Saturday, February 13, 2010

Batrep 1.5k Orks vs Space wolf battle

Had a game with Defu's Space wolf today. I played against his space wolf once (1vs1) using DE and lost. Experience tell me lone wolf = avoid if possible and Logan = CC madness. Using my orks for the 1st time (1 vs 1) prior games was 2 team planet strike games. Will be using my same list for the 2 planet strike games.

Mission: capture and control
deployment: DAWN OF WAR
(Either Annihilation and DOW like to appear during my normal games)

Orks list
pk,atk squig,boss pole,eavy ar, cyborg body, TL shoota

big mek
eavy ar, cyborg, KFF

nobz x 9, pain boy x1
eavy ar, cyborg, waagh banner, 1x pk, 1x grot orderly, stinkk bomb
delicated transport
battlewagon , red paint, ram, grot riggers, zzap gun, ar plates

lootas x10

slugga boyz x19 , nob x1
1xpk, 1x eavy ar, stinkk bomb

slugga boyz x 12
stinkk bomb
delicated transport
trukk, red paint job

shoota boyz x 16
1x big shoota
shoota boyz x 15
1x big shoota

battlewagon , ram, red paint
Space wolf list
Runepriest, Chooser
10WolfGuards, 2TA+2CML+2PF
3X5Wolfguards, 1TA+CML+CF
2 Lone Wolves, TA+CF+SS
2 Landspeeders, MM
2 AC/HB Predators

-Space wolf deploy 1 troop in the centre of the board to push the CC oriented orks back in the deployment zone.
-Orks deploy slugga boyz in trukk and shoota boyz behind a ruin building.

Turn 1
-Space wolf forces moved in, Landspeeders flatout to the front, wolf guards retreat back into SW half.
-Ork battlewagon with HQ and nobz zoom forward, 2nd battlewagon move in to allow slugga boyz to embark. Lootas move onto hill and shoota boyz move in from the centre edge.

Turn 2
-lone wolf move forward to try stall the slugga boyz in CC.
-lootas bear the brunt of cyclone missile and fail their LD on 8... and flee off table
-Land speeders move flat out again but , 1 was wreck and 1 wep destroyed by 58 shootas and 6 big shootas shot. ( left flank shootas doing all the dmg!)
-trukk move out of cover to zoom towards SW objective.
-Warboss battlewagon was wreck by living lightning, but warboss + nobz embark 2nd battlewagon when the slugga boyz dismount.

Turn 3
-Lone wolf charged into the slugga boyz and killed 3, orks return atks did not wound him. Orks fearless ar sv took 2 more casualties.
-Shoota boyz do no damage to the SPAZZE marin!
-2nd battlewagon was blow up by cyclone missile and warboss + nobz dismount into ruins.
-The flanking trukk was kerrunch by cyclone missile forcing slugga boyz to dismount.

Turn 4
-SW mass firepower killed 1 nobz! (amazing rolls by me FTW lol)
-The dismounted slugga boyz was ripped apart by pistols and flee.
-Centre shoota boyz managed to immob the piece of irrtating landspeeder and wreck it in CC.
-Warboss + nobz charge in to help the hopeless slugga boyz, over killing the lone wolf.
-Centre slugga boyz consalidate towards SW predator.
-Left shoota boyz hide in ruins again after the failed trukk flank rush.

Turn 5
-centre predator tank shock the centre shoota boyz off objective but they are fearless.
-wolf guards move closer to ork objective.
-Murder hurricane killed more slugga boyz on right.
-Mass fire power on SW right flank killed 8 shoota boyz  forcing them to flee.
-Ork declare waagh! slugga boyz with pk nob manage to wreck predator.
-Shoota boyz managed to take down wolf guard with termi ar!
-Warboss + surviving nobz + big mek wander around aimlessly (I had no idea what to do LOL)
- Ork player roll 5! game goes to turn 6.

Turn 6
-Slugga boyz deep in SW zone were slaughtered mercilessly.
-With nothing much to shoot, the warboss unit was relentless shot. Big mek, pain boy, 1 pk nob and warboss walk out the carnage unscathed. (Their cyborg body absorbing many horrendous injuries)
-Centre shoota boyz railled and move 3" and ran towards ork objective, claiming it back.
-Warboss charge out the decimated nobz unit and blow up the contesting predator.
-Resultant explosion caught 4 orks + boss but did not wound either. 1 unlucky grey hunter  wolf guard  was caught also and got pierce in the head by sharpnel. (wear your helmet!)
-pk nob + pain boy +big mek charge the nearest grey hunter wolf guards and killed 1, wolf guards pass break test.
-Ork player roll 2!, game ends.

DRAW ( 1 - 1)

Nearly lost this game, if the game continues to turn 7, the next grey hunter  wolf guard unit will be able to claim ork objective. The rest of the SW will shoot the warboss to death, preventing him from charging any SW coming near to objective. Make lots of mistake in this game, deploy the lootas wrongly, should have deploy them in the ruins and take shots at anyone coming near to objective. I should also concentrate all my battlewagon and trukk on the left flank and rush towards SW objective. My shoota boyz then can hold my own objective with the help of lootas.

Next game would try storm boyz and maybe kommandos if I can get them. I feel that I need some crazy suicidal in your face distract units so that my warboss can safetly cross into enemy zone and wreck havoc.

There are some errors in the battle report as I did not take notes during the game and may have left out or remember some parts wrongly. (esp turn 5)


Krom said...

Hey YC, thanks a lot for the wonderful game and battle report! It was truly fun and a wonderful learning experience: Go for the troops in a missions game. Haha I’ll remember it!

Btw, my actual list is (no GH):
Runepriest, Chooser
10WolfGuards, 2TA+2CML+2PF
3X5Wolfguards, 1TA+CML+CF
2 Lone Wolves, TA+CF+SS
2 Landspeeders, MM
2 AC/HB Predators

Can’t wait for a rematch lol. Ahwoooo!

Skanwy said...

Hey guys! I really enjoyed reading the batrep :)) Wish i was there manz!! Sounds like a really close battle, i see a lot of blood on the battlefield pic of the end game turn haha!

crazyrat said...

Thx for the army list :) I'll changed it. I got a pile of dead boyz at the table edge hahaha Should had taken a photo.

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