Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repainting of my Nids

Hey guys,

A quick update. I have begun work on repainting my Nids and they will be painted to the Hivefleet Leviathan colour scheme.

Above are the two pictures of the WIP.

I will be targetting a 1500 list using this new colour scheme. I am targetting to get the big creatures done first before I hit the smaller creatures.

Keep posting those battle reports! I will create some posts after next weekend when I get a game in.


Krom said...

Your warriors are looking great! I look forward to a game with your nids. Been on a lookout to squash nids (or be squashed) lol. Is this Saturday, March 6, ok for a game? hee hee

crazyrat said...

Nice looking warriors there, I am also "trying" my best to paint, but i bet you will be impressed by Daniel's "300" marines.

The poster (random thoughts) is our friend in HK. You can squash his nids in April when he return.

Krom said...

Lol. I see. Oh well, as long as there are bugs (or Orks for that matter) to smash =)

Skanwy said...

Really nice Tyranids! They organic feel is very strong. I like the purplish highlights :) My Eldar also want to fight nids leh! ;P

enrgie said...

Thanks guys. I didn't see these comments till now!

Yes, I am Raymond and based in HK now. I will be back in SG in July permanently so will come by to YC's place to play!

I am painting a 1500 point force now.

crazyrat said...

July ok lar, by that time I would have a painted 1750 army laio wahahaha

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