Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog New Name + weekend 40k

I decided to change the blog name to "Floor Gaming" since we had been war-gaming on the floor since 6th edition Warhammer fantasy.  Crawling and sitting cross-legged gaming for hours, using floor tiles as battleground borders. The floor tiles are no longer in used as we had the gaming board now but still gaming on the floor hahaha.

Had a game with Jaeroler psyker IG list here.  I was using my old BA list here.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Spearhead

Victory to the traitor guards.
Jaeroler newest quote - "Death to the false Emperor, long live the Queen"

-BA had a 1 arm furioso dreadnought left on turn 7.

I think that sums up the battle hahaha, I seriously need to change my BA list to include more objectives sitters.


Skanwy said...

Wah! What happen man? Was it the displeasure of the dice gods again lol?

I'm assuming you got pinned via da Psyker squads and then shot by the tanks n' infantry ;P

Skanwy said...

Oh yar! I noticed the blog title too! I think its a suitable homage to our gaming history :)))

JaeRoler said...

The Dicegods are with me today.

The 2 Assault Squad Rhinos sped through the debris to square up against the Melta Vets.
They managed to get the Vets out of the Rhinos but died to the demo charges. The Lady loves me this battle as my few template throwing all scattered very little.

Mephiston lost 2 wounds in first turn to Rending Sniper shots and then 1 more wound to Lascannon from the LRBT. One more wound to the demo charge that took 7 more Assault Squads with it.

Terminators made the tactical mistake of coming out of the LRR to eat 1 infantry squad. It exposed them to the Psyker template storm that was str 9, rolled for AP 2 and did not scatter. LRBT killed the Priest, removing psyhic hood, and weaken resolve forced the terminators to run away with 2 casualties. It delayed them enough for me to melt them down.

Skanwy said...

@JaeRoler: Nice work man! Your IG list has a lot of utility and backup. Its a wonderful thing when a plan comes together with use of good tactics :)) Looks like the demo charges performed really ace!

crazyrat said...

My list can't deal with mechanize list... Only if I'm super lucky, which I was not. Kept getting stun, wep destroyed and immob even with AP1. I think I wrecked 2 chimeras throughout the game using PFs. No big BOOM make me a sad panda.

Trying to create a general list that can handle all kinds of armies.

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