Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painted Terrain Update

Back to updating the blog after a long hiatus. Besides actively seeking employment during these period and finding out the answer to number of basketballs that can fit in a room... I also did some painting. A piece of terrain I bought many years ago, Amera block ruin.

The terrain can be use for 40k and Malifaux which the gaming group had been playing alot recently.

One of the sides

I "stip" the surfaces of the ruin using some left over paint from house painting to create texture on the smooth plastic surface, making dry brushing easier later. After, I primed the whole building black with some cheap flat black paint. The base coat was painted with GW Adeptus Battle grey and later drybrush with Vallejo Model Color Light grey. Next was spraying the terrain with Gunze Sangyo Mr Super Clear flat and dusting the whole surface with Mig pigment concrete and sealed with Mig pigment fixer. 

How to "stip" the surface to create concrete like texture using house paint.

I textured the floors using Coat d'arms Brushscape dark earth which is a kind of texture paint. The beams were plastic frames cut out from sprues. The floors were kind of weak even when splash with a large amount of plastic glue, so I decided to strengthen the floors using the plastic frames. Metal miniatures won't have problems standing on it.     

The beams were painted with GW dwarf bronze and wash with diluted Vallejo Game Color Verdigris.
The ground were dark brown (Coat d'arms Brushscape dark earth) dry-brush with Vallejo Game Color Ghost grey, spray with Gunze Sangyo Mr Super Clear flat, lastly dust with Mig pigment concrete and sealed with Mig pigment fixer.

The other side

Free hand and decal

I tried free hand some heretical graffiti to make the terrain more interesting using Vallejo Model color flat red. Created the streaks to make it look like some heretic wrote it with his mutilated bloody hands. 

The chaos sign is from a CSM decal. Using Gunze Sangyo Mr Mark softer - a decal solution, the decal adhere well to the surface did not gave any problems and looks perfect. 

Next I would be painting the Dreadstone Blight or my Dark Eldar army or my Malifaux crew... so many stuffs to paint lol...


enrgie said...

That is really nice! Best effort to date! LOL!

Now work on that Fantasy Army!

crazyrat said...

Many skeletons to go lol.

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