Sunday, June 14, 2009

WH fantasy VC vs CHAOS (daemons + mortals) 2k

Played a combine game last week, with me using DOC and DF using VC and DT using chaos mortals. No picture was taken (too tired from lack of sleep the night before). Just a summary of the how the various armies perform.

Daemons list

herald of tzeentch (gen)
flames of tzeentch
spell breaker

Blue scribe special character

pink horrors x 21
Icon of sorcery

pink horrors x 17
Icon of sorcery

flamers x 6


VC list (not exact)
Vampire lord
+pd + magic lvl items+ ghoul king

3x vampire
+pd + magic lvl items some have ghoul king + book of arkhan

corpse cart x 1
unholy lodestone

ghouls x 10
ghouls x 10
ghouls x 10

Blood knight x 5
Hatred banner

Blood knight x 5

Chaos list (not exact)
tzeentch wiz lvl 2
dispel scroll

nurgle wiz lvl 2 (gen)
+1 PD item

Chaos knights x 5
frenzy banner

marauder horseman x 5

troll king special character

chaos trolls x 3

Highlights of DOC
Fickering fire from the herald and the 2 horrors unit kept rolling str 1-2 hits on the ghouls and blood knights only rolling str 7 in the last turn when only the vampires are left. Tzeentch fire storm got off thrice but did like 12 wounds (4 each), gift of chaos did moderate damage throughout the game to the compact VC ghouls unit.

Flamers fought in CC with 1 unit of blood knights and lose combat but rolled insane courage for their 1st instability test, only dropping to half strength when an ending game IF winds of undead killed 2 of them. Every turn flamers did damage to the undead horde preventing them from growing too big.

Blue scribe was very powerful, sucking 5 PD in just 1st turn of the VC, and dropping a comet of cassandora which did moderate dmg to the undead ghouls. Subsequent turns saw it casting flaming sword TWICE... but its ability to absorb PD was invaluable and gave the chaos side much need PD.

Highlights of Mortal chaos
Nurgle wiz everyturn cast assassination spells to drop the vampires to 1 wound, wasting VC side PD to cast invocation to regain back the wound. Killing a vampire with troll king vomit and an assassination spell combo.

Trolls with troll king flank charge a unit of blood knights to save the flamers lock in CC.

Troll king further prove himself by solo charging a decimated VC bunker with 3 surviving vampires (lord + normal) and wiping them out in the last turn.

A unit of marauder horsemen flee&bait a unit of frenzy blood knights on the flanks of the battle and set them up for a charge from the chaos knights which broke them and ran behind to the VC main battleline to rear charge the ghouls bunkers.

Highlights of VC
Most invocation was successful with chaos side only dispelling dangerous spells like van hels, curse of years.

A unit of blood knights charge right into the main battleline of Daemons but concentrated firepower from flamers + spells kill 4 of them before they could charged into CC. The blood knight unit was invoc back and the 2 blood knights did 3 wounds on the flamers but lucky rolls by daemons cause them to be flank charged.

With VC heavy hitters gone, VC decided to concentrate on casting curse of years to kill off models but daemons invul save minimize the damage, chaos knights without any invul save fell prey easily to the curse of years.

A unit of ghouls manage to break and chase down the chaos trolls.

An IF winds of undead in late turn did moderate damage to the chaos side.

DOC lost 105
Chaos mortals lost 600+
VC lost 1,9k+

Massacre win for CHAOS. VC left a unit of ghouls at full strength.


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