Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy busy busy

Been a while since I updated this blog lol... busy with mainly school work... Managed to play 2 fantasy games and 2 40k games during this period of absence.

WE vs VC (2k) massacre lost for WE
WE vs OK-gnoblar army(2k) draw

Anyway for the above games, i accidentally short-change myself and brought a 1803 pt army as I forgotten that I have treekins inside my list... (sleepy and messy handwriting to blame LOL) Playing at handicap sucks!

CSM vs orks (1750), lost for CSM
CSM (nurgle 1750 + undivided 1000) vs eldar + DA (2750) 2v2 match, win for team CSM

For the orks game, my CSM got beaten bad... playing against the runner-up (40k tourney category) of SPORE CON 2009. Quite an eye opener for my 3rd 5th ed 40k game hahaha.

The DA player had the worst dice rolling luck I ever seen, losing a whole termi squad in 1st turn due to mishap and failing 2+ sv like no tml. With the DA out of the picture early in the game, eldar stand no chance against the combine CSM.

Bought mostly 40k terrains for my little gaming group 40k games, or fantasy games if they need some grim darkness cross-over love. (no pics... maybe in future updates)


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