Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jumping into DE

Not much update this month...

Following my comp MB dying, my graphic card (8800GTS) decided to die as well. It died at the right time also... 1mth after the 2yrs warranty ended (nice timing)... without warranty it became a very expensive piece of paper weight (cost me S$425, 2yrs ago). Bought a cheapo ATI 4350 for $58 to tide me over until I got cash to get a decent graphic card.

Jumping into DE

I always like armies that can move very fast, have bits of everything -shooting/assault and I prefer very offensive armies. Single out Dark eldar/eldar/nids.
Wanted to go with eldar at 1st but after calculating the $$$ cost, it was even more expensive than expanding my current ork army. Nids was slighty less expensive as compared to eldar but been assault orientated I drop nids as well. DE fulfil all the requirements and I decided to jump into DE.

Bought 2 DE battleforce, a talos, 3 blisters of incubi, and traded 4 succubus/wyches.

Need 2 more boxes of ravagers , a raider and box of de corsairs for wyches conversion. I could field a 1.5k+ army.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local 40k tournament

Attended a local 40k tournament held on 25th July 09 at the private house of the organizer. There were 14 players and prizes were awarded to the top 3. The players are allow 2 army lists, which they need to select 1 before the start of every game.
Using swiss system every player will play a total of 3 games, earning up to 25 VP per game (total: 75) . They will also be judged on their painting and WYSIWYG also 25 VP for a grand total of 100 VP - for determining top 3 places.

Below are the pics for the event.

I did not took part in the tournament as I did not have a 1750 40k army during that time. Anyway the event was a success, ending at around 7pm. The 1st place had 81 VP, while the 2nd & 3rd had 64, 63 respectively. The top 3 prizes are vouchers to a local miniatures webstore.
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