Monday, July 12, 2010

40k battle mission 3k game

Had a 2vs2 3k game last sat. We decided to play battle missions for something different. Each player will bring 1.5k.
After some dice rolling, it was Blood Angels + Black Templars vs Chaos marines + IG. Emperor's finest combining to kill the traitors.

Mission: Preemptive strike

Victory to the Imperium
Imperium : Traitors
 29 : 18

Here are some pictures from the game. No batrep as I was sleepy and distracted by enrgie setting up a 2nd table for another game.

Emperor's Finest surge towards the traitors

Daemon prince vs death company (DP got killed)

  Emperor champion and crusaders bullying traitor guardmen

It was a fun game with many fun stuffs happening every turn. Dante got smashed by a chaos marine champion power fist, failing his iron halo twice (wahahaha). Neophytes again bear the brunt of the shooting and their sacrifices allow the templars to close into CC. Mephiston was pinned by ratlings and psykers. (not sure if mephiston dead in the end) 


enrgie said...

Oi, what do you mean "distracted by enrgie"! Lol! Stop making excuses! Go paint!

Skanwy said...

It was a great game with lots of casualties haha!

The Black Templar Initiates once again proved that Neophytes are the best sacrifice...for the Emperor, of course..LOL!

I think Mephy died (aka was trapped under rubble...again) to a rending sniper shot. He failed the cover save.

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