Sunday, May 8, 2011

Injured Punk Dark Eldar

Inspired by gaming buddy Skanwy painting logs over at the Ward Save ( I decided to paint something small also.

While watching GE2011 on the TV for the whole night, painted up an objective marker I named "Injured Punk Dark Eldar".

The idea started when gaming buddy Jaeroler mentioned that the old DE warriors look very "punk-ish". With this I  took an old DE warrior, chop it up, green stuffs here and there, stick some pointy stuffs and not forgetting our favourite skull decoration and done.

Came up with some fluff for this objective.
The injured punk DE a true born belonging to a noble house. Shot by bolters, right arm blown off, left hand slice by bolter round and same round exploded in the gut. The Kabal left him behind after an unsuccessful real space raid.
The noble house Archon demand his rescue and return to the regenerative chambers of Commorragh. 
Imperial wants to capture and "interrogate" him or burn/kill it.
Chaos just wants to eat his soul. 
Necrons need some flayed skin to wear. 
Orks SMASH puny eldar. 


Skanwy said...

Nice and bloody! I like! Good job man, its an objective counter with fluff. The pink raw flesh looks really authentic.

Hey cool! The King in Yellow set! We can have an adventure when i get back. It'll be fun losing sanity..points hehe ;)

The Infinity mini looks really cool as well. I like the dynamic pose. U are using it as an Eversor or Callidus?

crazyrat said...

Thx hahaha, now I have 2 objectives "dante gold bars" and "punk injured DE" making the 3rd one once I get some funny ideas lol

Yea I want to try Arkham horror board game, read about it and it likes co-op vs the board, interesting.

Callidus, to kill those pesky long range campers giving heavy support fire.

Krom said...

Long range campers... Hmmmm =)

Your objectives are getting funnier all the time man! And it looks great

crazyrat said...

Its for long... IG HEAVY WEP TEAMS

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