Saturday, February 27, 2010

Batrep 1k orks vs 1k sm, 1k eldar (no pics)

Played 2 small games this weekend , 1 against SM and 1 against eldar. No pictures or batrep pics. (lazy hehehe)

Orks vs SM (1k)
Mission: Capture & control
Deployment: pitch battle (was DOW lol...)

Both players put their objectives behind their deployment zone. SM wiping orks troops early in the game prevented any chance of victory for orks. SM landspeeder storm with scouts nearly capture orks objective (only 2" away). While orks warboss +nobz clear out the tactical marines holding the SM objective.

Game end on turn 5, with a roll of 2.
0 - 0 objective DRAW.

Funny moments: Tech marine running away from warboss got shot in the back by warboss TL shoota. (tech marine ran from 3rd storey ruin to gnd floor but could not escape the wrath of the warboss.) 

Orks vs Eldar (1k)
Mission: Capture & control (again lol...)
Deployment: DOW...

Slugga boyz on trukk with warboss + nobz on B.wagon rush the eldar objective, clearing the wraithguard and storm guardians holding eldar objective. While Seer council in wave serpent clear out the shoota boyz and lootas defending the orks objective. 

Game end on turn 6, as only non scoring troops was left on both sides and no chance of wiping each other out due to the distance apart.
0 - 0 objective DRAW.

Funny moments: Farseer fail reroll invul saves consecutively! (led by example goes wrong)

The small games prevented much option for the armies, bringing only 2 troops each. Alot of firepower was concentrated on eliminating the scoring units and resulting in draw for both sides. 


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