Monday, September 15, 2014

Iron warriors (HH) VS Space wolves + Ultra Marines (7th) 1850

Had a game of 40k with gaming buddy Krom for the first time since 2012. Didn't get to play a game against him as I was really busy with work for the past years and he went to the US for phd studies.

I will be trying out the Horus heresy Iron warriors list. Krom will be using the 7th edition Space Wolves book with a unit of ultra marines (bikers) allies.

We played the eternal war mission: Emperor's will (rolled) since Krom had not been playing 40k for years and not familiar with the 7th edition rules.

Deployment: Long table edge (rolled) but we decided to go with dawn of war deployment for less hassle. If we had go with long table edge, it will be to my advantage as my shooty army will have more turns to shoot before the SW can reach my lines.
Arjac and terminators drop pod in to IW lines on turn 1
  • With night fight in play on turn 1, around 1/3 of IW shooting was saved by cover saves. Didn't managed to neutralised any threats. 
  • All the Space wolves units rush head long into the IW lines, Arjac and terminators were only able to glance some of IW vehicles. No unit was destroyed in either turn 1. 

Storm Fang proxy (Valkyrie) zoom in to deliver death
Turn 2

  • IW concentrated all their shooting on Arjac and terminators but the Anvil of Fenris just wont die and a single terminator survived. 
  • Most of the Space Wolves and Ultra marines (bikers) were just within charge range of  IW units.

Turn 3 for IW was their last ditch effort to kill the most important threats, Arjac was finally gunned down but the bikers and thunder wolves cavalry were still alive and ready to charge. SW wasted no time in charging with all their CC units. The storm fang drop off a unit of blood claws and their 39 attacks was enough to wreck the predators. The storm fang was very deadly with its arsenal of weapons and versatility, but lousy rolls by Krom kept the IW vehicles alive for a little longer.
The Valkyrie proxy was used as he just received his storm fang from the store on the day of game.  

Iron warriors charged by Wolf lord on Thunder wolf on turn 7
With SW charging into close combat on turn 3, it was a matter of time before the thunder wolves cavalry destroy everything. The bikers wiped the Rapier squad in 3 phase of CC with lousy rolls on both sides and proceed to wreck the basilisk and flat out back to their deployment zone to cap the objective. The thunder wolves cavalry unit was destroyed in the end leaving only the wolf lord to mop up the rest of the stragglers.

Game end on turn 7 with SW: 17 VP to IW(HH): 7 VP.

I only have 2 models left at the end of game.

End game thoughts:
Another defeat! though not the usual tabled game but its either I sux real bad or the 30k HH list cant compete with 40k list. Scheduling another game with Krom before he goes back, this time I'm going to use a 40k book and see how it goes.
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