Monday, January 13, 2014

Sons of Horus Test model

9 months since I last update this blog... Really busy at work in 2013...  working crazy hours almost daily and spent most of my spare time sleeping. 2013 seems to pass in a flash and I'm not really sure what I had done for the whole year...   
Anyway I did had some time to continue enjoying the hobby (rarely) except painting. Took a break from work recently and did some painting - A MK4 Power armour from Forge world that I bought last year.  

Some pictures and painting steps:
Model primed with Mr Hobby Resin surface primer.
Base coat GW new layer paint - Kabalite green.
Next painted the second layer with GW layer paint - Sybarite green.
Eyes and back pack strap painted with GW layer paint - Ushabti bone.

"Washing" the model
Washed the whole model using Army painter - Strong tone. The strong tone is exactly like GW delvan mud, is much cheaper with larger quantity and comes in dropper bottle. I liked it alot and will continue using it.

Before weathering
Bolter painted with GW paint - Regal Blue  Necron Abyss.
Power pack and metal parts painted with P3 - pig iron, vallejo air - rust, copper & GW- dwarf bronze.

After weathering 
Tried GW new dry paint, it is a very interesting concept & type of paint. It's like painting "dried jelly" but the effects are very similar to using pigments. Will be buying more dry paints to try out.   
The above picture was painted (dry brush) with the following dry paint:
Etherium blue on the base and the heels of the power armour. 
Tyrant skull on the armour for the dusty weathered look. 

Lastly picture of the make shift painting table..
The tools 
Satisfied with how the test model turned out and now to paint the rest of my Sons of Horus army.
Completed Model

Death to the false Emprah!

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