Sunday, January 9, 2011

Massacre at Grey mountains

Was supposed to play 40k at my gaming buddy's (Engrie) place today, but due to some changes I played fantasy with "Beardy One" instead.
I am using wood elf and he will be using his Ogre kingdom. We are playing pitched battle 2k.

Inspired by my gaming buddy (Skanwy), I will be using M$ powerpoint also for the battle report. 

Battle report

turn 1

-gobnlars trappers killed 1 eternal guard.
-Ogre wizards cast some augment buffs from Gut magic.

-Wood elf spellsinger manage to cast BIG dwellers on 7 bulls unit killing 3.
-Warhawk riders arrows were true and inflict 2 wounds on maneater on orge right flank.
-Glade guards fluff their shooting and inflict 4 wounds on gobnlars. 

note: the red blocks are dryads and pink blocks are wardancers.

Turn 2
-Every unit move forward, gobnlars at the back bicker again.
-More augment buffs were cast. (regen, toughness, strength)
-Huge 15 bulls unit (aka bullet train death star) hold combat again the combine charge of 3 WE units - eternal guards, wardancers and dryads.
-Trappers flee from treekin charge

-Combine fire from 2 archer units killed a single bull from the 7 bulls unit.
-Wildriders move to ogre flank
-Spelling singer shield of thorns were dispelled with tripe 6...
-warhawk riders fired at maneater again and killed it.

Close combat 
-Highborn challenge tyrant - Both generals were equally matched in skills and strength. (0 wound suffered)
-Atks from 15 ogre bulls, bsb and lvl 4 wizard killed 6 wardancers, 3 dryads and 11 eternal guards, while WE side dealt 1 wound.
-Needing insane courage, both eternal guard and dryads flee combat and escape the hungry ogres pursuit. 

Turn 3

-15 bulls unit (death star bullet train) charge the fleeing dryads and make them flee off table.
-One glade guard unit was panic off table by the dryads fleeing.
-7 Bulls unit charge the treekins.
-40 gobnlars charge the wildriders.

-Eternal guard unit with bsb and highborn rallied and prepared for the 15 ogre bulls unit charge.
-Warhawk riders charge the rear of the 7 bulls unit.

Close combat
-7 Bulls unit inflict 1 wound on the treekin and killed a warhawk rider.
-Treekins and warhawk riders killed 1 bull and stayed in combat.
-Wildriders fluff their attacks and killed 4 goblnars, while the goblnars manage a lucky hit taking down 1 wildrider. Goblnars steadfast hold combat.

Turn 4
-15 bulls unit (death star bullet train) charge the Eternal guard.
-Trappers move closer to the field of action.
-The 40 gobnlars at the ogres left flank reform to face the combat happening on the right flank.

-Nothing much to do LOL

Close combat 
-15 bulls unit (death star bullet train) killed off 14 eternal guards and made them flee off table.
-Same bulls unit pursuit into glade guards and also won combat easily and made them flee off table.
-Treekins destroyed the 7 bulls unit and in return the 7 bulls unit brought down the remaining 2 warhawk riders.
-Wildriders killed 10 gobnlars, their ward saves protecting them. Gobnlars steadfast hold combat again.

Turn 5
-15 Bulls unit (death star bullet train) charged the reformed Treekins.


Close combat
-Even the mighty treekins were no match for the speeding 300km/h ogre bulls unit. 
-Wildriders continued to be stuck in combat killing 9 gobnlars and losing 1 to the pesky goblins half breed.

Turn 6
-15 bulls unit (death star bullet train) reform to charge the wildriders, impacts wiping the 3 remaining wildriders.

Wood elf massacred! again lol 

There were actually more magic spells/dispels going off, I left most out as I cant remember all of them and most were augment buffs and dispelling Rip spells.

This is the 4th time my WE had been massacred at 8th edition fantasy. Thrice against HE (2:1, Krom:Engrie) and once against "Beardy one's" OK. I had totally given up on WE after this battle and will stop playing them till a new army book for WE is release. 
Now to concentrate on Skaven hehehe or Dark eldar or BA... too many distractions haha

Click below for some actual pictures from the game.


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