Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grey Knights vs IG 1750 normal batrep

Had been awhile since I played against Jaerolers' IG. After getting inspired watching some games in a tournament, he changed his IG list and wanted to test it. I'm using my GK. I also change my Dread knight to include G.psilencer, let my GKSS take 2 psycannons and add a Land Raider crusader.

GK list
GK GM, orbital strike

10*Purifier, 4* psycannon, 6*halberd, Rhino
Vindicare assassin 

5*Terminators, 1*hammer, 4*halberd, master crafted
10*GKSS, rhino, 2*pyscannons

Land raider crusader, multi melta, HKM, psybolt
dreadnought, 2*TL autocannon, psybolt
Nemesis DK, g.psilence


IG list
Company Command Squad w/ 3 meltas in Chimera
Lord Commissar

Veteran Squad w/ 3 meltas in Chimera x2
Platoon Command Squad w/ 3 meltas in Chimera
Infantry Squad x2
Heavy Weapon Squad w/ 2x Lascannons and 1 Autocannon x3

Fast Attack
Banewolf w/ Multimelta x2

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank x2
Colossus Ordnance Battery x1

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: DOW lol...

GM make purifiers troops with grand strategy.
IG managed to seize initiative. 

My memory is quite fuzzy and never take notes during the game, so some details would not be 100% accurate.

Note* IG was issuing orders left & right, I didn't include it as I don't exactly know what the orders are called but just know that they allowed units to get TL, reroll cover saves, shot another round with rapid fire weps,  run better and auto rally. 


-GK deploy GM in centre in trench and LR:crusader with 5 terminators inside.
-GKSS combat squad. 2 psycannon and 3 SS in rhino. Justicar and 4 SS walking.

-IG deploy HQ company commander and gang and embark into chimera in turn 1. (I just place a chimera for simplicity)
-The heavy wep teams are troops, all are 2 lascannon and 1 autocannon.

 Turn 1

-IG move in everything, pop smoke for 3 chimera (2 melta vets, 1 platoon cmd).
-2 bane wolf move to flank of chimeras.
-Leman russ battle tank move from corner surrounding colossus. 
-Infantry squad combine and form a long line. 

IG shooting
-Either could not see due to night fight or could not roll high enough to glance LR:crusader.

-move in everything also. Ork deff dread is Dreadknight with g.psilencer. Left rhino have 5 GKSS. Right rhino have purifiers. Everything that could run, ran forward, rhino move 12". (5 combat squad GKSS were not in picture)

GK shooting
-LR:crusader managed to stun right bane wolf with assault cannons and multi melta, HKM shake left bane wolf.  
 Turn 2

-Move platoon cmd squad chimera forward to get range to LR:Crusader. Left banewolf also move nearer to get in range next turn. Everything else stay still.

IG shooting
-All heavy wep teams shot at DK, and DK took 1 wound.
-Colossus killed 5 GKSS that was walking with vindicare (not in picture).
-Leman russ could not kill vindicare assassin. (lightning reflex FTW!)
-All melta stuffs in the centre could not glance LR:crusader due to bad rolls and out of melta 2d6 range. 

-Assassin move and ran to get into position. All rhinos and dreadnought, DK move forward.

GK shooting
-Purifiers in rhino shot psycannon at closet leman russ destroying its battlecannon.
-DK psilencer shot at closest H.wep team and killed 2, pass panic due to lord commissar. 
-psyfle dreadnought shot at left chimera with melta vets and blow it up, killing 5 vets and 6 guardsmen.
-GKSS in rhino wreck left banewolf.
-LR:Crus, immob and wep destroyed centre platoon cmd chimera.

Turn 3

-Right melta vet chimera move closer to LR:Crus to get within melta 2d6 range. 
-Melta vets in crater move out to get into range of LR:Crus. 

IG shooting
-Banewolf multi melta destroyed LR:Crus assault cannon.
-Right melta vets in chimera wreck LR:Crus. 
-Platoon cmd meltas could not kill any disembarked terminators.
-Leman russ battle cannon could not kill any terminators.
-Colossus manage to wound vindicare once. 

-DK, psyfle dread move forward.

GK shooting
-Purifiers shot at closet leman russ and destroyed its last wep (H.bolter).
-Assassin shot at 2nd leman russ and manage to pent and blow it up. (1 shot 1 kill haha)
-GKSS shot at platoon cmd chimera and wep destroyed it twice till wreck.
-GKSS rhino shot at the disembarked platoon cmd and killed 1. 
-Psyfle dread shot at right melta vet chimera and blow it up killing 6 inside.
-DK shot psilencer at another H.wep team on the left and killed 2, again passing panic.

GK assault
-Terminators with GM charged melta vets on the right and wiped them, consolidate into the ruins.

Turn 4

IG shooting
-Banewolf poison gas kill 1 terminator.
-Meltas from vets and platoon cmd all fluff or were saved by terminators.
-Guardsmen FRFSRF mass torchlight shots couldnt kill any terminators. 
-H.wep teams dealt another wound to DK and wep destroyed and immob GKSS rhino.
-Company cmd chimera couldn't wound DK. 
-Colossus fluff shot against vindicare. 

-Purifier rhino move forward to get LOS to right banewolf. 
-GKSS disembarked from rhino.

GK shooting
-Purifiers psycannons shot at side of right banewolf and wreck it.
-Psyfle dread and GKSS shot at guardsmen and kill 7, passing panic again due to lord commissar. 
-DK shot at the furthest H.wep team and killed the autocannon gunner.
-Assassin fluff shot against wepless Leman russ.

GK assault
-GM and 4 terminators multi charge melta vets and platoon cmd squad. wiping all except platoon commander. Consolidating towards IG objective. 

Turn 5

-Guardsmen move towards crater to get cover saves.
-Company cmd chimera move nearer to terminators to get within melta range.
-Leman russ move towards purifiers rhino.

IG shooting
-2 H.wep team killed DK. 3rd H.wep team fluff shot.
-company cmd meltas took 2 terminators down.
-colossus shot was saved by vindicare again!

-Purifier disembark from rhino and ran towards GK objective.
-Terminators move towards IG objective.
-Purifier rhino move to prevent leman russ from tankshocking/ramming. (rhino was 1" away from Leman russ) 

GK shooting
-psyfle dreadnought manage to shake and wep destroy (multi laser) company cmd chimera.
-GKSS shot at the guardsmen, killing all except 2.
-Terminators shot at H.wep team, killed 1and inflict 1 wound on the lascannons gunners.
-All IG pass panic.

Game continue to turn 6.

 Turn 6

-Company cmd chimera tankshocked GM and terminators, GM and terminators were surprised by the suicidal APC and decided to do a "tactical retreat" (I rolled 12 for LD...)

IG shooting
-Company cmd with meltas gunners disembarked and finished off the "fleeing" GM and terminators.
-Colossus blast killed 4 purifiers. 
-H.wep teams fluff.

-Vindicare move up the ruins.
-Rhino on right move nearer to centre.

GK shooting
-Purifiers wreck the Wepless leman russ.
-Psyfle dread stunned and wep destroyed? (H.bolter) the chimera in centre.
-GKSS finished off the 2 guardsmen in the centre.  

Game continue to turn 7.  Jaeroler had given up at this point and we were just playing for fun on turn 7.

Turn 7 

Turn 7 Highlights
-IG H. wep teams fluff.
-Colossus killed 2 more purifiers
-Psyfle dread killed 2 melta gunners and inflict 1 wound both on lord commissar and company cmd.
-Both purifiers and GKSS were out of range of anything.
-Vindicare fluff shots against colossus... (rolling 9 with 4d6 + 3)

Game end

GK : IG 
1 : 0
GK victory

End game thoughts

Knowing Jaeroler play style I knew he would use his chimeras to rush my objective to get the win while his heavy stuffs will give support fire (anti mech and anti mehreenz).

I place my Land raider right on the lane leading to my objective. To get easy access to my objective, he will keep shooting the land raider to destroy it before rushing his chimeras forward. 
I estimated that fastest he could destroy my LR is on turn 2 due to night fight. He was cautious in his approach 
and did not get near enough to get 2d6 melta, which allow my LR to get a free turn of shooting.

Psycannons are 24", I needed 1-2 turns to allow them to come in and get in range of most IG stuffs at the back. If psycannons were destroyed before getting into position, I would have a tough time dealing with the mech and hordes of infantry. 
Also Jaeroler was too obsessed shooting at my vindicare assassin. Its powerful, but the really important target is the purifiers which I further enhanced with grand strategy. My good dice rolls with vindicare invul save further waste his battlecannons which I was truly afraid. My purifiers were not shot at all till turn 6 and had a field day picking any targets that threaten me, eventually winning me the game by capturing 1 objective. 

My DK also distracted him, where he put alot of lascannon shots into it. The DK G.psilencer had 24" range and could afford ignoring it for 1-2 turns. So if he had spend 1-2 turns shooting at the psyfle dread, a lucky pent could easily stop it for good.  My good rolls with DK saves again prevented my other stuffs from getting las in the face.

The MVP got to be the psyfle dread, anything it shot it destroy. By putting him in the centre, with the battlecannons and lascannons busy with other targets, psyfle dread also had a field day shooting chimeras.  

My rolls were very good, thx to gamescience dice! gamescience dice FTW!  


JaeRoler said...

Haha, I would have attempted to kill your Purifiers more if they weren't all in your Rhino until your 5th turn when you decided to come out and claim your own objective. After that, I only had 2 rounds of shooting to deal 6 wounds.

My deployment was actually just my Lord Commissar and 2 HWT Squads. The 3rd at the back strolled in, the Company Command Squad in Rhino came in on first turn and my L.Commissar embarked.

Plunking down a LR Crusader right in the middle screwed with my ability to seize the middle ground. I couldn't deal with it fast enough to let my troops push through and basically ended up just defending my own portion.

Lastly, I hate your Vindicare's Lightning Reflexes! lol

crazyrat said...

Rhinos are easy to break open, once the purifiers come out just let them eat pie plates hahaha.

I agree you were very unlucky in shooting at the LR crusader, which allow me a free round of shooting with all its weapons.

Vindicare eat till very full.

Skanwy said...

The Vindicare sounds lethal on the field of battle. Good shooting there man, didn't think a single bullet could take down a tank lol!

An exciting battle. The results show that it was quite close :)

JaeRoler said...

Actually a Vindicare can easily take down even Land Raiders and Leman Russ with their 4D6+3 rolls.

A below average roll of 3 per dice will grant you with a penetrating roll of 15, enough to pen and force a pen result. Immob, wep destroyed, worst off is to prevent him from shooting.

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