Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dante's gold bars

Had some hobby time today and decided to start with something small. Primed 20 plague monks and painted up an objective for 40k.

Present to you Dante's gold bars :)

Its something I always wanted to do after ID-ing Dante numerous times with melta. Finally finished it today.

-Gold bars airbrushed with gaia notes star bright gold.
-Skull and Imperial eagle painted with VGC bonewhite, wash with devlan mud and dry brushed with bonewhite again.
-Gnd texture was vallejo black lava, painted with adeptus battlegrey and wash with badab black and drybrush with VGC ghostly grey.


Grimcron said...

Haha... Dante's gold bar. Nice objective.

enrgie said...

ROFL! Stole my idea!

Krom said...

21 gold bars.

now how many DanteS have you casted into gold bars? Lol.

crazyrat said...

I think 3 Dantes
once from dark lance, twice from melta.

Your idea? I thought it was Krom and Skanwy. They had been talking about gold bars before you came back sg.

Thx man hahaha

Skanwy said...

Haha! I like the gold bars! Wow! You have taken down so many Dantes already ;P Steady lah!

Krom said...

I think you can carve the dates into the bars lol.

What can say. A fitting end for old man in shiny armour (yet no eternal warrior hee hee)!

Skanwy said...

Yar manz, to think that Dante has lived so long and yet not granted Eternal Warrior...well at least he presents a 'golden' reward for his opponents. Makes the effort worth it as they give their all to take him down heehee ;P

enrgie said...

You should build a terrain piece which is a bank and called it Dante's Vault (TM). Then everytime you add more kills, you make more bars like the one above. Then put said bars into the vault.

crazyrat said...


Idea! An Imperial bank in some planet that store all the gold confiscated/looted/salvaged during operations in that sector.

Then in honour of the Blood Angels - Dante, saving the world once from xenos invasion they named the bank after him (Dante's Vault).

Interesting... I may have some ideas making it hehehe.

enrgie said...

LOL I'm glad I inspired you.

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