Monday, August 22, 2011

TK VS HE 2.5k batrep

Finally got to play against Krom, our resident pansy High Elves player. To cut the long story short, I'm using TK again with a slight change to my list to test some new units and I handicap 54 pts @2446. We rolled for random mission in the rule book and TK rolled to deploy 1st.

Mission: Dawn Attack
Deployment on D6: 1s on left flank, 2s on right, 3-5 centre, 6 anywhere within 12".
TK goes 1st.


Picture speak for itself. Impassible = Impassable* LOL spelling.

TK turn 1

Most TK unit move forwards. 
Ushabti and Necro knights both failed difficult terrain suffering a wound each from the venom thicket. 
Light of death from casket failed to do any wounds to silver helms as they roll 9. 

HE turn 1

All HE units move forward except the RBT. 
Throne of vines was cast and white lions buffed with flesh to stone. 
HE Archers and RBT killed some skeletons warriors and archers. 

TK turn 2

TK chariots charged silver helms, Necro knight also declared charge on silver helms but failed charge by 1". Prince Apophas fly to another forest to get soft cover.

Hierophant IF big smiting and rolled detonation for miscast killing some archers, Hierophant ward save prevent the detonation wound. 
Thrones of vines was dispelled.

Impact hits from chariots killed 2 silver helms. 
TK BSB on chariot refuse challenge and went behind.  
Silver helms killed 3 chariots. 
TK crews killed another 2 silver helms. 
Losing combat another chariot died to unstable. 

HE turn 2

1 Eagle fly nearer to Hierophant, another eagle declare charge on Skeleton archers, but fail charge. 
White lions charged the flank of necro knights. 
Fearing assassination lvl 4 HE mage move to join sword master unit. 
Spear elves move forward slightly to threaten chariot flanks. 

Throne of vines was scrolled. 
Lvl 4 wizard cast awakening of the woods on Prince Apophas dealing 3 wounds. 
Same wizard cast shield of thorns on silver helms killing 1 chariot. 

White lions easily wiped the necro knights and overrun 4" forward. 
TK BSB on chariot smashed by HE hero. 

TK turn 3

Ushabtis and TK with skeleton warriors charged the rear of white lions. 
30 skeleton warriors on the swift reform to face the eagles. 
Prince Apophas charged sword master unit. 

Hierophant IF smiting again, rolling detonation which killed some archers and wound the Hierophant. 
Light of death was scrolled by HE. 

White lions killed 2 ushabtis and 4 skeletons. 
Ushabtis  killed 5 white lions, Tomb king accepted challenge and overkill champion by 2. 
Skeletons killed 3 white lions. 
Stubborn white lions rolled 7 for break test and combat reform to face the TK units.  
Sword master issue challenge to prince Apophas which could not be refused. Swordmaster deal 2 wounds to prince, Apophas made 1 regen save, the remaining 1 wound killing it. Exploding beetles kill 1 sword master...

HE turn 3

Sword master charged the flank of  skeleton warriors unit. 
Both eagles charged Hierophant archer unit. 
Silver helms move towards casket of souls. 

HE magic was ineffective as the wind of magic was weak (doubles ones). 

Casket shrug off shooting from HE.

White lions kill 1 ushabti and 7 skeletons. 
Swordmasters kill 13 skeletons. 
Ushabtis kill 5 white lions, Tomb king kill 3 white lions. Skeletons kill 2 white lions. 
Sword master saved 2 wounds from skeleton attacks.  
Losing combat by 12, ushabtis wiped due to unstable. 
14 Skeletons left with Tomb king stuck in combat with white lions and sword masters. Eagles managed to kill hierophant and some archers. In return archers kill 1 eagle. 

We decided to call it here, as the winner is obvious. 

Victory to HE (damn pansies)

Click below for conclusion

End game musing 
I made the mistake of underestimating the silver helms, thinking that my 6 chariots could easily break them on the charge. With a hero and bsb inside the silver helms units, it could easily claim back CR with those 2 holding great weapons. I also foolishly charged my Necropolis knights out even though they needed 11 on 3D6 picked 2 highest to pull off the charge. 

Though my necropolis knights was wiped by the white lions, I was certain my back-up tar-pit skeleton warriors and ushabtis could counter charge and win combat easily breaking the white lions. Too my surprise, after playing against 7th edition HE book for numerous times, I just found out white lions are stubborn...  

When I was writing this battle report, I found that I was too aggressive in the game. Foolishly charging things I could not win or at extreme range.  Due to the random deployment in this game, some of my units were out of spell buff range from my Hierophant. I should have spent 2-3 turns moving my Hierophant unit to a position where it can aoe buff all my units and wait for the enemy to get nearer and allow them to charge me instead and then counter charging with ushabti/necropolis knights/chariots. 

Prince Apophas is quite slow even with flying (no march). I will continue to use him in games, but will instead entombed him and launch surprise attacks hehe. Apophas could have achieved more in this game if I have not forgotten Life lore have WE tricks as well... forests = death traps. I was worried of HE shootings so hid him in forest to get some protection, instead fell into a trap.

Still thinking of how I should use Necropolis knights or if I want to include them in my future lists. With their movement they are great flankers, but if I run them at 6 it will be too expensive point wise. This is my first tomb king game not fielding warsphinx. Had always used the warsphinx to guard my flank, maybe I could give that role to the Necropolis knights. 

Back to list writing...


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