Friday, August 27, 2010

MalifauX LCB nightmare version

Received this in the mail today. Had some trouble buying this LE miniature at 1st, got to thank The Beardy One for allowing me to try his CC to purchase this, but in the end was able to purchase this in wyrd miniature web store using paypal.

This miniature currently going around for US$200 in Ebay... the retail price was US$60. Anyway I want this miniature and won't put it up for auction in Ebay to earn some quick cash.

This is a master character for the game MalifauX. I intend to use this as a daemon prince for my Daemon of Chaos army. Also after reading/listening and watching some review of the game MalifauX, I'm interested to try it if the guys in the gaming grp want to try also. Its a skirmish based game and would not cost more than S$60 to start and play. The miniatures created by Wyrd miniatures are incredible, not your usual sci-fi/fantasy type.

Visit this link to get more info and pics,


PX said...

$200? For real? I just got mine as well, and I was kinda torn if I should keep it in the box or paint it. I thought perhaps they would go for that amount of money in a couple of years or so O_O

Skanwy said...

@crazyrat: Hey thats a great choice for a DP. Grats on gettin' the model :) I think the LCB is a great model! You could still leave the dreamer child on the shoulder for added creepiness ;)

I'm quite tempted by the Spirits of Vengeance box set. Nice sculpts there too.

crazyrat said...

Yes, look at post #175, #176 of Wyrd Miniatures forum. People were talking about LCB nightmare ver going for $250 in Ebay. (copy-paste link)

The spirits of Vengeance are new release, consist of Japanese theme ghosts (日本鬼) LOL

Skanwy said...

Yea manz :) The Japanese ghosts will go well with my Urban Mammoth Kabuki Dolls.


I bought the Kabuki dolls from Wayland Games. Its another project not completely formed yet heheh!

JaeRoler said...

I wanna play Munchkins!

crazyrat said...

LOL buy 1st think later.

Munchkins I think is card game.

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