Wednesday, May 21, 2014

APOCALYPSE Game Background and Format

Organising the first ABO Apocalypse game

Date: 7th June 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10am - 8pm
Location: Titan Games LGS
Points: 2500 minimum each player. (Players can bring more, points to finalized 1 week before game)
Format: 7th Edition Apocalypse (all 40k publications)

Confirmed Players (armies)
Ray (Eldar) - 4k pts
Sam (Space Marines - Flesh Tearers) - 3k pts
Stephen (Space Marines - DA)
Melvin (IG)
YC (Chaos space marines - Alpha Legion) - 2.5k pts
Marshall (IG/Space marines)

Unconfirmed Players (armies)
Daniel (Space Marines - BA)

Updated on 2nd June 2014*
*Apoc game is go! Titan Games LGS had gave the OK.

9111014.M41 - First report of the hive world Quintus III erupting in planet wide rebellion. Local PDF sway by the speeches and propaganda of the rebel leader join up with the masses to overthrow Imperium rule. The Adeptus Arbites were quickly overwhelm in many locations, consolidating in the planetary governor hive spire. The only Imperium force capable of stopping the rebellion at that time were the Necro 8th Imperial Guard with their knight allies stationed on the planet on a rearm & refit operation. Current status of the Necro 8th Imperial guard is unknown. Planetary governor Hartitcus sent out an astropathic plea asking for help to crush the rebellion.

9132014.M41 - Craftworld Altansar Farseers divining into the future saw that doom would strike Altansar  and all paths point to the mon-keigh world of Quintus III. The Farseers & Autarchs assembled a war council  and decided that a strike force consisting of engines of Vaul and titan were needed to exterminate all mon-keigh presence on the planet.

9139014.M41 - Brother Corbulo on-board the Flesh Tearers battle barge - Victus divine that planet wide rebellion was happening on Quintus III. Chapter master Gabriel Seth responds immediately, changing course of the battle barge and heading straight for Quintus III system.

9140014.M41 - Last transmission received from the planet reported blue azure Space Marines with hydra iconography moving between the rebels. Directing the rebels attacks on key installations on the planet.

9144014.M41 -  Dark Angels for unknown reason was operating near the region. On-board their battle barge - Ultimate Vengeance they received the astropath last transmission. Translating the message concluded that the Alpha legion was on the hive world. The presence and chance to capture traitor marines cannot be allowed to slip. Wasting no time the Dark Angels plot course for Quintus III.

9156014.M41 - The Dark angels and Flesh tearers arrived in the system of Quintus III. No rebel fleet was detected in scanner range. Arriving in the orbit of the planet, resistance from surface was non-existence but the Adeptus Astartes battle barges detected large concentration of rebels dug in on the outskirts of the principle hive. Both Adeptus Astartes chapters prepare to launch ground invasion...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30k Alpha Legion List

Made a decision in my life that I had been contemplating since Dec 2013. Maybe I will come to regret the decision in the future... but for now I am glad that I made the decision.

Been awhile since I last played a game of Warhammer due to work commitments. With more time now and the release of Horus Heresy book 3, starting a 30k army (Alpha Legion). Below is the list I will be using to play against Ray of anythingbutones blogspot.

-Armillus Dynat
Power dagger

-Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought
multi melta *2
Ded Transport: Dreadnought Drop pod
-Legion Terminators *5
SGT power fist
Ded Transport:  Anvillus pattern dread claw drop pod

-Legion tactical squad *10
Ded Transport: Rhino
-Legion Tactical Squad *20
-Legion support Squad *5
Melta Gun *4

Fast Attack
-Headhunter Kill team *5
SGT: Artificer Armour
Combi Melta *3

-Legion Vindicator
-Death Storm Drop pod

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