Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Painting update Jan 2011

Had been painting most of my stuffs recently hehe. Here an update.

My painting table. Painting random stuffs here and there. Mostly WIP. Since I can't focus on painting the same model over and over.

You may notice the "battle damage" on the assault marines. Due to some painting disaster, I inflicted some "damage" on them to restored the marines' heads.

My completed plague monk using dipping technique. Quite glossy here mainly due to the dip. Flat coat will be spray onto it to reduce the gloss. This is not my test model. My test model looks "cleaner" (link below). This model is for exploring faster ways to paint skaven.

After spraying with flat coat.
My 1st dark eldar test model. Behind there are 2 more dark eldar test models, which I use different paints to paint, but still the 1st one look better IMO.
An ork test model and orks' "best friend" the death company beside. The death company are extremely detailed and tedious to paint. My plan is to paint some details everyday so I don't burn out from painting them.

Signing off and back to painting :)


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