Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer on 28mm miniatures

I always prime my models using Nippon flat white spray paint or 'Red fox' flat black acrylic spray paint. Problem encountered using these 2 budget spray paints are I had a hard time painting on my base coat. I solved the problem by using thicker and more coats for my base coat which result in the models looking quite thick with paint even before I start with other colours.

I never believe in using primer paints for 28mm miniatures since they are quite small, any model casting imperfections can be easily painted over or repair using green stuff. I always think primers are use for finding errors (holes/improper sanded mold lines etc...), covering the errors and undercoat, for bigger models. Also primer paints sold by miniature companies are very expensive...

Anyway I went reading about primers again and found it helps in paint adhesive. So I decided to try priming some of my GW miniatures with primer paint I have which are intended for gundam models.

Mr. surfacer 1000 (bottle version)
Mr. Retarder mild, added into thinner+paint mixture to prevent it from drying too fast when the paint leave the airbrush.
Mr Color Thinner 400mL. Lacquer based thinner, for lacquer based paints like the Mr. color series.

Below are some of the minis I primed using Mr. Surfacer 1000, consist of metal and plastic minis.

Skaven Globerdier (metal)

Right: Primed Ork slugga (both plastic) Left: Un-prime Ork slugga

Chaos termi ( plastic)

Kaya's pet (metal)

Will update again with pictures of the skaven globerdier once I paint him up. Hope I can get some decent shots of the painted model...
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