Saturday, June 7, 2014

7th Edition Apocalypse Game

Had my first Apocalypse game after 11-12 years in the hobby. Got the chance to organize the game with ABO gaming buddies. 

Using 7th edition 40K rules. The game was planned to be played at around 10k points per side with 6 players. Due to Nurgle striking 2 players, we had to play the game with 6.5k points per side with 4 players.
Got to thank Titan Games LGS for hosting the game.

IG - 4k
Flesh tearers (BA) - 2.5k

IG - 4k
Alpha Legion (30k) - 2.5k

The game was a blast. Never had such crazy fun in 40k for awhile, with super heavies failing spectacularly, daemons summoning left and right, rampaging knight titans, mass air battles between the IG. The action never stop.. well before turn 4. I will let Jaeroler post the more detail post on the game. Here are some pictures..

Alpha Legion Terminators strike at the heart of the Imperium lines

Chaos IG Valkyries zooming into Imperium defences

Rampaging Imperium Knight Titan in Chaos lines 

The battle field at turn 3

Fell glaive brace for knight titan charge!

The heat blast from the dread claw was too much for tzeentch herald and blood letter.

Armillus Dynat (proxy SOH) surrounded by Bro Corbulo, Gabriel Seth and Flesh Tearers and the meat grinder dreadnought...

Imperium and Chaos Knight titans face off

Supreme Commander "Kim" last moments

We ended the game at turn 4 with the final result concluded at turn 6:
Imperium : Chaos (points)
17 - 12
Imperium Victory.

The 3 knight titans brought by the Imperium side were unstoppable, rampaging through the battlefield killing whatever they came into contact. Future Apoc games will surely bring counter measures to kill off those knight titans before they can deal devastating damage in melee.

Some nonsensical pictures below..
Gay Game Master slacking...

One of the best CKT I had for awhile


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