Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monthly 40K massive game 1

Today mark the beginning of our gaming group monthly massive game. Organized by Enrgie over at, we were playing 40K (3 VS 3) 5250 points, good vs evil.

I was not playing due to odd number of players and waking up late and feeling feverish with a runny nose and sore throat....symptoms of flu...

Beef Nuggets - IG
Ethan - GK
Skanwy - BA(Flesh Tearers)

Enrgie - Tyranids
Grimcon - Tau
Jaeroler - IG (Evil ones)

Game end on turn 5, which was agreed before game.
Evil won.

Some pictures below:
Flesh Tearers holding the Imperium left flank on it own.

GK and IG slug it out with the xenos + traitors on the right flank.

nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Tau rail guns and traitor IG heavy weps scanning for targets.

Sanguinary guard holding objective (obelisk), DC slams into IG vehicles.

Mephiston (Vlad conversion) in the centre surrounded on all sides.

Epic final battle between Mephiston and Hive Tyrant (Mep was no match for Tyrant, Lash whips FTW)

More pictures can be found in


Skanwy said...

Wow! Fast post :) The pics are great!

A lot of lasers and bullets fired, its all a blur to me now haha!

Mephy had a fun time leading the Tyrant and retinue around while smashing stuff at the same time. In the end he fell in battle as the Tyrant caught up with him.

crazyrat said...

Yea took me 15mins click here and there. Mep eat until very full today lol!

Skanwy said...

Yar manz, i didn't know the power of Mephy until yesterday haha! But i always feared him when my opponent places him on the tabletop.

I thought the terrain piece was cover, so Tyrant assaulting through cover means we both strike at same initiative. I should have ran some more haha!

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