finished it today.

-Gold bars airbrushed with gaia notes star bright gold.
-Skull and Imperial eagle painted with VGC bonewhite, wash with devlan mud and dry brushed with bonewhite again.
-Gnd texture was vallejo black lava, painted with adeptus battlegrey and wash with badab black and drybrush with VGC ghostly grey.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today, I decided to try HE in a 2250 fantasy game. My opponent is none other than our resident slaan player (Grimloq) .

Why use the pansy HE you may ask?
ans: If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. - Sun Tze

LOL anyway I lose again... HE killed a grand total of 2 units of 10 skinks and 1 unit of chamelon skinks. Game ended on turn 4 with HE having 4 RBTs and some archers left....

Fun stuffs
-Teclics failed to cast purple sun due to slaan ability of discarding rolls of 6s on PDs. (WTF PWN!)
-Lvl 2 mage cast pendulum twice, both rolling short for distance to slaan and once fail to cast big pendulum on 6PD... (DICE, thou forsaken me yet again)
-Teclics got 1 shot by IF dwellers in turn 1. (*face palm*) 
-Lvl 2 mage get a str6  IF wound due to slaan cupped hands, turning into frog in subsequent turn and dying to dwellers. (when turning into frog is not enough)

Close combat
-22 sperm elves charge 20 saurus, elves dealt 0 wounds and broke. Saurus pursuit 12, elves flee an incredible 4.
-11 phoenix guards vs 16 Toughness 8 temple guard. (slaan total magic domination with hex and augment)

-5 salamanders went around flaming sword masters, pansy ASF masters decided to FLEE! with just 4 casualties!
(ASF = Always SURE FLEE!!!)

It was a fun game nonetheless, learned more of HE after using them today. Expecting my 100 battles without loss soon hehe. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pray they don't take you ALIVE!!!

5th edition DE codex

Incubi (top)
Warrior, archeon  (2nd) 
wyches, special character (3rd)
jetbike, raider (bottom)

Pics from Games Day UK 2010. I am totally mesmerized by the new DE. Heck fantasy, I found my new focus and going to buy the new 5th ed DE  whole range! I will focus on DE 1st, paint them up WOOT! no more "Afrika korp" models :) 
I'm going to be very broke, so... WILL WORK FOR 5th edtion DE models!!! lololol 
slave to DE models :D

Pictures taken from warseer forum
and bell of lost souls forum

Oh and this wkend  I played 2 games of fantasy against (krom). Batrep and some pictures can be found in Krom's blog at this link.
I was using my same WE list from the previous months.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally an update

Had not been updating my blog for awhile :) but still involved in the hobby. I started playing 8th edition WH fantasy this few weeks.  Had not fully read the 8th edition rule book yet, just some sections. Also waiting for discounts before getting the small 8th ed rule book (easier to read) from the island of blood boxset.

Fantasy games I played these few wks
VC (me) vs LM (Grimloq) 1k game - VC massacred 0 models left
WE (me) vs HE (Enrgie) 2k game - WE massacred 0 models left
some pictures of the game in below link.

Skaven(me) + HE(Krom) vs DE(Jaeroler) + OK (The beardy one) -  Island of blood alliance won by
3100+ : 1600+ VP

The plague furnace is mad! Anything it touch it kills, the furnace is like an unstoppable disease train.
1)Big ASF black guards - charge by it and kill off the black guards.
2)Ogres with tyrant - charge tyrant with ogres and ran them down.
3)lead blechers - charge lead blechers and chase them down.
4)Slave giant - charge by it and unbreakable furnace survived till end game.

I like the model alot and the furnace performance in the game really inspire me to build it up and paint it. I think its only weakness is purple sun LOL, with no initiative its basically a free frag for purple sun.

This video reminds me of purple sun

With Dark eldar schedule for release in november and planning to buy 1 island of blood, I am going to be so broke. Going to eat bread for many months to save up for the plastic crack gw releasing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fantasy batrep 2250 WE vs HE

got purple sun? :)
Had my 1st actual game of (1vs1) 8th Warhammer Fantasy today. I was using WE as this is my only army I had actual models built to hit 2250 pts. I played against Krom HE. His list posted in his blog here.

We played pitch battle since we are still not very familiar with 8th ed rules.

Victory points
1480 : 1982

Victory to the HE.

Highlights of the game
-Treeman ancient got hit by IF purple sun and died in turn 1. Purple sun continue to kill 2 more dryads and 3 more glade guards in its path of destruction.
-2 wild riders having survived 2xRBTs shooting, charge 1 of the RBT and got cut down by RBT crews...
-A dryads unit charge sword masters and broke them, fleeing solo sword master flee through a unit of archers panicking them and both ran off table. (pansy elves!)
-2 HE great eagles charge a Spellsinger and with some crazy luck and 5+ regen manage to survive for 2 turns.
-A unit of 20 eternal guard was charged by a unit of phoenix guard with lvl 4 wiz and noble bsb. Eternal guard lost combat but had more ranks than phoenix guard. Steadfast on 8, roll 10 for break... & flee 7... (NO!!!)
Phoenix guard pursuit 12...

After game thoughts:
Purple Sun of Xereus = INSANE!!!
I forgotten my dryads, treekin and wildriders have fear during the game. Not that it matters a lot with the fear nerf in 8th ed.
Big cheap units still the way to go and expensive units going MSU to prevent getting 1 shot by magic or artillery.

Will continue to build & magnetize and paint my VC to prepare for the next game.

Friday, August 27, 2010

MalifauX LCB nightmare version

Received this in the mail today. Had some trouble buying this LE miniature at 1st, got to thank The Beardy One for allowing me to try his CC to purchase this, but in the end was able to purchase this in wyrd miniature web store using paypal.

This miniature currently going around for US$200 in Ebay... the retail price was US$60. Anyway I want this miniature and won't put it up for auction in Ebay to earn some quick cash.

This is a master character for the game MalifauX. I intend to use this as a daemon prince for my Daemon of Chaos army. Also after reading/listening and watching some review of the game MalifauX, I'm interested to try it if the guys in the gaming grp want to try also. Its a skirmish based game and would not cost more than S$60 to start and play. The miniatures created by Wyrd miniatures are incredible, not your usual sci-fi/fantasy type.

Visit this link to get more info and pics,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New purchases part 2.33441323

Maelstrom games recently gave 17.5% discount for their web orders and I could not resist the temptation.  Razorback and 2nd box of daemonettes were not in photo.

Next purchase should be the island of blood fantasy box set...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantasy batrep 2250 HE VS VC + OK

With the release of 8th edition WH fantasy recently, and getting hold of the rule book, we are back to fantasy. Had a test game against Krom's HE. Due to insufficient models on my side and Beardy One bringing his ogres. We had a 2vs1 (2250) game.

Mission: Blood and glory
HE break pt: 3
HE fortitude: 6 ( I think)
OK + VC break pt: 3
OK + VC fortitude: 5 (counting only 1 army general)

Game end on HE turn 3, with victory to HE.

Highlights of the game:

-Vampire lord with frost blade in a unit of 30 grave-guards charged and caught a unit of shadow warriors, chase away a chariot and a unit of archers.
-Vampire lord on turn 3 decided to go crazy and cast "Winds of undeath" on 4 PD. Getting IF easily but HE mage had "Trickster pendant" forcing Vamp lord to roll miscast twice - A 5 and 4 was rolled and 4 was chosen. The "Dimensional cascade" down vamp lord to 1 wound and killed 18 GG... and 6 HE archers. 
-Vamp lord + GG with standard  was mass RBT to death, effectively losing the game for the evil side.

-30 horde skeletons with spears was combined charged by 2 chariots and a unit of silver helms. Losing combat by 15, the skeletons had 14 left after wounds and crumble to dust.

-Necromancer on corpse cart was charged (overrun) by a chariot, impacts hits killing the necromancer instantly who decided to stand in front to block the speeding chariot. Zombies was able to flank the chariot and combine atks from the undead destroyed the chariot. (Zombies was on steroids and dealt 2 wounds)

-29 ghouls was charged by another chariot but ghouls won combat due to numbers.

- A slave giant was charged by a chariot, head butt + thunder stomp decimate the chariot.  
-Lead blechers was sniped by RBT before getting charged and wiped out by silver helms + chariot.
-Gut magic 2D6 str 2 no ar sv spell was used on silver helms but was promptly dispelled. 

-HE fluff most of his shooting rolls as Krom's HE army was very shooty. Rolled 5 dice - 5 ones LOL.
-With only a lvl 1 wizard, there was not much magic action on HE side.

End game thoughts
-Big block of infantry FTW. 30 at least if the unit have decent armour saves. 40-50 if they have paper armour to be able to absorb the initial atks and get steadfast before help arrives/ win by CR.
-HW+ shield good for infantry blocks that have crap offensive abilities.
-Monster creatures with thunder stomp oooooo POWER! 
-The new magic system is fun fun fun LOL!!!

Looking forward to more games of fantasy and budgeting for more SHINY minis. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate Painting eyes

After looking at The Ward Save painting updates. I felt inspired to update my painting progress also. Staying at home on the weekend, I decided to start painting my BA assault terminators. (Storm shield take!!! lol...)

I primed them with "Mr Hobby 1000 grey primer", then basecoated them with "Mr Hobby Super Italian Red" (no.158) all with airbrush.
After a run + dinner + shower, I started on their eyes or helmet lens. The 5 pair of lenses took me 3 hours to paint while watching Taiwanese variety show.
1st I use "Vallejo model colour park green flat" to base coat the lens. For highlight I use "Vallejo game colour Livery green". A 000 brush was used to paint the lenses.

ANGRY Terminator!!!

The base coat look very glossy now due to the nature of  "Mr Hobby Super Italian Red" (no.158)  being a gloss paint. Matt varnish will be spray over the completed terminator to lower/erase the gloss.

Click below for more WIP pics.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog New Name + weekend 40k

I decided to change the blog name to "Floor Gaming" since we had been war-gaming on the floor since 6th edition Warhammer fantasy.  Crawling and sitting cross-legged gaming for hours, using floor tiles as battleground borders. The floor tiles are no longer in used as we had the gaming board now but still gaming on the floor hahaha.

Had a game with Jaeroler psyker IG list here.  I was using my old BA list here.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Spearhead

Victory to the traitor guards.
Jaeroler newest quote - "Death to the false Emperor, long live the Queen"

-BA had a 1 arm furioso dreadnought left on turn 7.

I think that sums up the battle hahaha, I seriously need to change my BA list to include more objectives sitters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


WOOT! CAPS FTW lol... After getting influence by Skanwy over at the ward save, I decided to start a Black Templar army too LOL. Fanatical power armour zealots oh yes!

I have enough marines to build both  BA and BT armies,  but I dont have enough vehicles for both... unless I buy more vehicles lol... (red razorback in a BT army looks wrong) Anyway will decide the colours of the vehicles later, while I assemble the marines 1st.

Here is the LE Emperor Champion I won in Ebay and just received it today.

Monday, July 12, 2010

40k battle mission 3k game

Had a 2vs2 3k game last sat. We decided to play battle missions for something different. Each player will bring 1.5k.
After some dice rolling, it was Blood Angels + Black Templars vs Chaos marines + IG. Emperor's finest combining to kill the traitors.

Mission: Preemptive strike

Victory to the Imperium
Imperium : Traitors
 29 : 18

Here are some pictures from the game. No batrep as I was sleepy and distracted by enrgie setting up a 2nd table for another game.

Emperor's Finest surge towards the traitors

Daemon prince vs death company (DP got killed)

  Emperor champion and crusaders bullying traitor guardmen

It was a fun game with many fun stuffs happening every turn. Dante got smashed by a chaos marine champion power fist, failing his iron halo twice (wahahaha). Neophytes again bear the brunt of the shooting and their sacrifices allow the templars to close into CC. Mephiston was pinned by ratlings and psykers. (not sure if mephiston dead in the end) 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Orks vs BT normal mission batrep 1.5k

Warboss "Crazy-Squig" feel a need to launch a miniature waaagh raiding party on the eastern fringe of the lush agri world - Riau  . The Orks were running rampage in a sub-urban settlement, looting + slaughtering. The humans last cry for help was intercepted by the Black Templars - "The Mandarsa Crusade". A small strike force consisting mainly of Templars and bikes, the Templars answer the call and landed on the outskirt of the settlement.

Objectives of the Black Templars are
-Secure a zone for reinforcements and supplies.
-Capturing the centre administratum ruin to gather intel and gain vantage point over the orks forces.
-Recover any artifacts from a ruined manufactorum.

Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: 3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BT vs IG 1k / BA vs BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Another week end, played 2 games today. 1st game was against Beardy One trying his IG while I try Black templars. Both of us playing our armies for the 1st time.
2nd game was against Skanwy using his theme sanguinary guard BA list, Skanwy was back from Australia for his break and my 1st game with him since last year. I will be using my old BA list.

1st game
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5
Objectives: BT-IG

2nd game
Mission: seize ground (no!!!)
Deployment: Dawn of war (LOL!)
objectives: 3

Game end on turn 6
Objectives: BA(mephiston)-BA(Dante)
Victory to BA(Dante)

Click below for armies lists and game highlights

Saturday, June 19, 2010

BA vs SW/BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Had 2 games with Krom today. 1st game was against his drop pod dreadnought + TWC list. 2nd game was against his BA 6 dreadnoughts list. I will be using my same BA list that was used against IG few days ago, switching my death company dreadnought with a furioso dreadnought as I cant take a death company dreadnought without taking death company squad. (A mistake in my old list which was pointed out by Krom)

1st game
Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 5
SW wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on turn 4 as BA had 2 fleeing assault squads with no chance to rally and a lone terminator +  LRR and a Librarian + rhino left.


Victory to SW

2nd game
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of war (lol... I roll 3 sixes in a row)
BA(mephiston) wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on BA(dreadnought) turn 5 as Krom needed to leave.

BA(mephiston) : BA (dreadnoughts)

Victory to BA(mephiston)

Click below for BA(mephiston) list and some highlights.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Warhammer fantasy 8th edition

Just received an email from GW, 8th edition fantasy goodies are available for pre-order. So much shiny new stuffs, even the new templates are shiny! CR counters, charge arc indicator, compass just to name a few. Must resisttttt the shiniesssssss.

Here is the link for the pre-order stuffs.


DE vs SW 1.75k/ BA vs IG 1.75k normal mission batrep

Played 2 games today after a week of rest. 1st game was against Krom's SW. He change his list to a more mechanize army with 5 razorbacks, 2 LS, 2 dreadnoughts, 3 units of missile long fangs, 1 unit of TWC and wolf lord on TW with cannon fodder wolves.

2nd game was against Jaeroler's IG. He change his usual mechanize list to an infantry list , his new list posted at his blog.

1st game
Mission: Captured and control
Deployment: pitch battle
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 6.
0: 1

Victory to the SW.

2nd game
Mission: Capture and control (dice gods are fickle)
Deployment: pitch battle (yes again...)
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5.

Victory to the BA.

2nd game fluff from the traitors perspective on Jaeroler blog.
2nd game  turn overview here.

Click below for DE & BA list and highlights of game.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Enrgie started Tale of 6 armies 3wks ago to encourage us to paint our armies. After the success of Tale of 6 armies 1st challenge. Tale of  6 armies: Spearhead was started, participants had to commit 1 vehicle/walker/MC and completely built + paint it before 21st June 2010.

Here is my committed vehicle the drop pod.

Click the link below for more pictures and some tools I used.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tale of six gamers

Guess I'm probably a week late with my entry for the tale of six gamers. Promised to paint up ten space marines scouts by sunday. Accomplished that but was prevented from posting them online by a faulty internet connection. Only managed to get it repaired yesterday.

Anyways, here's my SM scouts, tried to build them up in line with my '300' Blood Angels successor chapter (hope I don't incur any copyright issues here).

They're actually two units of five each led by a sergeant. One squad is armed with bolters while the other is more offensive minded and armed with bolt pistols and close combat weapons

Squad 1 armed with bolt pistols and CCW Squad 2 with bolters

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Did not complete my 9+1 models for the Tale of 6 armies event organized by Enrgie. I just managed to basecoat the models and half paint a test model.  I will continue to work on them and post the finished models pictures once they are done. 
I blame distractions, like "Battlefield bad company 2", "CSI",  "mousehunt" and my constant slacking for not meeting the date line. Anyway I painted other stuffs with pictures. Click the link below

Friday, June 4, 2010

BA VS IG (1.75k) normal mission batrep

Played a game today. Testing a new list or rather units and configurations that I never try before.

Mission: Annihilation 
Deployment: Dawn of War (LOL)

Got to apologize to Krom that he came without playing. The traitors IG were rolling 100+ dice for each squad shooting phase...

Pictures and more detailed batrep can be found here in Jaeroler blog.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wargames history - Crazyrat Edition

I started playing 'Magic the gathering' card game when I was in primary school till sec sch. Besides buying the cards frequently, I also bought a monthly magazine called 'Inquest' which was an unofficial M:TG magazine. Inside a particular issue, 'Inquest' did a review of epic warhammer 40k, I saw the models and was immediately hooked. Further 40k poison was introduce into my system after I saw the box art of warhammer 40k 2nd edition box through some advertisement inside the magazine.

Big wall of text incoming if you press below.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Death coy

Enrgie started Tale of 6 armies  to get us painting. I committed 9 death coy and 1 chaplain for the painting event. Here are my progress:

9 death coy primed and ready to be painted. I throw in mephiston and a chaos marine too. (chaplain was not in picture but was primed)

Some tools I used:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Orks vs DE (1.5k) Battle mission Batrep

Played a game today, using my orks. Would be playing against Krom's DE. We decide on battlemission. Winning the roll off , and rolling 2 for mission, we would be playing Blitzkrieg (German, "lightning war" is an anglicized word describing all-mechanized force concentration of tanks, infantry, artillery and air power, concentrating overwhelming force and rapid speed to break through enemy lines, and once the latter is broken, proceeding without regard to its flank.)

Mission: Blitzkrieg
Deployment: Battle mission deployment
Objectives: 3

Friday, May 21, 2010

BA (1.75k) normal mission batrep

Weekday 40k. Played 2 games yesterday.
1st game was against Krom SW, 2nd game was against Jaeroler IG.
I was using the same list here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have updated my weblog and have included the game I played yesterday with a friend of mine in HK.

Check it out and as always leave your comments:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speedpainting Orcs

In the spirit of our Tale of 5 Gamers, here is something that will help:

This will help the Orc players!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tale of 6 Armies

Okay guys,

Based on the conversations so far we have had, it seems like I have a few people who are quite interested with our Tales of Armies!

In keeping it simple, here are the rules of the game:

  1. Commit 10 models from your collection to this blog - a short post will do but if you have a picture that will do as well (I do suggest signing up for Picasa to store all your pictures) []
  2. Attempt to complete these 10 models within 2 weeks
  3. Put up a photo in 2 weeks from the start date. That gives you 2 full days per model! 
Let me know who else is keen. The reward is completing your army and our battlereports will be so much nicer! 
  1. Ray: Tyranids: 10 Termagants
  2. Sam: Blood Angels: 10 Sanguinary Guard
  3. Youcai: Blood Angels: 9 Death Company + 1 chaplain 
  4. Daniel: 10 Space Marine Scouts
  5. Defeng: Chaos: 10 Traitor Guard
  6. Melvin: 10 Imperial Guard

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BA VS SW (1.75k) batrep

2nd game was against Defu (Krom) SW. I will let him feel "mepcheezeto" power! I was using the same BA list as listed here .

Krom's SW list and his thoughts for the game in this link .

Mission: Captured and Control
Deployment: Dawn of war

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BA VS IG (1.75k) batrep

Another wkend, 40k as usual. Played 2 games today using the new BA. 1st game was against Defeng (Jaeroler) IG.
I will be using this list as posted here .
Jaeroler IG list posted below in the comments.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitched battle

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tyranid Micetic Spores

I've been very interested in the Mycetic spores in the army list but so far without a good model in the GW range has left me the choice of getting an alternate model or make one.

I saw this online and thought this may be a good shout. However, thinking further I might just make my own. Sam, you have any ideas? Like I would definitely like to use existing parts from our Monstrous Creature frames since I cannot sculpt for nuts. That would give it the detail needed. 

Another one I saw:

Finally the guys at Beasts of War gave a very good sample which I am penchant to use. It's got the least amount of modelling, is about the correct size and I guess you guys won't have an issue with it.

Take a peek at this link:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Renovation Works

Guys I am testing out the various layouts to the blog. Anyone have a nice banner for the top of this site?

YC I remember you had one in the past?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 9th May 2010


I had a great 2v2 game this Sunday with the HK Boyz.

Each player had 1750. It was Nids vs Imperium.

I obviously was on the Nids side and these are the following pictures:

Just as a preface, I love the Tervigon! With 2 of these guys, I am almost horde without numbers! Looks like I'll have to get another Carnifex to proxy for these guys until the actual model comes out.

40k Battle Mission chaos marines vs Tau

Had a 2nd game on the wkend with Alvin (Grimcron). We played 1750 Chaos marine vs Tau.

Mission: Black crusade (battle mission)

Chaos list
Daemon prince
Mark of Khorne

Terminators x5
champion + PF
combi melta x 5

chaos marines x10 x3
champ + PF x3
plasma gun x1 x3
missile x1 x3
Icon of chaos glory x3
225 x 3 = 675

Berserkers x10
Champ + PF
Rhino + dozer blade
Landraider + dozer blade
obliterators x 2
obliterator x 1

Sunday, May 9, 2010

40k Battle Mission Batrep

Back to playing weekly 40k games.

1st game
Dark Eldar vs Blood Angels (1k)
Mission: Surprise Attack (battle mission book)

DE list

Archon 60
Punisher +20
Drugs +25
Shadow field +25
Trophy rack +5
Incubi 25 x 6
Raider +55
Plasma nades +12
--- 4KP
Wyches 12 x 10
Sucubbus +8
Agonizer +25
Plasma nades +10
Wyches weps +10
raider +55
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
Ravager 105
Disintegrator +5x3

BA list (not exact)
5x sanguinary guard---1KP
1x sanguinary priest---2KP
1x assault sq with razorback (TL plasma, lascannon)---2KP
5x death coy with razorback (heavy flamer)---2KP
1x chaplin---2KP

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Off topic beef

Best beef I ate in my life... Words cant describe the taste and the texture of the meat.  (yea, I fry them before consuming... not into raw meat here)

Off topic post.
Not related to wargaming at all hahaha :)

I'm back!!

After a month of no updates from me. I'm back with a vengeance. hehehe

Stuffs that arrived in April.

All my spezze mehrine                                Part of  Beardy Ones' stuffs

All my stuffs are to be built into BA. Starting my 1st Spezze mehrine army, will take me 1-2 months to build them.
For Beardy One I think he is painting his own colour scheme "spartan marines" and using his marines for both BA and SM codex.

Till then, signing off. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Game 26th April 2010


Got in a game this weekend. Was hung over and played like a muppet pretty much the earlier 2 turns but my opponent was really nice. He gave me a lot of tips and explained his logic behind his moves and the moves that I made.

Great game but I won't want to spoil it for you so go over to the pics. There will be commentary there.

Do leave your comments too!

Monday, April 19, 2010

1750 BA list

Came up my 1st BA list. Wanting to test Mephiston "uber-ness" I included him as the leader of this BA "strike force". The assault terminators will sit in their LR:R and go forward to engage in CC. 1st turn Death coy dreadnought will drop pod assault down to let opponent have something to shoot, while the rest of my fast rhino and razorback  with death coy and assault marines move forward (flat out if passengers can disembark if wreck).
Sanguinary priest will give fnp to the assault marines and terminators. Last squad of assault marines will either deep-strike in or fly around to engage random things. Chaplain will allow the death coy to reroll hit and wounds.

Mephiston (250)

Chaplain (100)
bolt pistol

Sanguinary priest x 2 (100)
PW x 1 (15)
Termin ar x 1 (35)

Terminator assault sq (200)
TH, SS x 3 (15)
LC x 2 (0)
Ded transport: LR:R (240)

Death coy x9 (180)
TH x 1 , boltgun (30)
PF x 1 , Boltgun (25)
PW x 1, Boltpistol (15)
Boltpistol x 5 (0)
Infernus Pistol x 1 (15)
Ded transport: Rhino (50)

Assault sq x 5 (100)
PF x 1 (25)
SS x 1 (20)
boltpistol x 3 (0)
Infernus pistol x 1 (15)
Chain swd x 4 (0)
Remove jump pack x 5 (-35)
Ded transport: Razorback TL lascannon (55)

Death coy dreadnought (125)
Blood talons x2 (0)
Ded transport: drop pod (35)

Assault sq (100)
combat shield (5)

Points: 1750


Just got back from Taipei yesterday and I have begun working on my Tervigon. Taking Grim's advice, I am actually building him up as a normal Carnifex but will be using him as a proxy for the Tervigon until it is actually out as a model.

Besides, 4 Scything Talons on a Carni works out as a Tervigon yes? Let me know what your comments are: would you be happy to play against me if I used this?

I will post photos soon.

Great guide on magnetizing a Carni. I am doing the exact thing to by Carni now.

Monday, April 12, 2010


My orders from Maelstrom just arrived!

4 boxes of Gargoyles, 1 Carni and 3 Hive Guard. WEEEEEE

Here's a photo of the stuff I got!

Painting Week


No game for me for this weekend and the next (I'm going to Taipei this weekend for my birthday!).

I'll be playing 2 games on the 25th and will post pics then.

Anyway, my friends played a big 3000 a side game. 3 quick snaps for you guys to satisfy the jitters.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amended list

Updated this list based on my recent battle:

1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) @ 255 Pts
Leech Essence; Psychic Scream; Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature;
Bonded Exoskeleton; Wings; Scything Talons (x2); Hive Commander

1 Tyrant Guard (HQ) @ 60 Pts
Blind Rampage; Shieldwall; Scything Talons; Rending Claws

1 Trygon (Heavy Support) @ 200 Pts
Instinctive Behavior - Feed; Subterranean Assault; Scything Talons (x2);
Bio-electric Pulse

8 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 172 Pts
Rending Claws

1 Broodlord @ [60] Pts
#Aura of Despair; #Hypnotic Stare; Rending Claws

8 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 112 Pts
Rending Claws

1 Tyranid Prime (HQ) @ 85 Pts
Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Alpha Warrior; Scything Talons;

3 Tyranid Warrior Brood (Troops) @ 105 Pts
Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Scything Talons; Deathspitter

10 Termagant Brood (Troops) @ 50 Pts

3 Hive Guard Brood (Elites) @ 150 Pts
Impaler Cannon

1 Tervigon (Troops) @ 175 Pts
#Dominion; Catalyst; Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Brood
Progenitor; Spawn Termagants; Stinger Salvo

0 Termagant Brood @ [0] Pts

3 Biovore Brood (Heavy Support) @ 135 Pts
Spore Mine Launcher

0 Spore Mine @ [0] Pts
Living Bomb

Models in Army: 41
Total Army Cost: 1499

This army will arrive in two main waves.

Deployment: Tyrant Guard and Tyrant with Wings will deploy up front. Closest to the enemy to take the battle. Tyrant will target heavy vehicles early if not HQ units. High threat units will die first.

Tervigon, Biovore and Hive Guard will hang back. HG will try to take out tanks and skimmers as quickly as possible while remaining hidden. Biovore will target infantry units. Tervigon to keep laying Termagants to capture objectives.

Termagant unit will move forward to as middle group to capture easy objectives.

The main assault will come from the Reserved units:
Genestealers (x2), Trygon and Warriors wi Prime will arrive through outflanking - hopefully on the same table edge. Warriors to shoot enemies who can countercharge the Genestealers who will get stuck in - further up the table since the Genestealers can fleet. The Hive Guard need to have popped open transports for my Genestealers and Warriors. The Warriors will charge anything that survives after that. Nuff said!

1500 Nids vs Dark Eldar

Had a good game over this weekend. This time against DE. Good game but I still struggle against armour!! Ughhhh....anyways, I have ordered 3 Hive Guard to shoot down those pesky skimmers and flyers. My big creatures will tear the slower heavy vehicles. I'll post my new list later but here's this week's game.

The photos can actually be found here:

I have included captions at the bottom and you can view my comments there! I won't spoil the ending so go over and take a peek!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vallejo still water

Bought this to cover up the skull and holes on the realm of battle gaming board. Quite expensive for such a small bottle as the liquid will shrink after drying and you need to pour more to cover the holes evenly. After covering all the holes, i'm left with around 20% of the 200ml. Took 24hrs to dry, but it took 48hrs to fully dry & shrink.

Testing new modelling stuffs not good for the wallet :( 

I'll use the last 20% to make some pond or swamp or maybe use it on model bases.
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