Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buying direct & Bargain hunting

Found a local online book store which started recently. Call NOQ Store it is a online local book store based in SG. With delivery charges of S$5 for any amount of books and cheaper than retail price, its my latest place to get all warhammer fluff. The books are even cheaper than buying from Maelstrom. They have a membership system where you can get more discount but comes with a fee. Worth it if you buy alot of first hand books.   

Bought 2 books during the store promotion where they have free delivery for a week. 1st book was the new Nagash Immortal for S$9.50 with tax which is around £4.70, almost 50% cheaper than the actual retail. The 2nd book was Gotrek & Felix 2nd omnibus for S$15+ (£7.50) slightly cheaper than retail. These 2 will last me for awhile as I still have HH: Age of darkness, HH: Battle for Abyss :( , Grey seer Thanquol, Vampire wars & Gotrek & Felix 1st omnibus to read. 

Below is my 2nd direct order from UKGW online store, and YES they do shipped overseas even though they block UK retailers selling their product from doing it...

I have some gaming buddies that can't quit the GW plastic/resin crack addiction lol. I'm writing a brief guide on buying from UKGW direct online store. Click the link below

UKGW direct online store charge shipping and here's the shipping cost break down:

Orders Cost vs Shipping cost
£0-50 -----> shipping £10
£51-150 ---> shipping £29
£151 - infinite -> shipping £40

The above are all standard shipping cost. There's a choice for express shipping, but is crazy expensive. I recommend getting from the LGS if you are in a rush. Standard shipping would normally take around 10-14 days, at least for me. 

Anyone can see that when buying, try to get as close to the order cost threshold as possible. Consolidating group purchases is a good way to save more money as the shipping is split making it cheaper than buying from Maelstrom/Wayland when they are not running promotions. 

All non-UK order items except for books/magazines (publications) have 16.65% discount from the RRP. 
(RRP = Recommended Retail Price, basically the price you see for the item on the website) You will only be able to see the discounted price after you press checkout and choose some other countries for delivery address. If you want to see the discounted price on the shopping cart, after checking out and choosing countries, just press another link on the website (e.g. warhammer -> show cart)

Paypal, credit cards. The standard stuffs...

UKGW advantages are:
  1. 16.65% on everything except publications.
  2. Actual currency conversion.

UKGW disadvantages are:
  1. Shipping cost and time.
  2. Buying more and near the order threshold. (to make the shipping cost more worth).
  3. 7% GST... if you exceed the S$400 for the order cost (GW declared fully the order cost on the box).

LGS advantages are:
  1. 5% member discount (some of us have it).
  2. Getting the product instantly on launch date. 
  3. Changing defective product on the spot.

LGS disadvantages are:
  1. UKRRP * 2.53 
  2. Transport cost :) (does not apply in some conditions)

From my two £50 purchases from UKGW online store, I calculated that it is around S$8-16 more expensive than buying from Maelstrom/Wayland when they are not running promotions. It would be on par and maybe even cheaper than Maelstrom/Wayland if more people could consolidate their purchases and hit £150 for their order. 


Skanwy said...

Cool! Thanks for the info manz.

Hey i still don't know where to find the Direct Order button on the GW site haha!

If you are going to order more stuff, can count me in. I want to get 2 maybe even 3 Terrorgheist from the VC range.

Not starting VC, but just like the models lots ;)

crazyrat said...


Its on the top right corner of the GW site, you need to create an account 1st, then login just like buying from wayland. Choose UK also at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Beardy one is going to wack his 8th edition Ogres this week once the preorder shows up on the site, so you can just sms him what you want to piggy back order.

I also wanted to get the plastic vampire dragon... but the embargo thingy make me think twice of getting it. In the end nv buy hahaha.

Skanwy said...

Cool thanks!

I think i registered as user when i was in Australia. Will check if account still active.

Nice! I'll order with Beardy one :) The plastic vamp dragon will be my new army project heehee!

enrgie said...

Great article. Can you post this on anythingbutones too?

crazyrat said...

Done :)

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