Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantasy batrep 2250 HE VS VC + OK

With the release of 8th edition WH fantasy recently, and getting hold of the rule book, we are back to fantasy. Had a test game against Krom's HE. Due to insufficient models on my side and Beardy One bringing his ogres. We had a 2vs1 (2250) game.

Mission: Blood and glory
HE break pt: 3
HE fortitude: 6 ( I think)
OK + VC break pt: 3
OK + VC fortitude: 5 (counting only 1 army general)

Game end on HE turn 3, with victory to HE.

Highlights of the game:

-Vampire lord with frost blade in a unit of 30 grave-guards charged and caught a unit of shadow warriors, chase away a chariot and a unit of archers.
-Vampire lord on turn 3 decided to go crazy and cast "Winds of undeath" on 4 PD. Getting IF easily but HE mage had "Trickster pendant" forcing Vamp lord to roll miscast twice - A 5 and 4 was rolled and 4 was chosen. The "Dimensional cascade" down vamp lord to 1 wound and killed 18 GG... and 6 HE archers. 
-Vamp lord + GG with standard  was mass RBT to death, effectively losing the game for the evil side.

-30 horde skeletons with spears was combined charged by 2 chariots and a unit of silver helms. Losing combat by 15, the skeletons had 14 left after wounds and crumble to dust.

-Necromancer on corpse cart was charged (overrun) by a chariot, impacts hits killing the necromancer instantly who decided to stand in front to block the speeding chariot. Zombies was able to flank the chariot and combine atks from the undead destroyed the chariot. (Zombies was on steroids and dealt 2 wounds)

-29 ghouls was charged by another chariot but ghouls won combat due to numbers.

- A slave giant was charged by a chariot, head butt + thunder stomp decimate the chariot.  
-Lead blechers was sniped by RBT before getting charged and wiped out by silver helms + chariot.
-Gut magic 2D6 str 2 no ar sv spell was used on silver helms but was promptly dispelled. 

-HE fluff most of his shooting rolls as Krom's HE army was very shooty. Rolled 5 dice - 5 ones LOL.
-With only a lvl 1 wizard, there was not much magic action on HE side.

End game thoughts
-Big block of infantry FTW. 30 at least if the unit have decent armour saves. 40-50 if they have paper armour to be able to absorb the initial atks and get steadfast before help arrives/ win by CR.
-HW+ shield good for infantry blocks that have crap offensive abilities.
-Monster creatures with thunder stomp oooooo POWER! 
-The new magic system is fun fun fun LOL!!!

Looking forward to more games of fantasy and budgeting for more SHINY minis. 


Krom said...

that was fast!
Yeah, would love to see more monsters in action too =)

I want more fantasy games!!!!

Skanwy said...

Cool battle guys! I miss the Fantasy battles :))

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