Sunday, October 26, 2014

SM (Raptors) vs SW + IG 1850 Dead lock 7th

A grudge rematch against Krom again for the humiliating defeat in the last game using my HH Iron warriors. This time I would be using SM with raptors chapter tactics with some FW units thrown in.
No detail turn by turn battle report just a short summary with some pictures. 

Wolves unleash!

SM storm talons got shot down trying to contest 

SM static gunline

SW stormfang (proxy) zoom in for the kill!

The game ended at turn 5 with the following victory points:

9     :  12

SW+IG victory!

A close game and could be a draw if we did not mixed up some rules like going to ground units cannot claim objectives. Krom had chose to go to ground with his IG troops near objective #4, I would have flat out my land speeder to capture objective #4 and get 2 victory points as I have 2 capture objective #4 cards on hand. Anyway we learn as we play more games.
Luck was also on Krom side as his opening hand cards were mostly objectives in his deployment zone and he promptly got 4 points in first turn while half my cards were to capture objectives on Krom deployment zone LOL. Till next time grudge match again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

40K Apocalypse 14k battle SM + SM VS Eldar + DA

Played another Apocalypse game organize by the gaming group. Due to personal obligations we only have 4 players turning up in the end and decided to go with 2 vs 2. 

7000k a side with a total 14k point battle. 

Battle: Exterminatus !
SM VS DA/Eldar

More pictures and detail turn by turn report can be found in the gaming group website - Anything but ones blog spot. 

Some of the pictures I took during the game: 
Altansar craft world

Dark Angels

The game commence 

Mass fire fight & combat

The Eldar/DA capturing the no man's land objective

SM drop pods reinforce the deployment zone

DA terminators DS to target the SM forward unit 

DA terminators DS into SM deployment zone

SM counter attack!

DA terminators with librarian charge the Castigator 

DA terminator survived the Castigator assault

Castigator Knight titan Close combat with DA terminator
Castigator knight titan was subsequently charged by DA imperial knight titan and with only 1 hull point left, the castigator exploded from the imperial knight hammer of wrath attack. The apocalyptic explosion caught the imperial knight titan killing it instantly which trigger another apocalyptic explosion! Miraculously the DA terminator (pic above) survived both the apocalyptic explosions!!!

Single Stern guard capturing Eldar/DA objective

After around 6 hours of gaming, we ended the game at turn 3.

Strategic victory points
SM : DA/Eldar
21   : 20

SM victory !

Was a close game and SM won by 1 SVP.
Looking forward to the next apocalypse game and higher points apocalypse battle - more carnage!
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