Monday, September 28, 2009

40k CSM vs Deathwing + ultra marines (1500)

Mission: annihilation
deployment: pitch battle
pt: csm 1.5k, deathwing 1k + ultra marines 500

The battlefield @ turn 2.

2 squads of deathwing terminators preparing to unlease hell on the berzerkers and chaos terminators.

Emperor finest KP: 5
win for deathwing + ultra marines!

Highlights of battle:

Deep striking chaos termins , roll 3 "get hot" (doubles 1s x 3) when firing at the deathwing termins...

Daemon prince charge belial and his bodyguards and got cut down.

Chaos marines mass bolters rapid fire killed scouts and belial.

Death wing termins with cyclone launcher blowing up the vindicator and rhino 1 shot them each time. (6 pen 6 destroyed)


This game was an intro game for our new 40k player using ultra marines. Anyway a fun game, enjoying myself with 40k after a long absence. Some funny moments and my khorne berzerkers had officially earn the title of "scouts killer". Wiping out eldar rangers 1st time I brought them and again here cutting marine scouts like butter.


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