Sunday, July 4, 2010

Orks vs BT normal mission batrep 1.5k

Warboss "Crazy-Squig" feel a need to launch a miniature waaagh raiding party on the eastern fringe of the lush agri world - Riau  . The Orks were running rampage in a sub-urban settlement, looting + slaughtering. The humans last cry for help was intercepted by the Black Templars - "The Mandarsa Crusade". A small strike force consisting mainly of Templars and bikes, the Templars answer the call and landed on the outskirt of the settlement.

Objectives of the Black Templars are
-Secure a zone for reinforcements and supplies.
-Capturing the centre administratum ruin to gather intel and gain vantage point over the orks forces.
-Recover any artifacts from a ruined manufactorum.

Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: 3

-Both forces deploy their whole armies on the table. The BT were able to steal the initiative and goes 1st. Orks deffkopter scout move ahead, eager to engage the incoming BT 1st.

Turn 1
-BT crusader squads lead by an Emperor champion and 2 chaplains move forward on foot, bravely ignoring cover. The BT wants the orks to notice them and lure the foul xenos out of the settlement.
-The 3 bikers went ahead to scout for orks. Spotting some deffkopters, the bikes engage them with bolters but the deffkopters dodge the explosive rounds.

Turn 2
-Encountering the Deffkopters on the edge of the settlement, the Emperor champion charged into the deffkopters. The Emperor champion leaped into the air,  with precise swipe of the black sword all 4 deffkopters exploded in mid air.
-Dreadnoughts and missiles provided covering fire for the advanding crusader squads. Hitting the orks vehicles in the settlement but the orks force field negated all damage.

Turn 3
-Dreadnought covering fire continue and was able to score a hit on the warboss. Piercing a hole through the massive brute shoulder.
-Hearing explosions, trukks boyz zoom out to engage the emperor champion and his crusader squad. The trukks boyz was no match for the reflexes of the Emperor Champion and the templars. All trukk boyz felt into a heap of gore before they could land a single blow on the Emperor's finest.
-Warboss Crazy-squig dismounted from his BW and together with his nobz charge into 2nd crusader squad, killing them all and the chaplain. The nobz incredible endurance weathering most blows.

Mass melee in turn 3

Turn 4
-Warboss Crazy-squig and his surviving nobz charges into the emperor champion crusader squad. Crazy-squig accepted the challenge issue by the emperor champion. The emperor champion inhuman speed outclassed Crazy-squig easily, before the warboss coud land a blow, the emperor champion cleaved crazy-squig PK arm off and plunged the black sword into crazy-squig's neck.
-PK nob sneaked behind the emperor champion and tear a hole through the armour of faith, killing the Emperor champion.
-With their warboss dead, the nobz ran for their lives, escaping the fury of the templars.

Crazy-Squig showdown with Emperor Champion

Turn 5
-Nobz squad rallied and charged the chaplain and 2 remaining templars. The chaplain crozius arcanum, smashed a nobz head, instantly killing him. The remaining nobz struck back killing 2 remaining templars and inflicting a wound on the chaplain.
-Lootas fired at a dreadnought threatening the nobz squads, destroying both the dreadnought arms.
-Gretchins spotting some templars moving into the cenre administratum, fired their puny guns at the templars but only scratching the power armour paint.

Turn 6
-Pain boy, nob with pk continue to duel with the BT chaplain. Chaplain smash the nobz with his crozius arcanum, the nob and pain boy stagger from the crushing force but recover their stance. Cybernetics implants enhancing the nobz physique. Both nobz struck back, wounding the chaplain fatally.
-Lootas fired at a dreadnought walking towards the manufactorum -the gretchins are ransacking. At such close range even orks couldn't miss, easily wrecking the dreadnought.

Turn 7
-The Remaining 5 templars were shot by the trigger happy lootas hiding in the manufactorum and 2 templars died to the deff guns. Passing their morale the 3 remaining templars decided to stay on their captured objective in the centre administratum ruin.
-The weapon-less dreadnought smash into the immob battlewagon, the impact of the force thrashing the BW completely.

Victory to the Black Templars
-Secured Landing zone.
-Captured administratum ruin.

The gretchins and lootas ran off with lots of booty from the manufactorum. :) lololo.


Skanwy said...

It was a really fun battle man :) So much melee and gore lol!

It was just pure luck that i rolled a '1' for my zeal move on top of the building, anything more than a '2' would have seen the Templars running away from the objective haha!

A very very close fought game :)

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