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Battle at X10741I

The sneaky renegade guards led by Commander Proximius had stolen Dante's precious GOLD BARS and crash landed on X1074I an abandoned research world to flee from the pursuing Blood Angels strike-force. The BA strike cruiser managed to catch up with the traitors and pinpoint their crash site. It hang in the ice planet's low orbit and prepared to sortie. The BA strike-force led by Librarian Unphaeton vowed to purge the foul traitors, destroy all their xenos artifacts and recover the HOLY Relic- Dante GOLD BARS.

Ok enough with the nonsense,  Had been a few months since I play against Jaeroler IG list. I had faced this IG list numerous times. I'm trying out a part descent of angels part DC rush list. Using Vassal this time for the battle report. Some information maybe inaccurate as I did not take notes during the game. Enjoy.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: pitched battle
objectives: 2 ( yellow and pink)

Deployment BA:
-Stormraven with DC/DC dread/Chaplain at the left hugging table edge. 
-Razorback with librarian and assault squad. 
-Baal predator with flame storm turret.

Deployment IG: (may not be accurate)
-Chimera all have 3 melta vets, except 2 chimeras on the centre right with 10 psykers each. 
-Heavy wep team is 2x lascannon and 1 autocannon. Attached heavy wep team are lascannons.
-10 ratlings in the ruins
-20? troops near IG objective (Dante gold bars)

BA turn 1:
-Baal predator flat out scout move and move 12 to flame the troops.
-Drop pod furioso with frag cannon shoot some troops, killing 11 guardsmen.
-Stormraven fire all 4 missiles, killing 2 heavy wep team making them flee and wep destroyed the chimera.
-Razorback lascannon fluff to hit.

IG turn 1:
-Melta vets in chimera destroyed baal predator.
-Combine lascannons and melta vets on the left chimera destroyed both furioso and drop pod.

BA turn 2:
-10 assault marines with priest DoA down and destroyed a 10men melta vets chimera. The explosion killed 2 vets and 1 assault marine.
-5 veteran vanguard heroic intervention and wiped the heavy wep team in centre.
-Stormraven flat out towards the IG line.

IG turn 2:
-wep destroyed chimera with melta vets shot the stormraven down, explosion killing 1 DC.
-1 Leman Russ demolisher came in from reserve and blast the DC, killing 3 more DC.
-1 chimera with melta vets came in from reserve and shot the veteran vanguard killing 4.
-Vanguard sgt were shot to bits by combine melta vets and lascannon fire.
-6 assault marines and 1 priest died to snipers, soul storm and melta vets fire, the surviving 3 assault marines flee due to weaken resolve and panic.

BA turn 3:
-Rage caused DC and DC dread to charge the wep destroyed chimera. DC wreck the chimera. melta vets pass pinning.
-3 assault marines continue fleeing due to 6" within enemy, but lucky melta shot from them destroyed a psyker chimera and killed 5 psykers.

IG turn 3:
-2nd Leman Russ demolisher came in from reserve.
-Melta vets and demolisher cannon wiped the DC and DC dreadnought.
-Snipers killed the remaining 3 assault marines.
-Melta vets chimera in centre and psykers chimera move nearer to BA objective.

BA turn 4:
-Razorback lascannon wreck the centre melta vets chimera.
-Librarian used fear of darkness and make them panic and flee.

IG turn 4:
-Lascannons wreck the razorback. 
-Remaining lascannons and soul storm killed librarian and 2 assault marines.
-Assault marines were fearless due to blood-thirst. 
-Centre melta vets rallied.

I would skip turn 5 and go straight to turn 6.
BA turn 6:
-Bolt pistols killed 1 vets.
IG turn 6:
-Centre melta vets kept running towards BA objective and psyker squad chimera zoom in to contest the BA objective.
-Jaeroler decided to be funny and shoot his demolisher cannon(tank was nearer) at the 3 assault marines and end up destroying the psyker chimera killing 5 psykers in the process.
-Game continue to turn 7...

I  decided to call it here as I have no ways of winning and we were just playing for fun in turn 6 to blow some stuffs ups. After 2 games with this list, I seriously cant deal with mech armies... My list consist of all the fun units I like to use in game, but it had a hard time playing against mech armies. I need to change my list to include more anti-vehicle stuffs, hope that I can make minor changes to my list to make it more effective. I don't like to play razorbacks spam which are effective in dealing with mech armies, but kind of boring... 

Commander Proximius was victorious in the skirmish and get to keep the shiny gold bars for now...  Proximius laughed hysterically and hugged the gold bars tightly as he watched the 3 surviving blood angels retreat, he continued caressing the gold bars and silently whispered "my preciousssss you are mineee, yesssss... "  LOL!

Some actual pictures from the game


Skanwy said...

Awesome BatRep man! The vassal icons look great!

Lol! I think a fortune in gold bars have been lost ;P

I think you did well for first turn, firing the bloodstrike missiles is key :) But maybe shouldn't have flat out the Raven on turn 2. You got multi-melta and ass-cannon at 24 inches, can pop one or if lucky two Chimeras to get out the squishy stuff inside hehe!

Will you consider taking Devastators? A 5 man Dev squad with 4 ML only 130pts. Take 2 squads and they become an annoyance hehe! I also find ML useful cos they can also deal with hordes of Ork Boyz and Nid Gants.

If luck holds, by turn 3 enemy transports should be mostly busted and u can assault with much blood lust :)

Of course the above is always easier said than done lol!

For Sanguinius!

Krom said...

Haha "my precioussss" made my day!

I agree with Sam, although I also understand that the Stormraven needs to unload its 'cargo' to start the killing! More devastators is certainly key-not only do they provide AT, they also provide more targets.

How about getting rid of the vanguard, razorback and chaplain. I would suggest taking away the baal too but I think it's a pity to take somethin so beautiful away! Maybe even reduce the number of DC, one DC dred is more than enought isn't it?

So 2 Devastators squads and more DS assault marines with meltas?

@Sam, how's things over there?

crazyrat said...

In the game before mine, Krom was using 2 units of long fangs with 4 ML in each squad. It devastate(lol) the IG. I agree with ML having flexibility to deal with both mech/troops and also the range. His long fangs were killing all the H.wep teams, chimeras and melta vets that came out before going in for the kill with his grey hunters and outflanking scouts.

I will include a squad of 4 ML to test test hahaha DIE HORUS!!!

crazyrat said...

Yes I will be getting rid of the vanguard, they are very "heroic" with their DS assault but always die after their "show off" performance...

I will also reduce the DC to maybe just 5 and getting rid of the chaplain. The baal predator I also will remove it and maybe replace it with a lascannon predator or a Landspeeder depending on slots. Furioso also kind of redundant I may or may not keep it in the list.

Skanwy said...

@crazyrat: Oh yeah! Devastate indeed manz lol!

I also suggest at least one 10 man tac squad to hold objectives. Can get free missile launcher leh :) U can combat squad them as well. Sgt with PF and marine with melta one group, ML the other (to hold objective). Sgt can also counter charge pesky outflanking forces if needed.

I believe Krom is right to suggest taking out enemy Heavy Weapons teams first. At least making them run should be sufficient hehe! Then take out the dangerous tanks according to their guns range. Juz have to keep an eye out for PBS.

Try to take out some melta-vet transports if can. If not its fine cos they got to come to u in order to shoot the 12 inch meltaguns. This should be grudgingly 'acceptable' provided u are in some cover ;)

I think your assault elements are still good, juz that they have to 'standby' till reprisals from the enemy are reduced before you unleash them for the kill. Yup, DC and more Assault Marines do sound good. If you are charging into guard masses and got Psyker Battle Squad, make sure the Libby is also close. Can Psychic Hood hehe!

@Krom: Things here are ok lah..Miss the battles with u guys lots!! The weather is pretty warm now (summer), and at least in the city things look fine and business as usual I'm juz catching up with painting and reading books hahas :)

crazyrat said...

IDEA! I nv think of using tac squad the way you described.

I try to follow death company doctrine, just charge in for the kill! No care casualties haha

Skanwy said...


Lol! Your Red Thirst is strong ;)

I find Tac Squad quite flexible most times. An un-upgraded Tac only 170pts, comes with ML and Flamer.

If strapped for points, can try substituting for 10 Scouts. Combat squad them, half sniper and half with CCW like the Tac Squad. But their armor not too good lah ;)

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