Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally an update

Had not been updating my blog for awhile :) but still involved in the hobby. I started playing 8th edition WH fantasy this few weeks.  Had not fully read the 8th edition rule book yet, just some sections. Also waiting for discounts before getting the small 8th ed rule book (easier to read) from the island of blood boxset.

Fantasy games I played these few wks
VC (me) vs LM (Grimloq) 1k game - VC massacred 0 models left
WE (me) vs HE (Enrgie) 2k game - WE massacred 0 models left
some pictures of the game in below link.

Skaven(me) + HE(Krom) vs DE(Jaeroler) + OK (The beardy one) -  Island of blood alliance won by
3100+ : 1600+ VP

The plague furnace is mad! Anything it touch it kills, the furnace is like an unstoppable disease train.
1)Big ASF black guards - charge by it and kill off the black guards.
2)Ogres with tyrant - charge tyrant with ogres and ran them down.
3)lead blechers - charge lead blechers and chase them down.
4)Slave giant - charge by it and unbreakable furnace survived till end game.

I like the model alot and the furnace performance in the game really inspire me to build it up and paint it. I think its only weakness is purple sun LOL, with no initiative its basically a free frag for purple sun.

This video reminds me of purple sun

With Dark eldar schedule for release in november and planning to buy 1 island of blood, I am going to be so broke. Going to eat bread for many months to save up for the plastic crack gw releasing.


Krom said...

Your Plague Furnace reminds me of a green rotting bulldozer man. Lol, it just steamrolls everything in its path. Everything.

So glad my pansy elves are on your side haha.

Of course, things are gonna change once we play one on one =) Gotta think of how i can get that 600 plus VPs from you!

enrgie said...

RBT's and Magic my good elf.

Bring the rats!

I'm playing this weekend at GG on Sat. Who's coming!

crazyrat said...

PURPLE SUN! take Initiative test, furnace 0 Ini like steam tank. Template touch it = remove lol

but only remove furnace, the priest on it still can take I test on 5-!!! hehe so priest will still be around, just 150vp for you hohoho

2.5k alot for skaven, think only my WE can hit that number. The gamer-garage place need to pay right? I let you know if I am going.

enrgie said...

YC, the plans have changed again. I will be going down to Fusionpolis for 40K Campaign briefing and game. Anyone interested?

I wanna have a Fantasy game too. YC you keen to play a game over at my place after the 40k game?

crazyrat said...

Wa what 40k campaign, any details like points limit, cost and when starting? I might want to join also :). Dark eldar release make me eager to play 40k.

What time will you be free after the campaign brief?

Krom said...

What campaign?

Are you going to muster the Floor Gaming Gang? Haha. Sounds exiting (until I realise I have to paint my wolves too)

enrgie said...

40K campaign is being run by PI. I don't know the full details yet but there is a briefing this Sat at 2PM at Fusionopolis. Alvin and I are in a team now - Nids FTW!

I need more team members but Damian still haven't confirm if I can bring in other races. Got 2 other people waiting to join my team from PI too - to fight under the Noob King's flag. LOL! They can fight as my Infested Marines.

There are 2 other teams now - Space Marines and Orks.

Why not you guys come down to Fusio on Sat for the briefing. Depending on the timing, we can decide to play either 40k or Fantasy.

I also preordered my HE Magic Deck on Wed. Looking forward to the Maelstrom sale. I want those Phoenix Guard to complete my army.

Skanwy said...

Hi guys,

Sounds like lots happening in S'pore :))) Wish i was there sia!

I'm still trying to get a game of Fantasy in over here. Not many people keen on Fantasy at the shop lolz!

Have fun!

Skanwy said...


Oh ya! Forgot to comment earlier ;P

Grats on your 100th post!! :)))

enrgie said...

Actually the idea of an Infested Marines army is kinda cool!

Sam, take pics of where you play in Aussie. I've never quite game there before. Just take the pics of the armies you fight against as well. I am sure no one will mind even if their army looks like crap since yours is nice. Also, do you have a Fantasy army ready?

Skanwy said...


Yea man! I have a Bretonnians Army. I traded some Vampire Counts for it from crazyrat ;) I have finally finished the horses, now working on the knights and their peasant bowmen.

enrgie said...

Brets are a beautiful army but not one that will demonstrate to you the beauty of Fantasy as it lacks the infantry blocks (big part of Fantasy now). Nonetheless bring it back and play wi me!

Also, what happened to your candy Empire?

Skanwy said...

I'm trying to raise a peasant army haha! In the meantime, i'll just charge and pray to the Lady i reach the enemy lines on a good roll ;P

The Empire army is still around. I'm in negotiations to pass it to a friend in Aus though as he's real interested cos of the new Fantasy rules. I'll be getting a Tomb Kings army in exchange :))

enrgie said...

LOL ok but the Empire is currently quite powerful! You sure you wanna do this trade?

Skanwy said...

I'm thinking about it, but probably will do so haha! I think we don't have Tomb Kings in amongst the group as yet (i may be wrong). But it'll be a fast army to paint ;)

enrgie said...

The only think wi TK are the models are very old while your Empire models are new hence the trade is not really fair!

Well, still your choice! I love Empire

Skanwy said...

@enrgie: True true. I'll reconsider it. My Middenheimer Vampire Slayers are my most fluffed out Fantasy army :)

crazyrat said...

Thx didnt notice 100 posts, time pass fast haha

Yes, we do not have anyone playing TK, but there maybe one if the 8th ed TK book release but will be heavy with proxy hehe (let you guess who)

Regarding the trade, if you like the models go for it. Dont trade because of the rules or another reasons.

I will bath in "The Lady" lake and pee in it after I'm finished :D

enrgie said...

I agree with YC. Go with the one that you like the most but remember value system! Your Empire minis are heavily converted and it's fluffy. Them being powerful is extra sauce.

Skanwy said...

I was attracted to the TK's Tomb Scorpions. The skellies not so much haha! And i was attracted to Queen Khalida mini ;P

I haven't seen my Vampire Hunters for a while, will renew the love when i get back lolz!

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