Thursday, January 21, 2010

Planetstrike 4.5k battle (orks + IG + Iyandan eldar vs SW + SM + eldar)

Played my biggest 40k planet strike game last wk. It was a farewell game for our gaming grp member Sam (Iyandan player) who was leaving for Aus.

Mission: Desperate assault
Atk strategems: planet quake bomb
def strategems: void shield, machine spirit
objectives : 3 bastions

Defers: 1.5k*3 (orks,IG,Iyandan Eldar)
Atkers: 1.5k*3 (SW,SM,Eldar)

The game was stop at end of turn 3 as it was running late and to catch the last train and work the next day some had to leave.

Highlights of battle:

-Canis wipeout a squad of banshees with his thunderwolf cavalry.
-IG firing power took out the thunderwolf cavalry, leaving Canis alone.
-IG mass las guns took out another chunk of fenrisian wolves claiming objectives.
-Prince Yriel charge Canis wolfborn and killed him easily.

-ork warboss killed 4 thunderwolf cavalry + a wolflord on thunderwolf. warboss dying in the process.
-Stompa arrived in def turn 1 and killed 3 damned legionnaire + 2 fenrisian wolves, wep destroying 1 landspeeder and stunning another landspeeder.
-2 multi-melta landspeeders wreck the stompa in 1 turn rolling 3 sixes and 1 five.
-Ork nobz arrived with battlewagon and took out eldar bright lances firing base.
-16 shoota boyz mow down a squad of swooping hawks.

-Defenders' bastions was completely destroyed by eldar brightlances in turn2.
-IG bane wolves hose down some SM holding objectives.
-striking scorpians clean out a horde of fenrisian wolves claiming objectives.
-Wave serpent ramming an ironclad dreadnought and immobilzing it.
-Vulkan was hiding in atker's bastion the whole game hahaha. (i think)

Thats all I can remember, being the ork player I only could remember most of the orks battles.

End game (turn 3):
Defenders still hold 2 uncontested bastions at end of turn 3. VICTORY TO defenders.

Very fun game, I find it pretty epic, big battles does change the game alot. Tons of dice thrown around and it was very brutal, lots of models die in just a turn. Future big battle games need to be schedule earlier so it can be completed.


Defu said...

Yeah man. It was a blast! Oh, you forgot the Quake Bomb we (attackers) forgot and dropped at the end which took out most of our tanks than yours lol.

crazyrat said...

Last minute Imperium desperate action to wipe the xenos filth infecting the planet backfire! hahahaha

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