Sunday, May 22, 2011

GW price increase and cheapo psyfle dreadnought

Yes GW increasing price again! woooooo! Effect on us is small since we are banned  cant buy from cheap overseas retailers (UK) after 1st June.

This month we will be increasing the price of some of our products. This price change will take effect from May 28th.


Complete list of items increasing in price here:

Since FW is the only place that sells "left handed" autocannon and costing £7.20 each. 2 autocannons would cost £14.4 exclude shipping which is 15% for ROW, total £16.56. After browsing dakka dakka forums, a thread suggest using Aegis defence lines interceptor autocannon, which cost £12+ in Maelstrom Games. Its plastic, "free" Aegis def lines and its £4 cheaper than FW, what a deal! Below are some pictures of the Aegis defence line autocannon on GK dreadnought. Also magnetize the autocannons.


Skanwy said...

Cool! I didn't realize the Autocannons belonged to the Aegis set unit you mentioned it :)

crazyrat said...

Good tips from forums, I also didnt realise until I read dakka dakka and bolter and chainsword.

Warflake said...

Dakka Dakka forum FTW! haha
Really nice looking dread man.

Krom said...

I bought one Aegis for more PsyDred goodness =)

YC, do you think Daniel has one too, so that we can borrow from him when we need to WYSIWYG for tournys?

crazyrat said...


thx for the kinds words. Dakka dakka forums a must visit for any miniature wargamer.

LOL! Don't think he bought 1. He nv run autocannon dreadnought also.

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