Sunday, July 17, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k Fantasy batrep

With all the new releases for Warhammer Fantasy, we are playing fantasy again! Playing against Jaeroler again lol. Actually I did play another fantasy game against The Beardy One, but my Vampire Lord (general) dimensional cascade himself in turn 1 and his grave guard bunker was obliterated in turn 2 by ogres. A pretty boring batrep if I did that 1, most of the actions would be the ogres mopping me up and me crumbling from unstable.

Anyway using TK for the 1st time. I always liked TK models, ever since 6th edition when I 1st saw them in a local game store. Bought TK stuffs last month and played against them once in 8th edition few weeks ago. I find them quite versatile and mobile but lacking on the heavy armour side. With the hierophant controlling unstable, the Tomb King is free to go fight and hopefully die- fit my play style hahaha.

TK list
TK, destroyer of eternities, dragon helm, shield, potion of speed
Liche high priest lvl 4, Enkhil's kanopi, tailsman of endurance, healing pot
Tomb herald bsb, standard of undying legion, shield
skeleton warriors 30, music, standard
skeleton warriors 50, music, standard
skeleton archers 20, music
chariots 4, music , standard - banner of eternal flame
ushabti 6
sepulchral stalkers 3
warsphinx, roar
casket of souls
Necrolith colossus

2445 (herald suppose to be on chariot)

DE list (not exact)
BSB hero with hydra banner
CoK 19, FC
Dark riders 15, FC?
Dark riders 15, FC?

2500 or 2505?

Mission: Pitch Battle.
DE won roll off and elect to go 1st.

Not all numbers are exact. I never took notes during the game, so may have some slight variation from the actual game but the game flow is accurate.


The picture speak for itself.

DE turn 1

-Almost every DE unit move forward.

-Malekith IF on 3 PD casting Word of Pain, rolling magical feedback for miscast. Soul stealer was dispelled.

-Both RBT opt for single shot but fluff to hit rolling. (1s, 2s)

TK turn 1

-Warsphinx, TK with 50 skeletons declare charge on CoK unit with Malekith but rolled poorly, failing charge.
-Necrolith colossus and 4 skelly chariots declare charge on 15 dark riders on the right, Jaeroler declare stand and shoot against necrolith and flee against chariots. As moving chargers take place last, he gets to resolved his stand and shoot before fleeing. Necrolith was unharmed by shooting.
-Ushabti move forward, slightly behind 50 skeletons unit.
-30 skeletons unit move side ways to let the archers have more LOS.
-20 archers tried to reform using musician but failed LD.

-Big protection was dispelled, manage to cast desiccation on Cok unit, reducing their STR and T. 

DE turn 2

-CoK charged 50 skeletons unit.
-15 dark riders on the left move within 1" of warsphinx to protect CoK unit flank.
-Hydra was out of charge range and decided to shuffle forward.
-Fleeing dark riders on right failed to rally and flee off table, panicking 1 RBT on its way. 
-RBT fail panic as well and also flee off table. 

-Soul stealer was casted on 50 skeleton unit and killed 6 (I think).

-RBT opt single shot again and fluff again.
-15 Dark riders on left shot at warsphinx and manage to wound it twice, warsphinx saving 1 wound.

Close Combat
- Tomb king declared challenge and Malekith accepted. Malekith's 'Destroyer' wound Tomb king thrice and destroyed Tomb king's 'Destroyer of Eternities' lol... Tomb king save all 3 wounds. Malekith also saved all wounds dealt by Tomb king.
- CoK dealt 10 wounds (I think) to skeletons. Herald was wounded twice but saved both. 
- Skeletons killed 2 CoK. Losing combat by 10, 9 more skeletons crumple. 

TK turn 2

-Warsphinx charge dark riders, dark riders passed terror.
-6 Ushabtis charge the expose flank of the CoK.
-Necrolith and chariots move closing to the left.
-30 Skeletons move forward.
-20 archers + hierophant move sideways to get in range for spells.
-3 Sepulchral Stalkers roll a hit and appear beside hydra.

-Hierophant cast big protection and IF desiccation on CoK, rolling detonation on miscast killing 3 archers. Healing back 3 skeletons in the unit engage with CoK.

-Sepulchral stalkers rolled 8 shots dealt 1 wound to hydra.  

Close Combat
- Dark riders wound warsphinx thrice, warsphinx manage to kill 4 dark riders. Dark riders passed break test.
- Tomb king and Malekith continued their fight, Malekith dealt no wounds and saved all wounds received.
- Skeletons and Ushabtis killed 6 CoK, CoK without hatred and charging lance only killed 4 skeletons (skeleton ward save 3/7 wounds). CoK lost combat and flee away from pursuers. Tomb king unit pursuit into the warsphinx VS dark rider combat. Ushabti choose to overrun but was block by the Tomb king unit.  

DE turn 3

-Hydra turn around to face the sepulchral stalkers.
-CoK with Malekith rallied.

- Malekith cast black horror on Tomb king skeleton unit, killing 4.  Malekith also cast word of pain on same unit. 

-RBT tried single shot on Ushabti and fluff yet again.
-Hydra breath Sepulchral stalkers and dealt 2 wounds. 

Close Combat
- Dark riders kill warsphinx, 1 skeleton and wounded herald. 4 dark riders died to Tomb king and herald.  Dark riders passed break test. 

TK turn 3

-Necrolith failed charge on CoK.
-Chariots failed charge on CoK.
-30 skeletons units wheel and move forward.
-Ushabti charged the flank of dark riders. Dark riders passed fear test.

-Only managed to cast Desiccation on CoK unit. Rest dispelled or failed to cast. 

-Sepulchral stalker roll 12 shots and dealt 2 wounds on hydra. 
-Archers couldn't wound CoK. 

Close Combat
- Dark riders kill herald and 2 skeletons.
- Tomb king unit and Ushabti decimate dark riders. Reformed to face CoK unit. 

DE turn 4

-CoK unit charge ushabti.
-Hydra charge Sepulchral stalkers. 

-Malekith cast black horror on archer unit and killed 5 archers. Malekith cast soul steal on Tomb king skeleton unit and killed 4 skeletons. 

-RBT finally hit chariot, dealing 2 wounds.

Close Combat
- Hydra dealt 4 wounds to stalkers, remaining stalker died to unstable.
-CoK unit dealt 7 wouds to ushabtis. Ushabtis struck back and killed 4 CoK. Unstable took 4 more wounds off Ushabti. (3 ushabtis left in combat)

TK turn 4

- 30 skeletons charge right flank of CoK.
- Tomb King skeletons charge left flank of CoK.
- Necrolith fail charge again.
- Chariots move closer to hydra.

- Cast desiccation on CoK.
- Cast big protection (I think, not sure if it was dispelled)

-Chariots and archers shooting does nothing to hydra.

Close Combat
- Tomb king call challenge again and was accepted by CoK champion. Tomb king proceed to overkill champion by 2. Rest of the skeletons killed off the rest of CoK. Ushabtis attacks focus on Malekith but he passed all his ward saves. 
- Malekith killed 1 ushabti. 
- Needing insane courage to stay, Malekith broke from combat and was caught by tomb king unit. 

Jaeroler had concede at this point, as he only have a 2 wound hydra and a RBT left. While most of my stuffs are still on the table.
We never count VP as TK clearly won.
Victory to Tomb king.

click below for end game conclusion/thoughts 

End game thoughts
Won this game mainly due to dice rolls and Jaeroler list. My parry and armour saves dice rolls were very good, making lots of crucial saves in crucial combat. Allowing me to hold the CoK in place and flank them on my turn. Jaeroler left flank (my right) totally collapsed after he fluff his panic and rally LD test early in the game. Allowing my chariots + necrolith to roam free. My casket of souls was also free from any threat.

One thing I wanted to do in this game was to test ushabtis. 
I kept reading forums saying Ushabtis are teh sux! WTFBBQ ushabtis nerf!. I don't know how they use ushabtis in game or did they even used it in games, but I find ushabtis surprisingly good at what they do - Kill stuffs. I admit ushabtis cannot take a deathstar charge head on and come out unscathed and proceed to chop down the deathstar. They need the support of rank up skeletons to deal with steadfast and provide more CR, hex like desiccation and protection augment also help them to perform better. 
With MI getting 3 supporting attacks, I find running 3x2 to be the best, 3x1 is too small and will get wiped easily by shooting/magic or even unstable. Ushabtis (not taking into a/c chariots) are the perfect flanking force - not to break ranks but to get kills and some CR. Placing them beside and slightly back. Letting the enemy get tar-pit with the big skeleton blocks and charging the enermy on the flank on your turn. 
I will continue using ushabtis in my games, and the models looks beautiful. Ordered 2 boxes of fine cast ushabtis 2 months back and waiting for them to arrive next week. 

Jaeroler list would have work better in 7th edition, but in 8th where big cheap blocks are king on the field, his elite deathstar cavalry unit was not very effective. Malekith costing 600 pts didn't help also lol. 
RBTs was also ineffective, taking a 175pts hydra beats RBT anyday. 
IMO the dark magic lore was also weak compared to the new shadow and death lore. Purple sun and pit would cause me big problems, even decimating my big blocks in 1-2 turns. 
You may ask why he created this list. He wrote this list for a big combine game next month so hence the special character. Guess he will be using the dreaded Morathi for the big game. 

Malekith: Mummy Mummy! A school bully call Teclis bully me!
Morathi:  I will make that pansy bully regret bullying my kid!


Skanwy said...

Exciting batrep! Enjoyed reading about the new Tomb Kings in action. They look like they can hold their own.

The terrain looks a bit sparse though lol!

Grats on the win ;)

crazyrat said...

Lol you notice the terrains or lack of. We realise there was no terrain when deploying and just heck care continue the game.

Need more arcane fulcrums haha.

JaeRoler said...

DE turn 2,

Magic, Malekith casted 2 spells on the 50 SW block, Soul Steal and Black Horror, killing 5 and 10 respectively.

Close combat, dealt 8 wounds to SW units, died 2 CoK, won combat by 7, 7 skeletons crumpled.

And yeah, with 8th ed, ranked Steadfast and supporting attack rules, elite Deathstar CoK is now almost useless... T_T

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