Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grudge match! GK vs IG 1750 normal batrep

Another day, another battle report. Jaeroler wanted a rematch from yesterday game. He will be using the same list, I will also be using the same GK list. Using Power point this time instead of vassal for the pictures.

List here:

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitch battle

GM give reroll 1s to wound to purifiers and terminators.
IG seize initiative not successful.


I let the picture speak for itself.

Turn 1

-Purifiers in rhino weapon destroyed (multi laser) left melta vet chimera. 
-LR crusader blow up platoon cmd chimera, killing 2 inside and pinning them.
-Psyfle dread wreck 1 banewolf.
-DreadKnight  kill 1 H.wep team. (panic pass)

-Dreadknight wounded once by H.wep team. 

Turn 2

-Purifier in rhino wep destroyed (multi laser) right melta vet chimera.
-LR crusader and psyfle dread wep destroyed (multi melta) and stunned 2nd bane wolf.
-LR crusader bolter the platoon cmd sq and killed 2 (1 left, pass panic)
-DK kill another H.wep team (pass panic).
-Vindicare shake Leman russ on hill.

-H.wep team wound DK again. (2nd wound)
-Leman russ stunned GKSS rhino.

Turn 3

-GKSS disembarked and move to ruins but could not inflict any damage.
-DK dealt 2 wounds to H.wep team (lascannon and autocannon).
-Psyfle dread blow up bane wolf.
-LR crusader fluff all shots.
-Purifiers in rhino immobilized and wep destroy (H.bolter) right melta vet chimera.

-Mass lasguns from guardsmen kill dreadknight.
-1 H.wep team blow up psyfle dread. 
-2 H.wep teams immobilized & wep destroy (storm bolter) GKSS rhino. 
-2 Leman russ kill 5 GKSS. (panic pass) 
-1st melta vets squads blow up purifiers rhino.
-2nd melta vet squad with chimera and colossus kill 4 purifiers that came out.

Turn 4

-Purifiers immobilized left melta vet chimera.
-LR crusader shot H.wep team in crater but couldn't kill any.
-Terminators and GM disembarked and assault into guardsmen killing 15 and consol to edge of ruins. (5 guardsmen flee)
-Vindicare managed to wreck a leman russ. 

-2 Melta vets squads and 1 chimera pour all their shots and kill 4 purifiers.
-Lone platoon cmd sq with melta wreck LR:crusader.
-Leman russ and colossus kill 4 GKSS. (panic pass)
-Mass H.wep teams and comp cmd chimera kill 1 terminator.

Turn 5

-Purifiers wep destroy (H.bolter) left melta vet chimera.
-Lone GKSS with psycannon wreck comp cmd chimera.
-Vindicare wep destroy (battle cannon) leman russ. 
-GKSS rhino repaired immobilized result.
-GM charge lone platoon cmd melta gunner and kill it.
-Terminators shot disembark comp cmd sq and kill 2. (panic pass)

-Melta vets mopped up the 2 purifiers.
-3 H.wep teams and comp cmd squad pour their fire into terminators killing 2. (panic pass)

Turn 6

-Lone psycannon GK shot at the centre H.wep team and wiped them.
-GKSS rhino move forward.
-Terminator and Justicar charged into company command squad and wiped them, consolidate behind the wreckage.

-Both melta vets squad came out of chimera and 1 squad fired at GM killing the GM instantly
-2nd melta vet squad ran nearer to terminators.
-H.wep team killed 1 terminator, leaving only the terminator Justicar alive.
-2nd H.wep team killed the lone psycannon GK.

Terminator Justicar Santaro smashed the traitor - Lord Commissar Velis into the wreckage of the chimera. Obliterating the torso of the traitor Commissar and impaling whats left of him into the twisted metal. Commander Proximus was dumbstruck by the scene but the heavy nemesis hammer gave Proximus time to regain his composure and he struck the Terminator before it could face him. 
His blade pierce only millimetres of the armour before snapping at the tip. Proximus did not even have time to realise his blade had broke as Justicar Santaro swung his hammer around. The hammer contacted Proximus head, blood and gore sprayed out in a wide arc from Santaro followed by a limp headless body coursing through the air, skidding to a rest ten metres away.  

Turn 7

-Terminator justicar fired & charge the nearest H.wep team, killing the unit.
-Rhino tried to tank-shock H.wep team in crater but fall short.

-Melta vet fired everything into terminator Justicar killing it.
-Colossus shot at vindicare but lightning reflex save it again.
-H.wep team shot the rhino that tried to tank shock it and blow it up. The explosion fall short of burning them.

Game end

11 : 9
Victory to GK

The vindicare assassin watched as a horde of rabid guardsmen ran towards Terminator Justicar Santaro. The air around the terminator shimmer and burst into a colourful array of dazzling lights as the terminator justicar took immense fire from las and heat weapons fired by the horde of guardsmen.  
The assassin retinal display flashed a skull icon over Terminator Justicar Santaro name just as the hulking terminator crash down on his knees.
The assassin activated his vox bead and said:
"Mission accomplished"

End game thoughts
Very close game... at the end of turn 7, I only had a full wound vindicare assassin left. This game Jaeroler was able to prioritize his shooting and took out my psyfle dread and psycannons meat-shield early. My dice rolls were not as good as previous game and I keep getting immobilized/wep destroy results. The 2 chimeras on the left flank  were basically empty shells (weapon-less and immobilized) but not getting their KP because the chimeras were not destroyed.
Most of the time except in turn 1, I had to use 2 units just to deal dmg to 1 unit. The vindicare was the MVP and took out all the dangerous threats. If the vindicare had fluff like the LR:crusader I would have lost.

Mistakes I made were forgetting the vindicare had infiltrate and spend 1 turn running. I also did not used my orbital strike at all which I paid for. I also should had charged the heavy weapon teams with my terminators instead of shooting the company command squad in turn 5. Which could result in saving my rhino and maybe terminators from dying.

I am considering taking out the DK, its not really good in my list. Should I go the dark side and add more psyfle dreads or add inquisitor warbands?


Skanwy said...

Woah! The rematch batrep was damn exciting to read. Again really close fought and very brutal!

The Vindicare is like a heavy support asset. Keeps taking out tanks ' such lol!

I think the IG did quite well overall. Maybe can inlcude or swap for a squad armed with plasma to deal with Termis ;) I've seen it done here to devastating effect. Well not so much on TH/SS termis haha..

The DK appears to be quite the fire magnet. If replaced, maybe take more GK bodies.

Great batrep again!

crazyrat said...

Thx man.

The vindicare is very deadly if left alone, I find missile launchers best weapon (devastators) to take it out, amount of shots and strength 8.

I think he is trying to create a general list to deal with all comers lists so the lack of plasma.

I'm considering switching the DK out for interceptors, more psycannon goodness and 30" last turn contest/grab objective.

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