Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pray they don't take you ALIVE!!!

5th edition DE codex

Incubi (top)
Warrior, archeon  (2nd) 
wyches, special character (3rd)
jetbike, raider (bottom)

Pics from Games Day UK 2010. I am totally mesmerized by the new DE. Heck fantasy, I found my new focus and going to buy the new 5th ed DE  whole range! I will focus on DE 1st, paint them up WOOT! no more "Afrika korp" models :) 
I'm going to be very broke, so... WILL WORK FOR 5th edtion DE models!!! lololol 
slave to DE models :D

Pictures taken from warseer forum
and bell of lost souls forum

Oh and this wkend  I played 2 games of fantasy against (krom). Batrep and some pictures can be found in Krom's blog at this link.
I was using my same WE list from the previous months.


Skanwy said...

Wow! The new DE look good man!! I like the Wych lady, the hair reminds me of Lelith. I am liking the 'sails' on the Raider too. Can draw own Kabal symbols on it :)

I will try to resist lol! ;P

enrgie said...

I like this newfound vigour you have for painting. Let me know if you need any painting advice. I will be happy to do a painting session with you too. Bring your models over and we can do one at my place!

Krom said...

Crazyrat and Sam, I can't resist man. The incubi are wicked!

Oh no, we will return to 40k soon eh? haha

enrgie said...

Actually if you guys are crazy about DE all at the same time, then you may as well combine your model counts at least for the first 3 months. Give each other mandates to paint and complete a Warrior Squad and Raider each. Then combine to play! Win win for all!

crazyrat said...

Resistance is futile!!!

Thx for the offer man, I could paint when we having games at your new place.

Join the dark side yessssssss!

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