Sunday, April 17, 2011

Impulse buys and two GK games

Just received my GKs from Wayland Games yesterday.  Had a brief look through the codex and Jaeroler wanted a game the following day to test his new IG list. Beardy One came over also to test his fully painted BA list/army he bringing to a local tournament. 

Familiar box with all the tape :)

2 GKSS, 1 GKT, Codex, Stern, Kaldor and Dreadknight

The plastic GK terminators are superb, should have bought more during Wayland free shipping period... but lack of $$$ got in the way... 

1st game was against Beardy One BA 1750.

My GK list
Bro captain Stern (for old time sake)
GK GM, orbital strike

10*Purifier, 4* psycannon, 6*halberd, Rhino
Vindicare assassin 

5*Terminators, 1*hammer, 4*halberd, master crafted
10*GKSS, rhino
5*GKSS, psycannon

dreadnought, 2*TL autocannon, psybolt 
Nemesis DK, Greatsword   

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead
Grand strategy: counter atk on 10SS (forgotten about it during the game)

Highlights and thoughts of Game 
-GM orbital strike missed most of the time, was on target twice, killing some tactical marines and panic them off table. GM also beat off a weaken DOA assault marines + priest.
-Stern lead by example and took some power weps wounds and survived using strands of fate.
-Purifiers were freaking amazing, blowing transports left and right with mass psycannons and slaughter marines that came out. Whole game they were just shooting psycannons and storm bolters.
-Bad placement and forgetting vindicare can infiltrate... assassin spend most of the time getting into position to shoot stuffs. Assassin was flamed to death by DS BA terminators.
-Terminators were nuts!, with halberds even getting charged by 10 Death coy they won combat and eventually wiped out the death coy.
-Strike Squads were not bad, I'm still not really sure what to use them for... They were deadly in close combat (force weps) and could hold their own against BA assault marines with priest charge and still win, but need support if combat drag on as their numbers dwindle. Their warp quake also discourage and damage deepstrikers which can surprise you from places least expected.
-psyfle dreadnought was average in this game, as most transports was gone, shooting at terminators and marines not really effective.
-Nemesis DK deepstrike into the BA lines in turn 2 (forgetting I have psychic communion), attracted tons of firepower and promptly dead before the rest of my army can reach the BA line. Feel that DK should be given shooty weapons and be a defensive firing platform.

GK won 8:6 KP. (Game end on turn 5)

I think dice rolls won me this game. I was rolling sixes left and right, been awhile since I see such good rolls. I think Beardy One also made mistakes of charging things he shouldn't charged like my terminators, GM, full strength SS. Future games against him would be tougher since he would know what to avoid. Funny thing is when getting psychic hooded by BA my rolls was abysmal. BA stopped like 99% of all GK psychic powers.

Next game was against Jaeroler IG list also at 1750. Using the same GK list.

Mission: Seize gnd (3 objectives)
Deployment: Pitched battle
Grand strategy: 3 units can claim (Dreadnought, DK, purifiers)

Highlights and thoughts of Game
-GM only managed to orbital strike once which missed (as usual...) and ate a lascannon on IG turn 1.
-Stern took a melta wound, even strands of fate couldnt save him, dying instantly.
-Assassin fluffed lots of shots, only destroying 2 of a colossus weapons whole game and getting lascannon in the face.
-Purifiers provided fire support in the centre and pop 3-4 chimeras, preventing the melta vets from rushing GK objective.
-Terminators again performed brilliantly! Killed  1-2? (cant remember) 10men infantry squad, platoon command squad, taking tons of melta guns shots. A lone terminator justicar even chased off 2 squads of 10 melta vets with multi combat, preventing the IG troops from "move move move" into GK objective.
-Strike squad nv did much in this game... 1 SS was tank shocked off a vital GK objective... causing me a draw.
-psyfle dreadnought perform average again, shaking a Leman russ, wrecking a chimera, killing heavy team and weapon destroying a chimera which tank shocked a SS off GK objective.
-Nemesis DK came in from reserve on turn 5 due to some officer of fleet IG thing (forgetting I can cast psychic communion to let it come in early...) it move 6" and run 1"... to centre GK objective which no 1 was claiming (terminators beat off melta vets). It was 1" short  of claiming (grand strategy)  GK objective.

IG won 1:0 objective (Game end on turn 5)

I BLAME THE DICE!!! for this lost hahaha. The psyfle dreadnought managed only 2 pent on the tank shocking chimera, shaking and destroying 1 wep. The SS guarding the 1st GK objective also manage a pent on the chimera and destroyed its 2nd wep... and the SS promptly failed their LD test on 11 fleeing from tank shock... The nemesis DK ran 1"... and was 1" short (4" away) of claiming 2nd GK objective which will draw the game...
IF the dreadnought had destroyed the chimera, the 5 buggers (HQ) inside may fail their pinning and get pinned and will get shot to bits by my SS, preserving/claiming 1st GK objective.  IF the nemesis DK had run 2" I would also claim the 2nd GK objective effectively winning the game hahaha


Krom said...

Wao, 2 great games with your Grey Knights.

I am jealous.

About Grand Strategy, Dreadknights and Dreadnoughts cannot claim objectives (i.e., only infantry models)

It's time to try out the Psychbolt Razorback Spam =) I am definitely buying my Stormraven seeing how difficult it is to use the Dreadknight. Any thoughts on him, beside getting more? Haha. What about TLAC Drednoughts too? I am not too convinced on them too.

crazyrat said...


Grand strategy can. Let me type an extract from the codex:

Roll D3 and choose that many infantry, jump infantry, monstrous creature or walker units in your army (not models with IC, =I= henchmen or ghost knights)
Dreadknight is a MC and dreadnought is walker so can claim objective like troops with grand strategy.

You mean assault cannon with psybolts on razorback? I think that is good, combo with psycannon, thats alot of str 7 heavy 4 rending shots going around. Just camp in the centre of the board and dakka dakka away.

SR I'm not really sure for GK. It seems to be a shooty army and 1 SR chiong into enemy lines asking to be shot at. Maybe can put paladins inside, use wound allocation to keep them alive and with 2W each and FnP they should be able to charge something. Another way is spam 3 SR and all rush forward but your army will be even smaller.

Dreadknight IMO seems to be best to be use as a mobile defensive firing platform. Its slow and even if you deepstrike it in, your opponent will shoot it to bits before giving it chance to wreck havoc in his lines. Of course you can give it teleporter but very expensive...

psyfle dreadnought like as I type above, not really impressive... maybe must spam 6? (3 heavy, 3 elite) I still prefer str 7 heavy 4 rending psycannon over AC.

Krom said...

Psychcannon the way to go man =)

I think the troops' rule is mentioned in the 40k rulebook. I will check again.

I prefer the HB Razorback with Psychbolt-->cheap and good. S6 and 42" range. what's not to like! Besides, i already have enough psych cannons on my marines.

Using Dreadknight as a firing platform seems too expensive, but if i use it will give it the teleporter and take 3 (its all or none, lol). Teleport all 3 dreadknights into the lines and wait to punch whatever did not kill it.

I think i still have to resort to TLAC Dread (Cheapest heavy so far, sigh). Now to think of how to use the stormraven arghhh!

Skanwy said...

Woah! You got presents to yourself too haha :)) Always feels like Christmas to find packages of sweet plastic.

I enjoyed reading the batreps. I must say u are doing quite well with the GK Army!! And the second game was really close too!

I think SR still can be used for the GK. Just hang back, way back to shoot the Bloodstrike to take out priority armor targets. 72 inches range is really good!

Then the SR can rush its units (Troops...and maybe a Dread) into the fray with a turbo boost.

If its still alive, it can still shoot its Assault cannon to complement at that Str 6 or 7 shots :) But it does cost points in an otherwise point heavy army. But if the enemy shoot at the SR, mebe its also ok as they won't be shootin' your more vital assets.

crazyrat said...

this is the GM ability that allows non-infantry to claim using grand strategy.

Unyielding Anvil: The nominated units can claim objectives as if they were troops.

The rule book states that walker, vehicles etc non-infantry cannot claim objectives even though they are troops, but codex supersede rulebook as always. So special rules in the codex will overwrite the rules in the rulebook. Example: 1 psychic power/turn supersede by psychic mastery level 2, descent of angels and many more.

crazyrat said...

YES! It was a suicide wallet buy hahaha. The free shipping was a deal too good to resist. I had literally $0 in my wallet for 2 weeks LOL!

Thx man, yea I BLAME THE DICE!!! for the 2nd game lost.

GK dont have bloodstrike missile :( theirs call mindstrike missiles LOL and only as strong as bolters... utter crap.

GK also dont have the DC dreadnought with blood talons :( *spinning meat grinder*

Skanwy said...


Its a good buy though. Now u got a really nice Grey Knight army! Sacrifices must be made for the Emperor hehe ;P

Oh i see...its a shame they dun have the Bloodstrike. Very useful those.

I think GK can still use the SR to transport troops and a Dread into the fray or objective.

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