Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate Painting eyes

After looking at The Ward Save painting updates. I felt inspired to update my painting progress also. Staying at home on the weekend, I decided to start painting my BA assault terminators. (Storm shield take!!! lol...)

I primed them with "Mr Hobby 1000 grey primer", then basecoated them with "Mr Hobby Super Italian Red" (no.158) all with airbrush.
After a run + dinner + shower, I started on their eyes or helmet lens. The 5 pair of lenses took me 3 hours to paint while watching Taiwanese variety show.
1st I use "Vallejo model colour park green flat" to base coat the lens. For highlight I use "Vallejo game colour Livery green". A 000 brush was used to paint the lenses.

ANGRY Terminator!!!

The base coat look very glossy now due to the nature of  "Mr Hobby Super Italian Red" (no.158)  being a gloss paint. Matt varnish will be spray over the completed terminator to lower/erase the gloss.

Click below for more WIP pics.

Airbrushed with primer

Base coated with Super Italian red

Paints I used with airbrush

Sgt with big storm shield

LC terminator 


Krom said...

Hey, looking good! It turned out very natural and nice =)

Paint more! haha

Skanwy said...

I like the eyes :)) The effort really shows. Its also really neatly done. Well done man!

enrgie said...

Agreed. Best painted eyes! Now get to the actual mini you're already half way there!

crazyrat said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm losing steam again haha.

enrgie said...

You've just started!!

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